Monday, June 12, 2006

Our poor government....

….oh, what is a government to do? Our people hate us, Our Figurehead has the lowest approval rating, well, ever. We’ve got this war we’ve always wanted to fight, but no one in our country seems to agree with us, and things aren’t going well. HMM, Ok, we need to steer attention away from that. What can we use? OK, Illegal Immigrants. Great, lets go crazy there. We’ve got our news agencies that we own talking only about that. Everyone is in a fervor over it. This should do. OH, crap. That didn’t last long, did it. Hmmm. OOH, and now we’ve got some open seats in the House / Senate we want to fill with our people. So, Lets see. What have we used before to get people to vote for us? The Gays! We’ll attack them again. They scare people, make them uncomfortable! Great, we’ll get our people out with that! OK! So, lets get that amendment into our constitution. Yeah, we’ll slip discrimination past them all, make it acceptable! Great. Another scapegoat that isn’t us! (for the record, on CNN last week was one Senator’s comments, a Senator who is against gay marriage, stating that the gay marriage issue is ‘the most important issue facing us today.’ What the hell is that? We have war, death, famine, global warming, and yet the rights of some people is he most important issue?) OK, crap, now that failed too. Even the Senate isn’t with us. Well, we need to get attention away from our failures, quick. What can we use? A-ha! Here’s that Al-Queda guy that we killed a while back, but never told anyone. Just like Bin Laden. Great, we’ll show them that we’re successful in the war by claiming this guy was just taken out in a strategic strike. Excellent. Pulled the wool over their eyes once again!

…hmm, speaking of scapegoats, we need some distraction in the whole 9/11 debacle. People everywhere are questioning our explanation and our lies. They are watching that movie Loose Change, and seeing all the evidence is false (Note to the world, I watched Loose Change last week. It is an amazing documentary that everyone needs to watch. Buy a copy, or find in online, and watch it. Give it a chance, and you’ll start to see all the lies in the story. And maybe you’ll wonder what happened to the billions of dollars of gold that was in a vault under the WTC too!). We need to distract them. I know, we’ve got our chief nazi crackpot Ann Coulter. She’ll do. She’ll start insulting the widow’s and families of everyone who died in the WTC. Yeah, everyone will get pissed at her, there will be more camaraderie, and they won’t look at us so hard! YEAH! Uh oh, looks like we’re losing this battle. Now over 70 Million Americans want a new 9/11 investigation.

And, crap, they’re gonna nail us on that wiretapping thing too. We are screwed!

(can you just imagine what is going through the minds of our ‘elected officials?’)

Folks, its time to really look closely at the things around you. Really examine what is happening, what you see. You should know by now that you can’t trust much of what you see. You certainly cannot trust the media in any way, shape, or form. If you haven’t realized this yet, well, WAKE UP. There is no impartiality. Not with anyone, and certainly not with the media. We live in the age of information, but the information we view is manipulated at many points along the way. Truth is hard to find today. But keep heart, and keep working. The age of enlightenment is possible, and it is coming. While civilization around us moves faster and faster towards rock bottom, some of us keep working for ascension. But we need your help. Work on you, and keep aware.


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