Thursday, June 01, 2006

...Am I Sleeping? Have I Slept?....

.....The problem with having multiple personalities is that you lose track of who you are sometimes. Suddenly time (an illusion to illustrate evolution and growth) has passed and you realize you haven't been someone in a little while. Its the trappings of the illusory black iron prison that our perceptions of the 5 basic senses are stuck in, the cubicle and job, the inconsequential that many of us remain stuck in, that keeps us away from the real universe of reality that is behind what you see with your two eyes. When you walk between worlds this iron prison becomes an even more painful trap, and the further away you get, the further entwined in the black iron prison, the less you feel connected to what is important. Its painful, starvation from the energies that keep you going. Remembering that this isn't real, you forget how. And then someone brings you back, grabs you and shakes you. Wise words, the logos hides within them, to grab your brain and bring it back to the ethereal. Wise words spoken to me from a guide and cohort, which I will keep here for my posterity:

Our perception of location is handcuffed by our notion of space and time. But yet the mind can envision times past and future. Our perception tell us that we are fixed in our space and time. We observe and obey. But it is just perception. The mind travels. Who is to say the mind does not travel?

Are you just a firing of neurons?

What are you? What are these things that the mind invents that do not physically exist? Are they dismissed as fancy? If they are, why are they there?

If you can picture me on a hill top speaking with you, how is that less real than you at work?

It is all real. It all happens somewhere. If it is false, then the mind is false. Then all perception is false. Why would God grant us a mind to dream and imagine if dreaming and imagining is false? What would be the point?

If you truly envision a conversation with me that doesn't happen, where does that vision come from? A mental hiccup?


It happens.


At 3:08 PM, Blogger The Don said...


what the hell is this crap? Were you at a Mental Hospital for a week?


At 9:46 PM, Blogger Dr. R. Murk said...

Hobbs, don't listen to this shit "the don" is saying. He knows nothing of the workings of the mind. I am with you brother, just giving you space to develop the desperation needed to make the leap.


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