Thursday, June 01, 2006

The further Decline of Civilization....

....So much goes on. This process keeps evolving. We’re moving faster and faster towards the destruction of, not the world, not our species, but civilized life as we currently know it. Our corrupt governments run more and more rampant, and we can all clearly see the fallacy of the two party system. There is only one party in control, and they have shown that they answer to no higher authority. The signs point to global war, this seems in little doubt at this point. Current events show much of the decline of our civilization, our destruction of the planet, and the evil desires of the government. Its been quiet over here at the Greater Good, I realize. Am I sinking too deep into political paranoia, and not focusing enough on the magic, the spiritual? But with so much going on in this valley of the real, how can I avoid it? Without going into too much detail on each, here is your current events:

As always, you be the judge.


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