Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dulling the Pain....

…inspiration can be found in the most unpleasant of places. Somehow, I find inspiration in the handbasket that this world, and more close to home, America, is going to hell in. Now, you all know ol’ Hobbsy here LOVES his conspiracy theories. Most of em are a total crock of shite, of course, but often you can find a good chunk of reality in each one. A nice, sizeable schmere of a$sf*cking that all of us, the little people, receive on a daily basis. And the real fun about it is, you never notice how much you’re getting screwed until you start paying attention to the screwballs.

Its all about the distractions, people. I for one am as guilty as just about anyone. Slugging down a few beers every night to dull the pain of awareness, the pain in my rear-end that makes me walk as funny as Malach at a cowboy convention. The pain of awareness coupled with the inability to enact change. Mmmm, soothing distractions. Flip on the television, and it’ll all go away. Watch a bad episode of Heroes, indulge in a mediocre episode of Fringe, laugh at the abuse dished out by Gordon Ramsay. Dream of fame with the boys of Entourage. Fantasize about a whole new world by getting Lost, and a whole new enemy, with a whole new secret agenda of a$sf*cking. Now, granted, some of this content of entertainment is worthwhile, its intelligent, it makes you think. I support that, in moderation (the distractions, that is). But, as I’ve heard it somewhere before, the world is the wool pulled over our eyes, the ballgag in our mouths, and the table we’re bent over on.

Celebrity seems the best distraction of our days. Just a bunch of other people who get paid to distract us, and get paid a lot, and the next thing, we’re not obsessed with their work of distraction. Now their lives become our entertainment. Hell, they don’t even need to get paid anymore – just pick a random bunch of suckers and put their lives up for public disdain. Americans go mad for it, read their people, E, PerezHilton. Drool over the pain and dismay of others, in order to dull the pain of our own. All the while, we could be dissecting the lives of those people we ‘elected’ to run the world we live in. Put them under the microscope and really see what the hell they’re up to. See if they’re worth the money we gave them, pay them. Find out exactly how many counts of societal rape each one is guilty of.

And like I said, I’m as guilty as the next guy. I was smart, I was less distracted, I was aware. And I’ve slipped back. I get involved in political debates, and find myself feeling stupid. I don’t know as much as I used to. I haven’t paid enough attention. And I’m waking up again. The pain isn’t nearly as dulled by the beers and wine, the tv and movies. I’m getting more and more pissed off. And I think we all need to do it. Stop being distracted. And, on top of that, stop being myopic and self-involved. Dammit, we’ve got a million causes to choose from, and each cause has a million different groups working on it. And yet nothing gets solved. I think it’s time to show what a real New World Order can be. Because, I’ll tell you know, we’re getting raped again.

Which brings me to my actual point. I want to that Just Me for her post, because it woke up a part of me that’s been napping for a bit. And it reminded me of something I saw, not too long ago. And I thought, hmm, how convenient.

So, let’s talk about FEMA. As JustMe covered, FEMA has the power to take control. COMPLETE control over any domestic area where unrest is occurring. They’ve got their concentration camps already set up. They’re ready for us to go nuts. Hmmm, ready……..OK. Here’s my little nugget of news for you all.


This little nugget was sent to me on September 24, 2008, by one of my agents in the field, and I found it an interesting little read. For the first time since the Civil War, US Troops have been have been deployed within the US. That’s right, right here in the good ol homeland. This type of deployment has been prohibited in the US since the Civil War, and I quote: (the only exceptions being that the National Guard and Coast Guard are exempted, and use of the military on an emergency ad hoc basis is permitted, such as what happened after Hurricane Katrina). And this may not be temporary. Please, read the article. It’s a little eye opening.

Then, consider this. In just the last week or two, our financial systems have gone INSANE. Just bloody nuts. People are freaking out everywhere. Interestingly enough, we aren’t really hearing about this in the news, but people are committing suicide and murder left and right. And suddenly, a few minor articles pop up about how the financial crisis is, in fact, driving people crazy. Please, take a quick look at these two articles that came up yesterday.

On Comcast


Those on high are beginning to wonder when this lovely powder keg of a nation is going to go pop. Now, just ponder, if you will, how convenient it is that a nice little military brigade has been deployed within the US border. How lucky it is that we have FEMA and its little camps. And start to think how much of a surprise this financial crisis was. Was it? Or, is this just another piece of the puzzle, of the plan. Is this just another fabulous example of the damnation of the people brought on by those in charge. Are we getting A$sf*cked again, against our will?

You tell me.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Its been awhile....., its been a while. About 10 months. Sorry, folks. But I think I can get back in the game. I've got lots of changes to make, and actual work to do, and I'll do it. However, I've been inspired by Warren Ellis, and his site, which is now a daily addiction for me. I think I'll follow suit.

So, today's fun facts in.....

  • Probably the most amazing thing I've seen in a while, this Island near the Ivory Coast is like the galapagos, has species of flora and fauna that exist nowhere else, and looks like that planet that Ren and Stimpy got stranded on! GO LOOK!
  • And, along with that, we have the EYE OF THE EARTH! creepy
  • Thinking about the future, here's the Long Now Foundation, and the 10,000 year clock. Get some goddamn perspective people. A good point was made on this site, which I'll paraphrase: Remember the last 30 - 50 - 80 years, people talked about 'in the year 2000...' there'll be flying cars. we'll all be rich. robots will work for us. blah blah. We'll, we've passed the year 2000, and no one has a future date to think of. There is no 'in the year 2025...' Nothing. We need a Concept of Future. I feel that awareness has improved immensely in my time on this planet. People actually think about our impact on the world, the ecosystem, the future. But NOT ENOUGH!!! We need to bring this back. So, apparently this clock will do that!
  • the Long Now also has a great links page which I'll delve into. And, this fantastic essay by Brian Eno, which inspired the whole foundation, apparently. Which also brings us to the Longplayer, an installation that plays music, and will play music for the entire millenia, and never repeat itself. I know what I'm going to listen to when I get home.
  • Aliens are coming to set everything right. No, really! I'm sitting here all obsessed with December 21, 2012, and all the while I should've been paying attention to October 14, 2008. One Day to Go....What's that, you ask? Why, YES: They're coming TOMORROW!!!
  • ACORN?? Really????
  • Rightwing Nutjobs get a voice too, right? Well, thanks to this chick, I've got the loverly pictures you see above and below

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