Tuesday, June 27, 2006


These are our demands:
We want control of our bodies.
will now be ours.
You can carry out your noble actions,
We will carry our noble scars.


No one here is asking,
No one here is asking,
But there is a question of trust.

You will do what looks good to you on paper,
We will do what we must.


Monday, June 26, 2006

The evils of Diebold: Action Item

Taken directly from this website. Go here and sign the petition. We need to at least try to take our voting rights back:


Illegal Voting Machines Used In Busby-Bilbray Race Requires Immediate Hand Count To Verify Results.

It has come to my attention that the Busby-Bilbray special election in CA-50 on June 6th was conducted on Diebold voting machines, many if not all of which were left unsecured in the homes, cars and offices of poll workers in the weeks prior to the election. Diebold touchscreen and optical scan machines have been proven by California's own Secretary of State to be unreliable in the field and vulnerable to hacking in unsecure environments. Because improper procedures were used in this election, no one has proof that these machines were not subject to memory card switches or other easy tampering techniques such as manipulating the counters. Americans deserve to know their elections are counted accurately. No matter the results.

I do not have confidence in the announced outcome of the Busby-Bilbray election because of the use of Diebold machines and the fact that the chain of custody of the machines was broken and compromised by the failure of to maintain the machines in a secure environment. In at least two other elections on June 6th in Pottawattamie County Iowa, optical scan machines showed the popular incumbents had lost the race in Republican Primaries until a hand count of the paper ballots showed otherwise. The incumbent had actually won in both cases, but had the election director not noticed something amiss and decided to hand count the ballots, they would never have known they'd actually won.
I am hereby demanding that all of the paper ballots from the Diebold optical scan machines and the paper trails from the DRE machines and any other absentee and early voting ballots be hand counted, with proper oversight, and that the chain of custody for those paper ballots and paper trails be verifiably secured immediately! I ask that the results of the election not be certified until this hand count is completed.
Voters must have confidence in the outcome of elections or else the security of our elections and our democracy will be undermined. This election belongs to the voters in CA-50, and people all across the nation have an interest in its outcome. Neither candidate has the right to concede this election when Diebold vote machines were used in a manner that fails to comply with normal security procedures.
Click HERE to sign the petition

It's all about sleight of hand: Today's action items...

....So, I can't figure 'them' out. Well, I can, but its a fun little dichodomy to discuss. On the one hand, the easy to see hand, it seems like they can't get their priorities straight. We've got enviromental crisis, global warming, famine, disease, and war. And 'they' babble about gay rights, immigration, minimum wage. One the hand they don't want you to see, that is the point. Those sneaky buggers like to distract us with the Bigger issues, and then sneak by with a bunch of changes, hoping no one will notice. Well, I notice. So, here are your petitions and action items of the day:

  • Flag desecration: Any moron with a sewing machine can make a flag, an American flag. Yet, a bunch of conservative ninnies think desecrating it is the end of the freaking world. Boring. Its a piece of cloth, idiot. Sure, its symbolic, and desecrating it is symbolic of disagreement. And, guess what, we live in a place that allows disagreement. You can't pass laws that deny others from disagreeing with you. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in the type of dictatorship you claim to oppose. Its the great old doublestandard - I want rights for all, as long as all agree with me. Well, sorry, it doesn't work that way. Believe me, I sometimes wish it did. Anyways, sounds like some sneaky bitches are trying to, yet again, get a Flag desecration amendment past the senate. Trying to change the constitution again, and condradict what is already in there. Silly Maggots. So, here is some information that Hobbs didn't right, and then a link to assist you in calling your senator and making sure they vote this silly bitch down: - Although the Senate has blocked the flag amendment in past years, the vote is now closer than ever. If the vote were held today in the Senate, with all 100 senators present and voting, and all senators voting as currently committed, the flag amendment would be stopped by just one vote. If even one senator fails to cast a vote or changes his or her vote, the amendment passes, and Congress will have voted to amend the Bill of Rights for the first time ever. The proposed amendment violates the underlying principles for which the flag stands. Americans are an intensely patriotic people, justifiably proud of our free heritage and the liberties embodied in the Constitution. One of these basic principles is the tolerance of dissent, even when that dissent is obnoxious. This amendment stands for the exact opposite premise: that you can put people in jail merely for being offensive. - Flag burning laws are a hallmark of authoritarian regimes. China and Cuba are just a few of the dictatorial regimes that ban the “desecration” of national symbols. In Hong Kong, democratic reformers have been prosecuted under the Chinese flag laws. Those regimes know that the power to put people in jail for flag burning is the power to silence dissent. Click here to get information on calling your Senator and voicing your opinion.
  • The Voter's rights act: For more than 40 years, the Voting Rights Act has protected the right of every American citizen to cast not just a vote, but an informed vote. Equality in voting is fundamental to the American democratic system. In a move that surprised even Republican leaders, a small but vocal group in the House of Representatives managed to stage a revolt within the Republican Party and have the Voting Rights Act Reauthorization (H.R. 9) pulled from the House floor. We cannot let this small band of ultra-conservative House Republicans succeed in holding up reauthorization of this landmark civil rights legislation. Please sign the petition now to tell Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader John Boehner to stand up to the right wing’s stalling tactics and let the VRA bill pass before the Fourth of July holiday recess!
  • (this is great) Sign the online Petition to save online Petitions!: Online petitions are a main channel for non-profits and their supporters to bring important issues to the attention of our country's leaders. But last month, Congressional offices began adopting new software that blocks the delivery of bulk constituent email, significantly compromising the ability of nonprofit organizations and their supporters to have their voices heard. Take action to say NO.
  • No Pet Left Behind: Here is a little act that came about after Hurrican Katrina. I don't know how many of you saw this, but a lot of people were literally forced to leave their pets behind. They were not allowed to bring their dogs, cats, birds, etc into shelters. These animals were left behind to drown, or live and fend for themselves for months. It was a pretty sad sight. Now, I'm a pet owner, and fairly active in animal rights. So, I like this act. Its basically to enact provisions that peoples pets should be protected and rescued and sheltered and what-not. Sign here to support it.
  • Save Screech's House: This is just amuzing. The guy who played Screech on Saved by the Bell, and is now a lowely stand up comedian, is in danger of losing his house. So, he's selling autographed T-Shirts to raise money. Check it out here, and buy one here.
  • The UN: A spending cap, supported by member nations including the United States, has created a deep rift within UN leadership: creating a split between China and G-77 nations, and the larger UN donors such as the U.S., member states of the European Union, Japan, the CANZ nations of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The UN is the only body working multi-laterally to promote things like international justice, peace and burdensharing, human rights, women's rights, international standards on business and trade laws, to fight world poverty, and to establish free elections in Iraq and democracy in Afghanistan. if you oppose this, click here.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today's Action Items..

  • Horse Slaughter: Nearly 100,000 horses are slaughtered for food yearly in the United States. Many thousands of live horses are also transported across the border to Canada for slaughter. Show horses, racehorses, foals born as a "byproduct" of the Premarin© industry (a female hormone replacement drug), wild horses, carriage horses, and family horses are victims of the horse slaughter industry. Horses have never been raised for human consumption in America. However, American horses are being killed to feed the palates of overseas diners in Italy, France, Belgium, and Japan. Click here to get instructions on calling your state representative, and sending an email, to ask that the Representative cosponsor H.R. 503 and vote for it when it comes to the floor.
  • Voter Registration Restrictions: Sign the petition against Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell’s new regulations that severely restrict voter registration. The voter suppression going on in Ohio will have an impact on traditionally disenfranchised communities that could last for several election cycles. And if these kinds of tactics are accepted as “fair game,” they are sure to be employed in other states soon. Blackwell’s new rules threaten criminal penalties for individuals registering voters if they do not exactly conform to complicated, burdensome procedures. The resulting intimidation of registration workers has the potential to bring to a screeching halt efforts to register poor, young and African American voters. Click here to sign the Petition.
  • Secret Kidnapping and Torture: Did you know our own federal government is secretly targeting people while changing planes in American airports, walking along streets in Italian cities, and going about their daily lives in other corners of the world? They target people, sometimes on the basis of mistaken identity, kidnap them without ever making an arrest or seeking charges in any court, and ship them off to places like Syria and Uzbekistan, where they are tortured and abused. The Bush administration claims that this practice — called rendition to torture — is perfectly legal, despite the fact that it clearly violates U.S. federal law. Click here for more

Enlightenment by Fire…

…seems to me the only way to go, my friends. Hobbs here. You may have noticed I’ve been quiet lately. I am, as always, working. Working for you, for myself, for the Greater Good.
And I’m working to decide what direction to take here at 7 Years to Go. You see, there are so many options. We can all learn the path to enlightenment, and to the new era that will begin. And yet I constantly feel the need to point out what is current, and what is wrong, with our world today.

This will not change, but new directions will be taken. It is important to understand what is happening in the world around you. To identify those who are working against our enlightenment.

But it is also important to act. Every little bit counts. So there will be more action items to show you.

Finally, it is true. You do have to go through hell to reach the promised land, and we can only reach enlightenment by fire, my friends. Dr. Murk said it best, that we will all be dancing on the rubble. The rubble is the system, the governments and churches, money and finance. I’d like to tell you all that when the day comes, these things will all be magically whisked away. But that is not how it works. The only way to have rebirth is destruction. Sometimes I wonder if our idiot in chief isn’t actually doing a good thing with all these wars, bringing about huge waves of destruction. The worse this American government gets, the closer it comes to being brought down. We need to work together on this, kids. There are things that need saving, and things that need breaking.

Quote of the day: "I figure that the more of you there are around me, the more chance there is of the inevitable hail of bullets hitting you instead of me. " - Warren Ellis

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today's WarMonger....

...is this guy. John Bolton, our ambassador to the UN. He doesn't even LIKE the UN. He's like an angry football coach, and look where our idiot in chief placed him! Great. So, I agree that we don't respond to threats as a method to get us to talk with you, but i'm seeing some interesting patterns in how this country is interacting with North Korea and Iran. I'm telling you, they just want to get their war on. But i'm starting to really think that the changes to the world we all need aren't going to happen without a hell of a lot of destruction. Hold on to your hats, kiddies, we're going to have to reach enlightenment through fire!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hobbs is feeling optimistic!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's favorite article....

...yes, even Stephen Hawking, everyones favorite wheelchair bound genius, is on the doomsday train today, basically saying that we, as a species, are all fucked if we don't start building colonies in Space! Dontcha just love this guy?

"The survival of the human race depends on its ability to find new homes elsewhere in the universe because there's an increasing risk that a disaster will destroy the Earth, world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking said Tuesday.

The British astrophysicist told a news conference in Hong Kong that humans could have a permanent base on the moon in 20 years and a colony on Mars in the next 40 years.

He added that if humans can avoid killing themselves in the next 100 years, they should have space settlements that can continue without support from Earth.

"It is important for the human race to spread out into space for the survival of the species," Hawking said. "Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of."

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Note on Natural Selection

Doing this shows that you do not deserve to procreate.

Our poor government....

….oh, what is a government to do? Our people hate us, Our Figurehead has the lowest approval rating, well, ever. We’ve got this war we’ve always wanted to fight, but no one in our country seems to agree with us, and things aren’t going well. HMM, Ok, we need to steer attention away from that. What can we use? OK, Illegal Immigrants. Great, lets go crazy there. We’ve got our news agencies that we own talking only about that. Everyone is in a fervor over it. This should do. OH, crap. That didn’t last long, did it. Hmmm. OOH, and now we’ve got some open seats in the House / Senate we want to fill with our people. So, Lets see. What have we used before to get people to vote for us? The Gays! We’ll attack them again. They scare people, make them uncomfortable! Great, we’ll get our people out with that! OK! So, lets get that amendment into our constitution. Yeah, we’ll slip discrimination past them all, make it acceptable! Great. Another scapegoat that isn’t us! (for the record, on CNN last week was one Senator’s comments, a Senator who is against gay marriage, stating that the gay marriage issue is ‘the most important issue facing us today.’ What the hell is that? We have war, death, famine, global warming, and yet the rights of some people is he most important issue?) OK, crap, now that failed too. Even the Senate isn’t with us. Well, we need to get attention away from our failures, quick. What can we use? A-ha! Here’s that Al-Queda guy that we killed a while back, but never told anyone. Just like Bin Laden. Great, we’ll show them that we’re successful in the war by claiming this guy was just taken out in a strategic strike. Excellent. Pulled the wool over their eyes once again!

…hmm, speaking of scapegoats, we need some distraction in the whole 9/11 debacle. People everywhere are questioning our explanation and our lies. They are watching that movie Loose Change, and seeing all the evidence is false (Note to the world, I watched Loose Change last week. It is an amazing documentary that everyone needs to watch. Buy a copy, or find in online, and watch it. Give it a chance, and you’ll start to see all the lies in the story. And maybe you’ll wonder what happened to the billions of dollars of gold that was in a vault under the WTC too!). We need to distract them. I know, we’ve got our chief nazi crackpot Ann Coulter. She’ll do. She’ll start insulting the widow’s and families of everyone who died in the WTC. Yeah, everyone will get pissed at her, there will be more camaraderie, and they won’t look at us so hard! YEAH! Uh oh, looks like we’re losing this battle. Now over 70 Million Americans want a new 9/11 investigation.

And, crap, they’re gonna nail us on that wiretapping thing too. We are screwed!

(can you just imagine what is going through the minds of our ‘elected officials?’)

Folks, its time to really look closely at the things around you. Really examine what is happening, what you see. You should know by now that you can’t trust much of what you see. You certainly cannot trust the media in any way, shape, or form. If you haven’t realized this yet, well, WAKE UP. There is no impartiality. Not with anyone, and certainly not with the media. We live in the age of information, but the information we view is manipulated at many points along the way. Truth is hard to find today. But keep heart, and keep working. The age of enlightenment is possible, and it is coming. While civilization around us moves faster and faster towards rock bottom, some of us keep working for ascension. But we need your help. Work on you, and keep aware.

Here we go again...

Oh, Florida. We won't miss you.

A note on Gay Marriage

I’d just like to take a moment to laugh at the conservative Christian right out there, not all of them, just the ones who supported an amendment to rob fellow Americans of their rights as humans, just because they are gay. How idiotic is this. A human being’s rights are not up to you. In fact, I say that this amendment is actually ANTI-American! Take that and stuff it. And read the good news here how the Amendment was rejected. And while you’re at it, read what Lou Dobbs said. And finally, find anyone who beats up gay people for fun, and burn their houses down. They don’t deserve to own land in America.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Something to look forward to......

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The further Decline of Civilization....

....So much goes on. This process keeps evolving. We’re moving faster and faster towards the destruction of, not the world, not our species, but civilized life as we currently know it. Our corrupt governments run more and more rampant, and we can all clearly see the fallacy of the two party system. There is only one party in control, and they have shown that they answer to no higher authority. The signs point to global war, this seems in little doubt at this point. Current events show much of the decline of our civilization, our destruction of the planet, and the evil desires of the government. Its been quiet over here at the Greater Good, I realize. Am I sinking too deep into political paranoia, and not focusing enough on the magic, the spiritual? But with so much going on in this valley of the real, how can I avoid it? Without going into too much detail on each, here is your current events:

As always, you be the judge.

...Am I Sleeping? Have I Slept?....

.....The problem with having multiple personalities is that you lose track of who you are sometimes. Suddenly time (an illusion to illustrate evolution and growth) has passed and you realize you haven't been someone in a little while. Its the trappings of the illusory black iron prison that our perceptions of the 5 basic senses are stuck in, the cubicle and job, the inconsequential that many of us remain stuck in, that keeps us away from the real universe of reality that is behind what you see with your two eyes. When you walk between worlds this iron prison becomes an even more painful trap, and the further away you get, the further entwined in the black iron prison, the less you feel connected to what is important. Its painful, starvation from the energies that keep you going. Remembering that this isn't real, you forget how. And then someone brings you back, grabs you and shakes you. Wise words, the logos hides within them, to grab your brain and bring it back to the ethereal. Wise words spoken to me from a guide and cohort, which I will keep here for my posterity:

Our perception of location is handcuffed by our notion of space and time. But yet the mind can envision times past and future. Our perception tell us that we are fixed in our space and time. We observe and obey. But it is just perception. The mind travels. Who is to say the mind does not travel?

Are you just a firing of neurons?

What are you? What are these things that the mind invents that do not physically exist? Are they dismissed as fancy? If they are, why are they there?

If you can picture me on a hill top speaking with you, how is that less real than you at work?

It is all real. It all happens somewhere. If it is false, then the mind is false. Then all perception is false. Why would God grant us a mind to dream and imagine if dreaming and imagining is false? What would be the point?

If you truly envision a conversation with me that doesn't happen, where does that vision come from? A mental hiccup?


It happens.