Friday, May 19, 2006

Homosexuals are people too...

they exist, and they deserve the same rights as every other human being on the planet. Certainly in this country, where 'all men are created equal.' Here is one Homosexual's comments, left on a petition to stop the amendment banning gay marriage. I thought it was worth sharing:

constitutional right to be able to follow my religious
views no matter what you think of them as long as laws
are not broken. I could have no religious views at all
and be an atheist, and I am still protected to have
that view as well. There are many religious groups in
this country that want to perform Homosexual marriages
as part of their religious rites. Just because my
religious views appear radically different to yours or
more people share your religious or moral views it
does not grant you the right to say my views lack
morals and therefore use political moves to reduce my
rights (I'm in MA, the one state that has the guts to
treat people equally) or in this case to continue to
exclude me from the protections of our constitution.

You have to prove I don't have morals and cause
direct harm physically or mentally to others, and you
haven't been able to do that at all. For many years
you haven’t been able to show that, if ever. All
evidence has pointed to the direct opposite--that I'm
just as "normal" as you are.

Your behavior is unbecoming and nothing more than
childish--you rely on a "safety by numbers" means to
circumvent protections within the constitution in
order to "let the people vote" on what protections
their neighbors can or can't have. That is extremely
unconstitutional! You can dislike me, hey, I dislike
you very much! But I work, I pay taxes, and I don't
break laws. Aside from that, don't talk to me if you
don't like gay people. But the days of my not holding
my boyfriend's hand while walking down the street just
because you want to pretend I have no value or morals
(or worse cause me physical harm and get away with it)
and therefore pretend I don't actually exist, are

Those times are over because the more you complain you
have a moral authority the more apparent it becomes
you just have prejudice. By talking about banning
marriage rights for Homosexuals you acknowledge
Homosexuals exist and by promoting bans like this
prove they are treated unequally, which directly
leads to proving you selectively choose this group of
people to exclude from the protections of our
constitution. Again, you can dislike me all you want,
but altering the constitution to make that dislike
legal is not your job! Just because Heterosexual
people haven't allowed Homosexuals to marry in the
past has never made it the right thing to do in the
present. All it means is Heterosexual people have
consistently chosen to avoid representation for
Homosexuals in this country. Which is why in MA this
had to be resolved by the SJC--who did their job. That
hardly makes them activists just because the illogical
stance government has had about Homosexuals for such a
long time. Again, prove they lack morals and are a
danger. You haven't and can't.

Aside from this, how dare you pretend Homosexual
people don't have children either from a previous
marriage or by assisted pregnancies that they are
trying to raise with the same protections Heterosexual
people have! Just because you think they are "icky" is
absolutely no excuse for not doing your job correctly!
It's your job to protect these families--even if YOU
don't consider that a “family” it is functioning just
like one and those children should not have to go
without benefits just because you WON'T do your job
when you don't like it. Who is the child here? How
many more years is this going to have to continue
before you stop "wetting the bed" over Homosexuals
existing and demanding you stop withholding
constitutional protections from them? We're used to
waiting, and like I mentioned before, the more you
speak out against Homosexuals the more you
prove yourself wrong by acknowledging them but not
having any proof they are a threat of any kind.


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Joey Polanski said...

I see yer Give-A-Fuck-O-Meter is realy rockin tday, Hobbsy.

At 6:34 PM, Anonymous freeoscar said...

The morning that Howard Dean signed the civil union act for homosexuals while governor of VT, he said, "I knew I could not look myself in the mirror every morning knowing I deny people their basic rights."

Oh well, we have an "ab fab" two party political system that allows terds (John Kerry) & douche bags (George W. Bush) to win.

At 8:25 AM, Blogger AngryMan said...

According to the churches, homosexuals ARE NOT people, they are GAY PEOPLE. But that would mean that they are people, just that they're gay. Damnitt! Why do I always listen to whatever a church says? When will I ever learn, when will I ever learn?

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Marsha said...

I didn't read that entire post but I believe if you are an adult who you choose to be your mate is your own business.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger Swim said...

well done Hobbs...nice post...what a treat to see an adult hetrosexual (assuming..?) have the compassion and clarity to post such an enlightening blog commentary. Thank you.


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