Thursday, December 29, 2005


there is always someone watching you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


What, you don't understand???
Here you will find the answers to all of your questions.
Yes, ALL of them

what the F?

ice chunk falls from sky in Japan

more news from our alien overlords..

...More news from the American Government’s journey to outer space…. For those of you who don’t know, this website is apparently the constant leak from a former military official regarding the true space landing of aliens, and how we teamed with them and sent American’s to space. Now, they are saying that Close Encounters of the Third Kind is based on this story, and is therefore true. Here, we apparently have the journal entry by the commander of this mythic voyage. I haven’t had time to read it yet, but, well, here you go…..

QUESTION: If our Team Members had their identities "sheep dipped," how did they refer to one another as?
ANONYMOUS: Each Team Member was not identified by name. Once the final 16 were selected, (remember, we had four alternates), each Team Member got a number (three digit).From that point on, they were identified by number only. Even each Team Member identified the others by their three-digit number. They were neverto use their real names. Once they left planet Earth and traveled on to Serpo, they gave each other nicknames.
For example, the Team Commander was identified as, "Skipper," the medical officers were identified as "Doc-1" and "Doc-2," the pilots were identified as, "Sky-King" and "Flash-Gordon." Even though it wouldn't make any difference if they used their real names on Serpo, they were disciplined enough to continue either using the nicknames or the three-digit numbers.THE TEAM COMMANDER'S JOURNAL ENTRIES:VICTOR: I hope you didn't lose hope and faith in me; I needed to take a break during the holidays as I'm sure you did! I have been coordinating this very complex subject matter with various people in the USG intell community.Additionally, I and the rest of the DIA-6 are working on the photographs.Attached for your UFO Thread List are just four pages of the Team Commander's diary. The diary contains a large number of pages, all hand written. It took me several days to prepare the attached four pages from the diary.This is the actual, verbatim diary of the Team Commander. It was started the morning of the departure. There were code names for control personnel and three-digit numbers for each Team Member [addressed above]. There are other codes and abbreviations for certain things, which is not explained.I've typed the EXACT words, phrases and abbreviations. Nothing has been changed. And likewise, I will ask you to not alter, change, correct any of the text here as you often do with mine to make it grammatically correct. This includes your use of caps to emphasize things I've written; I ask you to not do this with these journal entries, Victor.DAY 1We are ready. Hard to think we finally made it. Team is motivated and calm. Final briefing by MTC and MTB. Cargo packed in EBE craft. Might have some problems with guns. Will be talking to the MVC. 899 and 203 will have overall charge of weapons. No sync system or we don't know about them. Everything moving smoothly. 700 and 754 will give each member final check before boarding.OK, we loaded everything and it fits. But we have to transfer all of it to the bigger ship once we get to rendevous point. Really excited about this. No reservations by anyone. MTC asked all members to make final decision. The team all said go. We go. Interior of Ebe craft is big. There are three levels, this is different than the one we trained on. I think that was a scout craft, this one is a shuttle craft.We stored the cargo in lower level. We will sit in the center level and the crew will sit in the upper level. Strange looking walls. They seem to be dimensional. There are three stations, four of us will sit in each station. No seats just benches. We wouldn't fit in those small crew seats.The MVC says we don't need anything special, no O2 or helmets. Don't know what to do with them. OK, final checks. MTC gave us final words. One pray said. We board the Ebe craft. 475 really nervous. 700 will watch him. The hatch is closed. No windows. We can't see out. Everyone is seated in their respective seats on the bench. No retention harnesses. OK, well, bar across us.The craft is starting engine, or what they call energy thrusters. Seems like we are moving but nothing happening inside. Still able to write this. Really dizzy now. 102 sitting next to me and he is faint. Something feels really funny. Have to rewrite this because I can't think straight.DAY 1 - ENTRY 2We made it to the rendevous craft. We don't know where we are, but it seemed like we all fainted or was really confused during this trip. According to my wrist watch, it took about six hours. Or maybe more. We left at 1325 and it is 1939. But not sure of the day. We flew into the big ship. We are standing in a bay or something.There are many EBEs helping us. They seem to understand we are confused. The cargo was off loaded in one big move. The platform containing the cargo was moved without unloading the individual cargo. This ship looks like the inside of a real big building. The ceiling is about 100 feet high in this area of the ship.OK, we are being moved into another part of the ship. OK, we moved to another room or area. What a big ship. I just can't describe how big this is. It took us about 15 minutes to walk to our area. Seems like it is something special for us. The chairs are bigger. But there are only 10 of them. OK, I guess 203 and myself will sit in different location above these seats.We are moved by some sort of elevator, but I can't understand how it worked. Everyone his hungry. We have our backpacks containing some C-rats and I guess we eat now. But must ask the MVC. I can't find him and we can't communicate with the two EBEs here.They seem to be real nice. 420 will try to use his language skills. Almost funny. Sounds like a screaming match. We just used sign language indicating we want to eat. One of the EBE brought us a container with something it. Doesn't look good but I think it is their food. Looks like mush or oatmeal. 899 will taste it. Well, 899 said it tastes like paper. Think we will all stick to C-rats.OK, MVC finally showed up. Told us we will begin trip soon. Two mils I think he means minutes but don't really know. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to eat before leaving. We don't feel any weightlessness and we don't feel dizzy. But we don't know what to expect from this point on. They are indicating we must sit in the chairs.DAY 2I'm not sure just how long we were in the containers. We sat in the chairs and a clear container was placed over us and the chair. We were isolated in this bubble or sphere. We could breath OK and could see out, but we really felt dizzy and confused. I think I fell asleep or fainted. I think this is another day, but my watch says one hour since we sat, but I think it is the next day.Our time instruments are located in our backpacks which are stored in another area of this room. We are still in these spheres but it seems OK. Well, 899 figured out how to get out because he is standing up. He opened my sphere. Not sure if we should be out of this thing. 899 said a EBE came in and looked at us and left. Other team members sleeping. 899 and myself walking around this room.I retrieved the time instruments. Seems like we have been traveling about 24 hours or so. No windows to see. Originally we were told it would take about 270 of our days. OK, EBE came in and pointed to the chairs, I guess we need to go back and get into them.ENTRYSince I am not sure of which day it is I won't state a day as to my entry, [so] I'll just say entry. We are all sick. Dizzy, upset stomachs. 700 and 754 gave us medicine to settle our stomachs. But we really feel bad. We seem to be unable to focus our eyes and seem to not know which way way to turn up or down and don't know the wasy to sit down. Really bad feeling.Medicine helps a little we are able to eat a little. 700 and 754 tells us to eat and drink the water we brought along we are doing that and feel a little better can't concentrate on anything so I can't rite [sic] anymore right now.ENTRYFeel a lot better. EBEs came in and did something to the room. It all seems clearer and we are not so confused and dizzy. We ate again and drink more water. Feeling a lot better. We are out of sphere, but must stay in them at certain times.EBE showed us a series of lights above the entry panel. Green, Red and White lights. If the light is red, we must sit in sphere. If light is white, we are OK. EBE never explained the Green light. Maybe that isn't good.We have no idea what day it is, only that it is 2319. Our date recorder isn't working very well, according to 633. He thinks we have been going for 10 days but not really sure. We have been confined to this room for the entire time. I think this room was made for us and we are safe in this room.Maybe it wouldn't be wise to leave it. No weightlessness. Don't know how they do it. But we do feel a little lightheaded when we walk. Seems room is pressurized. Ears are popping a lot. If we have to sit in this room for 270 days we will really be bored. We can't really do much, all our equipment is packed away.We have our backpacks but they only contain a few items. We want to clean up, but can't find a bathroom except the containers we are using to relieve ourselves. They are small metal containers that are emptied by the EBE every now and then. EBE brings us food, their food. We tried it and it tastes like paper really no taste but maybe it is something special for space travel. 700 is eating it. He seems OK but it is upsetting his bowels. Their water is milky looking but tastes like apples. Strange. ENTRY It has been a long time since I have made an entry. We are guessing we have been on the ship for 25 days. But we might be off about five days. We were locked into our sphere for a long period of time. We had to leave in order to relieve ourselves and finally were able to open the sphere.But when we did, we all got sick, really sick. Dizzy, confused and some couldn't walk. We had trouble urinating and moving our bowels. 700 and 754, who ate the EBE food didn't seem to be as sick as us. They treated us with medicine. EBE came in and pointed a blueish light on our heads. We felt better, much better after this.But pointed to the chairs and we figure we must get back into them. We showed him our waste containers and pointed to the chairs in a confused manner. He understood and then left the room. EBE came back with small containers we could place inside the sphere.He also brought in small jugs of the milky liquid and made a motion for us to drink it. So we went back into the sphere and just sat there with the waste containers and the jug of the milky stuff. We drink that and seem to be better, except 518, who seem to be sick. But we were cautioned to stay inside the sphere.ENTRY I don't have any idea how long we stayed in that sphere this time. But EBE came in and made a motion for us to come out. We were able to move around without being dizzy or sick. EBE even allowed us to leave the room. We walked along a very narrow hallway for a long period of time, maybe 20 minutes. We then got into some sort of elevator, which moved fast because we could feel the motion.We came out into a very large room that contained many EBENS sitting in seats. Maybe this is the control center. Our escort made a motion to go into the room. We could see control panels which contained many lights. There were four different stations containing six EBENs each. They were in levels.The top level inside this room contained just one seat. One EBEN was seated in that chair. We figure he must be the pilot or commander. He seemed busy with an instrument panel. There were many television screens, but they all showed EBEN language and series of lines, both vertical and horizontal. Maybe some sort of graph.We were able to wander around without any EBEN bothering us. 633 and 661 were really interested in this. 633 seemed better. There was one window. But we could see anything. It was dark but we could make out wavy lines. Maybe some sort of distortion in time. We must be moving faster that light speed, but we can't see anything out the window.OK, MVC finally arrived. He explains in broken english, that we are halfway to home planet. Everything is functioning properly and we all will feel better once the craft gets out of this time wave, as he calls it. MVC says we can walk around any part of the ship, but we must stay together.
We must be shown how to operate the movement centers. We are thinking he is referring to the elevators. It seems simple, just placing your hand over one of the operating lights. White and red. White moves it and red stops it. We hear some type of ringing sound, but MVC says it is only space sounds. Whatever he means by that. We were able to walk around the ship, but it is so large it is difficult to understand how such a large ship can move so fast.633 wants to see the engines. MVC takes four of us to the engine room or whatever they wish to call the room. It contains large, very large metal containers. They are in a circle, with the ends of each pointing into the center. Many pipes or some type of large tubes connects them.In the center of these containers is a copper colored coil or something looking like a coil. There is a bright light being shined from a point above into the center of the coil. We hear a very dull hum, but no major loud sounds. 661 thinks it is a negative matter versus positive matter system.[ END JOURNAL ENTRIES FROM TEAM COMMANDER ]

Hobbs' proselytizing on dat ass....

….And I say unto thee, things will begin to happen that will confuse and scare you…
.....and these things that happen will come with more frequency…
.....and these things that happen will show you that things around you are changing...
…that things around you cannot be explained as easily as you and your society think…
....and these things will show you that the time is coming for vast change…
.....and your world will show the signs that it is unhappy with you and the way you choose to exist…
...and your world will shake, will quake, a little here, a little there...
..and you will be bombarded with storms, hurricanes, tsunami's, blizzards, and tornados....
....and volcanoes will begin to erupt with great frequency..

...and fires will scour the land, especially around those most deserving, such as Texas ...

....…….and the various species of your world will
begin to birth strange offspring with extra
appendages, heads, brains. Even your own species will begin to birth these creatures…

….And you will see these things happen every day, more and more…and if you do not see that these events are a call to rise up, then you will be left in the dust…..The time is now……..these things are happening….and we’ve got 7 years to go.

It is no longer time....

to make the donuts.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2006 Will Be Delayed..... a 'Leap Second'

WASHINGTON - 2006 has been postponed. But not for long. A leap second will be inserted in the world's clocks just before midnight _ Greenwich mean time _ on New Year's Eve, the U.S. Naval Observatory reported Friday.
That means 7 p.m. EST, Dec. 31, will occur one second later than it would have otherwise. Can you handle it???
Leap seconds are needed occasionally because modern atomic clocks measure time with great accuracy, while the rotation of the Earth can be inconsistent. But not man made clocks. They can never be inconsistent. It's nature's fault. The Earth is inconsistent. We're perfect.
The rotation of the Earth has been slowing down, slower....slower.......mmm, slower, so leap seconds keep the clocks and the Earth from getting out of synch with one another.
This will be the 23rd leap second that has been inserted since 1972 when an international timekeeping agreement was signed (?), according to the Observatory. The last one was inserted seven years ago. Yes, we suck at measurement.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

For Your Amusement..

Check out the Hill TV War against Wikipedia
go to the Forum to see screenshots of the battle at hand
you'll laugh yr ass off!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yeah, because Cops are SO superior...

..ok, so, I'm an angry driver. I'm safe as hell, but i yell at other people a lot for putting my safety at risk! Sometimes, its cops I'm beeping or yelling at. I get yelled at for doing this. "They're cops. I'm sure they have somewhere important to be." Like when I see fatass idiot cops directing traffic, but they're just sitting there watching the pavement and not working, and I'm just fucking waiting around to get somewhere. Pisses me off. Cops are SUPPOSED to be model citizens, right? Help maintain 'law and order,' right? Like this fella here. He can arrest me anytime!

As the year comes to an end….

Yes, as this arbitrary method of measuring time in the human perspective brings another cyclical measurement to a close, many people find that it is time to take stock of that time period. Many choose to list out their favorite events and occurrences. A personal favorite of mine to read are people’s top 10 albums of the year (my own shall soon be posted to Hobbs von RocknRoll’s blog!). So, I was included on an email chain of some lovely folks (minus one bastard) and their top 10 albums of 2005. I decided to share, more than just albums, but a more comprehensive top 10 list of fantastic things in the realm of Hobbs. So, I bring you:
Hobbs von Wackamole’s Top 10 List of transmittable media for 2005:

1. The Birth of Hill TV! You don’t know what Hill TV is?? Do you live under a rock. Go Forth, my children, and Educate yourselves!
2. The Murk and Malach Podcasts. What, you’ve never heard of Dr. Murk? Silly Monkey, get on that!
3. The Nominee’s for this year’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame: Okay, maybe not Skynyrd, but Black Sabbath, the Sex Pistols, Blondie, AND Miles Davis? Works for me.
4. The End of the Paris Hilton/Nichole Richie evil media empire. DAMN THEM TO HELL
5. The Rebirth of Hobbs von Wackamole, in blog form
6. Hearing Meatwad rap on the Dangerdoom album.
7. This idiot, who patterned his life after Eminem, going to prison.
8. The Pope, and his many escapades
9. The Ultimate in online novel’s, known as The Stone.
10. Hobbs von RocknRoll, for your reading pleasure.

People ask the dumbest questions...

...I have a friend who is a real cat person. I mean, seriously, the guy has like 6 of the freaking things! Because of this, everyone he works with asks him cat questions. 'My Cat is sick. What should I do?" "My cat licks wallpaper. What does this mean?" and so on.

Today, he sent me the following stupid question that he received:

"How do I get ride of static in my cats fur? It's driving me crazy. When I pet her than touch her ears or nose, I shock her and she is getting really pissed about that. Help! "

(I feel like Dr. Murk here!)
Dear Scientifically Challenged Person,
Take a damn middle school science class, will you? What do you know about Static Electricity? Obviously NOTHING. Static electricity occurs more often in a dry climate, such as in winter. Here is some information on Static Electricity:
Static electricity is the situation where electrical charges build up on the surface of a material. It is called “static” because there is no current flowing as in AC or DC electricity. Static electricity is usually caused when materials are rubbed together. The result is that objects may be attracted to each other or may even cause a spark to jump from one object to the other. Common examples of static electricity in action are static cling, flyaway hair and the sparks that can occur when you touch something.
When the air is humid, water molecules can collect on the surface of various materials. This can prevent the buildup of electrical charges. The reason has to do with the shape of the water molecule and its own electrical forces.
Thus, static electricity is formed much better when the air is dry or the humidity is low.

So, to answer your stupid question, either A) Stop petting the damn thing, or at least don't touch it's ears or nose without touching metal first, or B) Buy a friggin humidifyer.

Either way, take a science class, and shut up!

And the Hits just keep on coming....

Human Stupidity, Corruption, and Destruction brought on by Nature. Are we having fun or what?...

Culled from this week’s Headlines:

  • Some People have too much time on their hands:
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - With the help of his kids and neighbors, Billy Ray Powers built more than just a snowman _ they've dubbed his 16-plus-foot-tall creation "Snowzilla." After using up all the snow in the family's yard, they turned to neighbors' yards and carried buckets on sleds. They hand-packed the snowman like an ice-cream cone. "It's solid ice," he said. "I put the arms in with my power drill." It took a month to complete the project. It was too big to use buttons for its eyes, so Snowzilla gazes over the neighborhood from beer bottles. Yes, and you too should be drunk to either attempt or view stupidity such as this!
  • The Truth is so bittersweet:
    LONDON - Barbie, beware. The iconic plastic doll is often mutilated at the hands of young girls, according to research published Monday by British academics. "The girls we spoke to see Barbie torture as a legitimate play activity, and see the torture as a 'cool' activity," said Agnes Nairn, one of the University of Bath researchers. "The types of mutilation are varied and creative, and range from removing the hair to decapitation, burning, breaking and even microwaving." Researchers from the university's marketing and psychology departments questioned 100 children about their attitudes to a range of products as part of a study on branding. They found Barbie provoked the strongest reaction, with youngsters reporting "rejection, hatred and violence," Nairn said. "The meaning of 'Barbie' went beyond an expressed antipathy; actual physical violence and torture towards the doll was repeatedly reported, quite gleefully, across age, school and gender," she said. Have you mutilated your Barbie today?
  • When are we gonna meet the CHUD’s??:
    SYDNEY, Australia - A powerful earthquake rocked the seabed Tuesday between the Pacific island groups of Micronesia and Guam, the U.S. Geological Survey said on its Web site. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage and the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not immediately issue any warning that the quake could have generated a tsunami. The 6.2-magnitude quake, four miles below the seabed, was centered 265 miles northeast of Yap in Micronesia and 270 miles west-southwest of Hagatna, Guam, the agency reported. There have been a string of quakes in recent weeks in the south Pacific region, including in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.
    I Have a mission for you....Someone, please, find out how many earthquakes there have been this year, and where, and let me know!
  • I Keep telling you, The Earth is systematically removing us. I Love this planet:
    BANGKOK, Thailand - Troops in southern Thailand struggled through mountains of mud Tuesday in an effort to reach thousands stranded by floods and landslides that have killed at least 35 people. Late Monday, 60 soldiers reached a village in Yala province where 2,000 people had been stranded for three days without food, said Samrerng Wongmuneeworn of the Yala disaster prevention center. He said the landslide in Tanoh Buteh killed one man and damaged about 50 homes. The government has declared nine southern provinces disaster zones after two weeks of heavy rains left much of the area under water or buried in mud.
  • We’ll find the secrets of the universe Somewhere, dammit. We may never get history right, but we’ll find it!: CHICAGO - An excavation project on the Syrian-Iraqi border has uncovered an ancient settlement wiped out by invaders 5,500 years ago. Discovered in northeastern Syria, the ruined city of Hamoukar appears to have been a large city by 4,500 B.C., said archaeologists Clemens Reichel and Salam al-Quntar, who co-directed Syrian-American excavations on the site. They said Hamoukar was a flourishing urban center at a time when cities were thought to be relegated hundreds of miles to the south. Scholars had long believed that urbanized societies started and were isolated in Uruk, in southern Mesopotamia. But excavations that started in 1999 at Hamoukar and at other sites in central Syria led to new ideas about the how urban culture spread in the region. Ancient Mesopotamia was a region that includes Iraq and parts of Syria.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Thank you to all my lovely readers who are getting impatient about my lack of posting!!
I duly apologize, however
dealing with mine facist fuhrer leader here at the funding point, it is difficult to stay as active as i once was
not to mention, dealing with these damn rituals you humans call holidays,
plus, I've been fighting off this wacky illness, this assimilation by the borg...
but i promise, more, as always, will come.
we've got 7 years, and a lot to do......

Monday, December 12, 2005

You can't tell me....

...that this isn't a bit creepy.

BREWSTER, MA – More than two dozen whales and dolphins became stranded on the shores of Cape Cod Bay last week, and experts say the snowstorm may have contributed to their deaths. “It was either that, or the wrath of God. The seas don’t seem to be boiling right now, but who knows what goes on when no one is looking” said premier dolphinologist Robert McCaw.

In all, at least nine pilot whales and 24 dolphins died. Five of the whales and seven of the dolphins had to be euthanized, while the rest were found dead. Rumors that the dolphins were in fact passing on warnings have not been verified, though the contents of a clipboard held by one ‘volunteer,’ which he wrote fervently on while squatting next to one of the few surviving dolphins, has yet to be located.

Perhaps nature is not just pissed at humans?

the state of the world today...

can much be likened to the following:

Of or relating to an endless and ineffective task.
This one comes straight out of Greek myth. Sisyphus was a king of Corinth, a son of Aeolus (the ruler of the winds, hence our word aeolian for something produced by or borne on the wind). In later legend he was the father of Odysseus or Ulysses. His name actually meant “crafty” in Greek: he was noted for his deception and he’s the equivalent in Greek folklore of the master trickster who turns up in many folk beliefs, such as Coyote in American Indian mythology. He even managed to cheat Death the first time around, surviving the experience to live to a ripe old age. In Greek legend Sisyphus was punished in Hades for his misdeeds in life by being condemned eternally to roll a heavy stone up a hill. As he neared the top, the stone rolled down again, so that his labour was everlasting and futile. The word first appeared in English in the middle of the seventeenth century. It isn’t used much these days because so few people understand the reference to classical literature.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Godspeed, little doodle....

Just to share

...I'm no hippy, no vegetarian. I like my Meat (Hell, the other night I went to an ethiopian restaurant, and one of my entree's was Raw Beef in sauce, and let me tell you, it was DAMN good!), I like my beef and lamb. No more diseased chicken though. I'll stay away. But I do like the healthy food, I won't lie. I don't eat much for sweets, just never in the mood, and i hate the chemical taste of much of the junk food out there. If I can get organic and support those organizations that appear to exist outside of the evil network that runs the world, small companies who make all natural or organic hippy type stuff, well hell, anything to give my money to someone aside from the major evil corporations and government. And I have discovered some blissful items, here and there. The one I want to tell you about is Barbara's Bakery's All Natural Jalapeno Cheese Puffs. Now, I don't know who Barbara is, but after 4 or 5 years of sucking down these damn good, slighty spicey, heartburn inducing but oh so good little bits of possibly good for me junkfood, if I ever meet Barbara, she gets a good kiss with tongue AT LEAST! Hell, at this point I might lick her special area's in tribute and thanks for these magical bags of bliss. THIS SHIT TASTES GREAT! So, there you go folks. Hobbs' recommended product of the day. find them. love them. Shit, I buy them 10 bags a trip, and eat them every week.

What's NOT funny about torture?

no, really, what isn't funny? I don't get it?

Friday, December 09, 2005

So, here we are..

..the end of another week. A lot has happened this week, most of which I've already told you about. Here are a few more signs that 1. People are assholes 2. Nature hates us 3. The end is Nigh!!!!

God damn them.... you KNOW what I did all day?? DO YOU??? God damn them, i WORKED ALL DAY. All freaking day! You know what else? I did a pretty freaking good job. And you know what makes me feel like throwing up? It almost felt.......shudder........GOOD. Great jumping jehova's witnesses man. Hobbs needs your help. I didn't get to visit Spacefarmers page today. I read that fucking thing like 15 times a day (cuz he obviously doesn't work, and posts all day!) I didn't get to go to Hill TV today, and i feel like a goddamn heroin addict who's about to grab some stuffy old broad in a bad fur and pearls, drag her by the hair into an alley, beat her sensless with whatever blunt object I can find, piss on her, take her purse, shove her pearls in my ass, and run to the nearest dealer (That's Hill TV folks, No, I swear, its not addictive, and will not make you socially maligned). Goddamn it, they are watching me. Look at all this swearing. BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN, gentle readers. Keep the faith. Keep visiting me here. And if you are lonely, here are some friends of mine who will help you through this troubled times....

Murk says "Mmmmmm......feels good in the poophole!"

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today's funfilled events

...Ah, as the days fly by, I am always reminded of the sheer stupidity of human kind, and how unworthy of life many of us are. Thus, I'll continue to bring you stories that outline, not just the end of this world as we know it in the next 7 years, but those that illustrate the stupidity of humans. Hell, I'll even include the smart things that the few smart folks out there actually do. Thus, we have progress, decent, and possibility. Maybe I just need to go to bed. Here's some crap from the news.....
  • Men still work towards becoming God: Team of scientists maps out 99% of dog genome - Links to humans revealed (yes, that bitch really is a dog!): Scientists have finished a sophisticated map of a dog's genes, providing new insights into the deep links between humans and one of their most treasured animals, as well as creating a unique tool for studying a range of diseases, from cancer to blindness, that affect people and their dogs. The team of scientists, led by the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, determined virtually the entire genetic code, or genome, of the dog, making the achievement the canine equivalent of the completion two years ago of the Human Genome Project, the scientists said yesterday. Rough drafts of the dog genome have been released over the past several years, but the new work represents the first highly accurate version and also includes, for the first time, a detailed library of common genetic variations seen in dogs -- making possible a new generation of fast, accurate genetic studies of diseases and other traits. The researchers also identified a portion of the genome, about 5 percent, that is shared by dogs, humans, and mice -- meaning this portion is apparently essential to mammals. Yet less than half of that is devoted to genes. What the rest of the genetic material does is a mystery, but it is thought that some of this material may regulate when the genes turn off and on in particular cells. Still, the fact that the function of this crucial part of the genome is unknown underlines how much there is to learn. Now, they are working on mapping the genome of Lice. Really. Lice. No, really. I'm not kidding. Lice.
  • One Less Idiot: Marshall kills passenger at Miami Airport. Man claimed to have a bomb. - I don't really need to say more. Idiot killed in Florida. Only (insert number of population size of Florida here) to go.
  • Wild Pigs run rampant in W. Virginia - VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Wild pigs whose blood lines likely date to Virginia's earliest white settlers are tearing up sensitive beach lands with their tusks and threatening rare plants at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. No, I, Hobbs, did not alter that sentence at all. It really states that the pigs blood lines date back to early white settlers. Something makes me thing they've been fucking pigs in Virginia for a long time.....
  • More people died around the world, suicide bombers, blah blah
  • Earth's Magnetic Pole is drifting, and Fast! - Earth's north magnetic pole is drifting away from North America and toward Siberia at such a clip that Alaska might lose its spectacular Northern Lights in the next 50 years, scientists said Thursday. Yeah, c'mon. More. More.
  • A Volcano has begun erupting in Indonesia. Keep em comin, boys
  • And finally, well, this one seems like its going to be good, but I'll have to do some more research. Click this link here, and PREPARE TO BE DAZZLED. The brief explanation, taken from the site, is as follows: The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78. This website here provides ABSOLUTE PROOF, from an anonymous source that 'once worked for the military,' that Roswell actually happened, that an Alien lived through it, that he had a device to communicate to his home planet, and that we actually had an exchange student program with them. Apparently physical proof will be released soon. Yes, hold your breath. Its coming. Its all coming!

Its getting worse....

...Thats right folks, Hobbs is having troubles. It seems as though the insane dictatorship that is in charge of funding your's truly, and the member's of the von Wackamole support squad, are not to keen on us having any fun at all while at work. That's right, Hobbs here is in danger of losing all funding! DISGRACEFUL, you say! Darn Tooting. So, what this brings me to, dear readers, in unfortunate news. I will no longer be able to keep up with Spacefarmer in the insane posting race (ok, I don't even keep up with him on my best posting day, but...). But, don't fret, dear reader. This is no Land of Malaise 'I'm giving up' speech (thank god he gave up giving up!)! This is simply a note to let you all know that I will have to condence my posting ratio quite a bit. While I will certainly try to post every day, it may be only once, if at all. Just remember folks, when I'm not busy getting funded, I'm researching ways to safely walk us through to the new age. I'm here for you still, my friends. And, if you really wish for more Hobbs in your life, you do have choices!! Kill my insane dictator bosses. Blow them up! Or, start the Hobbs von Wackamole fund. I'll be non-profit, I swear. Just pay me to do this!! Otherwise, patience is your only option. So, keep checking back, and even if you don't see something new, something new is always on the way!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Guess where I'm stuck today.....

All Friggin day!!! Yes, kids, today I will be working with the secret government in a top secret meeting. Can't tell you what it's for, but its for your greater good, and mine! Sadly, not much time for the ol blogosphere. But, remember, Hobbs Loves you.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My God, what a Great Idea

Lets use dysentary as a biological weapon. Give em the shits, heartburn, nausea! Can you imagine how beautiful that would be? Hmm, who should we test it on........

Those Bastards

They say that robots are taking over. That eventually, everything will be automated. Many jobs will be gone, as the human factor is removed from such things. Is that a good thing? I'm not sure. But i can tell you this. Those bastards better not try to take my potato chips!

I will NEVER

....EVER Refer to the events of that one September that, while horrifying in the loss of innocent life, felt to be a near miss of liberation from our capitalistic not so secretly world domination loving gov't that was (thoughts like that will keep me from referring to it). I won't mention it. Anything new comes down the pipeline, sure, we can talk. But everyone else can have that one. However, if you want some interesting information on pretty much everything going on in the world today, and WAY too much on that day, this blog/newssite is really fantastically full of information. I'm talking FULL! Its the Free Press International Blog, and is full of links and videos which I can't watch at work because my fuhrers in IT don't seem to allow most videos to work in order to keep us the productive little drones that all middle and lower class American's were created to be. Anyways, I check this site daily for news and content, and its quite lovely. Anyways, here are some stories of note that can fall under the categories i love: Decline of Human Civilization, Mystical History, The Wrath of BLANK, The coming shift, etc:
  • Scientist: Bosnian Hill May Have Pyramid: VISOKO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - With eyes trained to recognize pyramids hidden in the hills of El Salvador, Mexico and Peru, Semir Osmanagic has been drawn to the mound overlooking this central Bosnian town. "It has all the elements: four perfectly shaped slopes pointing toward the cardinal points, a flat top and an entrance complex," he said, gazing at the hill and wondering what lies beneath. No pyramids are known in Europe, and there is no evidence any ancient civilization there ever attempted to build one. But Osmanagic, a Bosnian archaeologist who has spent the last 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America, suspects there is one here in his Balkan homeland. "We have already dug out stone blocks which I believe are covering the pyramid," he said. "We found a paved entrance plateau and discovered underground tunnels. You don't have to be an expert to realize what this is." Its great when the past changes as much as the present, isn't it. Ever question what you are taught about history? No? Then you are stupid. Go back to sleep, but this time, stay there!
  • New Orleans: Oh, just give the damn place up. Let it be a bay, a swamp, a marsh, a bayou, whatever. Do we really need to settle EVERY Inch of land? NO! Clean it up, clean it out, and let it go!
  • Hurricane Epsilon defies cool Atlantic waters: Hurricane Epsilon, the 14th hurricane of a record-breaking Atlantic storm season, defied expectations that it would weaken over cool Atlantic waters on Saturday and continued to churn slowly eastward.Epsilon's maximum sustained winds at 10 a.m. EST (1500 GMT) remained at 75 mph (120 kph), just over the threshold for a tropical storm to be categorized as a hurricane, but the cyclone posed no threat to land, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.The storm was about 1,000 miles west of Portugal's Azores islands and moving to the east at 12 mph (19 kph). Yup, another one. Get your saddles out boys, this ain't over till its over.
  • Kan. Professor Attacked Along Rural Road: LAWRENCE, Kan. - A college professor whose planned course on creationism and intelligent design was canceled after he derided Christian conservatives said he was beaten by two men along a rural road early Monday.
    University of Kansas religious studies professor Paul Mirecki said the men referred to the class when they beat him on the head, shoulders and back with their fists, and possibly a metal object, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. Mirecki planned to offer a spring course called "Special Topics in Religion: Intelligent Design, Creationism and other Religious Mythologies" after the Kansas Board of Education decided to include more criticism of evolution in science standards for elementary and secondary students.
    Last week, Mirecki asked the university to cancel the class after he created a furor by sending an e-mail to a student organization mocking Christian fundamentalists.
    Mirecki had referred to religious conservatives as "fundies," and said a course describing intelligent design as mythology would be a "nice slap in their big fat face." He has apologized for those comments. Turn the other cheek, my ass!
  • Hurricane-Force Winds Sweep Across Colorado: Gee, who seems to be the next victim? Hurricane-force winds swept across Colorado on Monday, tipping over tractor-trailers ahead of a cold front expected to bring bone-chilling temperatures.
    A wind gust in Golden, just west of Denver, reached 98 mph, while an 88-mph gust was reported outside Boulder. Temperatures plummeted across the northern Rockies. It was 1 degree in Havre, Mont.
  • Who gives 2 fucks about the Titanic? Dumb Boat, Dumber Movie. Here's the story: It was a Big Boat, It hit an iceberg, it sunk, people died. People die every day. Boats sink all the time. Let it go!
  • War, War, Suicide Bombers (why is it a big deal when women do it?), Iraq, Iran, Nuke's, Sadaam on trial, blah blah blah.

Your Happy Thought of the Day

  • Earthquake
  • Tsunami
  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane
  • Hurricane
  • Hurricane
  • Blizzard mixed with tornado
  • global warming and the changing of the earth's circulatory system
  • terrorists
  • Gorge Bush
  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake

Monday, December 05, 2005

I just couldn't resist....

this past weekend, i had to watch it, again. I can't help myself. I know the overall plot sucks, as does much of the acting. But, the whole watching the world get destroyed by nature? God, i just cannot resist but watch it over and over and over and over.......And I did. and I loved it.
and then, I come to work, and I see this article on Elaine's site (Atlantic Current Is Weakening ), and then this article on the New York Times (Study Shows Weakening of Atlantic Currents), and then this article on CNN (Current that warms Europe weakening). Yes, they are all the same article, but some people like different sources. MMMMM, global warming world destruction.

These things I do, I do them for you...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Phallus of God?....

just ask the free mason's, dirty occult buggers! Church steeples and obelisks are occult phallic symbols. You know its true!
The Obelisk of Buenos Aires is covered with a giant condom to commemorate World AIDS Day December 1, 2005.


Have you Kissed your Zombie today?

WE DID IT!!!!!

...That's right folks!! America has finally executed 1,000 people officially, since 1977!!!
This happened in North Carolina, and I'm gonna send them a nice fruit basket.
Sorry, I may be left leaning and liberally minded, but I hate people too, and I'm alright with the death penalty. I mean, really, out of 6 Billion, what's one or two less here and there. It's not like we're killing by the millions here, no genocide! I mean, its been 28 years. That is only about 35 and a half person a year. And we can send the food they'd eat to someone who is starving, and, get this, NOT a killer. So, happy 1,000 everyone!! Keep up the good work!


Here we go again. Sit back in front of a roaring fire with a nice cuppa cocao (spiked, of course) and listen to the intellectual rantings of Murk & Malach, and their special guests. The December 2nd podcast includes interviews with Tom Cruise and guest stars The Angry Piper. How can you resist? I know I can't!!!!

Get all 3 podcasts for the convenient price of NOTHING!
Get them HERE!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

What's wrong with this country today?...

I'll tell you. Food. Or, more specifically, Fat Ass lazy american's who can't stop eating it. Kids, people today are getting disgusting these days. I'm not talking about that guy with the slight gut, or the pretty girl who doesn't fit into the media's skewed portrayal of beauty because she's not rail thin. I'm talking about the disgustingly obese. They are increasing. There are more and more of them nowadays, and, shudder to think about it, they also breed. The worst part of that is, they generally can only breed with each other. Now, supress your urge to vomit for a few moments, and consider this example of just how disgusting people are getting....

Longer needles needed for fatter buttocks:
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Fatter rear ends are causing many drug injections to miss their mark, requiring longer needles to reach buttock muscle, researchers said on Monday.
Standard-sized needles failed to reach the buttock muscle in 23 out of 25 women whose rears were examined after what was supposed to be an intramuscular injection of a drug.
Two-thirds of the 50 patients in the study did not receive the full dosage of the drug, which instead lodged in the fat tissue of their buttocks, researchers from The Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin said in a presentation to the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.
In Related News: A UK-based company has launched a portable, temperature-controlled butter dish, ButterWizard, which keeps butter at what it says is the optimal spreadable temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is Genious....

one of my many agents showed me this interesting new developement in child rearing. As you all know, I firmly believe that we humans here on the planet earth are a bit outta hand when it comes to population. I also feel that, due to poor parenting mixed with the horror's reaped on the mind by capitalism and the entertainment age, children are way outta hand! So, here we have some lovely new methods of raising your children, great ways of teaching them proper behavior through negative enforcement.....

Look at the genius design, and all the space
here we have the model for those with a bit less room in their home...
order your's now! They come in many sizes, for all ages, from toddler to teenager.
Why wait! Cage your children today. Hell, cage other people's children too. I doubt those fuckers taught those kids any damn respect anyways (just ask Dr. Murk!)

Can you believe it???

They actually expect me to work at my job?! I don't know what is going on, but in order for Hobbs to stay funded, there may be a bit less activity here on 7 Years to Go.....But don't fear, my children, my friends. I will do my best to post at least once during the day, and a few evening's a week. I have saved a few tidbits from the last few days that I will share with you, because I am here for you, my children, my friends. Hobbs loves you.

Recent Acquisitions....

don't worry kids, I'm gathering the knowledge we need!

So, has it come to this.....

...Not only do they actually expect me to Work at my job, but....

Meet Deborah Davis. She's a 50 year-old mother of four who lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Her kids are all grown-up: her middle son is a soldier fighting in Iraq. She leads an ordinary, middle class life. You probably never would have heard of Deb Davis if it weren't for her belief in the U.S. Constitution.

One morning in late September 2005, Deb was riding the public bus to work. She was minding her own business, reading a book and planning for work, when a security guard got on this public bus and demanded that every passenger show their ID. Deb, having done nothing wrong, declined. The guard called in federal cops, and she was arrested and charged with federal criminal misdemeanors after refusing to show ID on demand. On the 9th of December 2005, Deborah Davis will be arraigned in U.S. District Court in a case that will determine whether Deb and the rest of us live in a free society, or in a country where we must show "papers" whenever a cop demands them.