Friday, March 31, 2006

US Government to Nuke Nevada.., I'm not kidding!

U.S. To Test 700-Ton Explosive

The U.S. military plans to detonate a 700 ton explosive charge in a test called “Divine Strake” that will send a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas, a senior defense official said March 30.

”I don’t want to sound glib here but it is the first time in Nevada that you’ll see a mushroom cloud
over Las Vegas since we stopped
testing nuclear weapons,” said James
Tegnelia, head of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Tegnelia said the test was part of a U.S. effort to develop weapons capable of destroying deeply-buried bunkers housing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
”We have several very large penetrators we’re developing,” he told defense reporters.
”We also have — are you ready for this — a 700-ton explosively formed charge that we’re going to be putting in a tunnel in Nevada,” he said.

”And that represents to U.S. the largest single explosive that we could imagine doing conventionally to solve that problem,” he said.

The aim is to measure the effect of the blast on hard granite structures, he said.
”If you want to model these weapons, you want to know from a modeling point of view what is the ideal best condition you could ever set up in a conventional weapon — what’s the best you can do.

”And this gets at the best point you could get on a curve. So it allows U.S. to predict how effective these kinds of weapons ... would be,” he said.

He said the Russians have been notified of the test, which is scheduled for the first week of June at the Nevada test range.

”We’re also making sure that Las Vegas understands,” Tegnelia said.

Activism, in Poetry form...

..this guy is good..


Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Class all their own

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Who got busted?

You did, Mr. Cheney.....

Yes, You did to, Mr. Delay....

And who could be next? Here's hoping its the dancing idiot below...

Today's Freemasonry Video

Forget all those other videos on Freemasonry,watch this video The Lightbringers - The Emissaries of Jahbulon by Juri Lina. There's less religious bias and a wealth of information on the Grand Orient and how they operate.

if the film doesn't work (seems to have problems), check it here

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

none for you

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Today's informative conspiracy video

Videos by vMix Member:
Head Busta

Does TV adversly effect our children?

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You Decide!

Bush is scared of children...

13-year-old charged with threatening President Bush
Associated Press

FLORENCE, Ky. — A 13-year-old boy was charged with threatening President Bush —
who is scheduled to travel to nearby Cincinnati next week — in two e-mails
sent to the mayor, police said.

Investigators did not find anything in a search of the boy's home to make
them think he was planning to carry out the alleged threats, police
Capt. Linny Cloyd said.

The teen was in the custody of his mother at their home Tuesday.
He faces one felony count of making a terroristic threat and is to appear
in Boone County Family Court within two weeks.

The investigation began after Mayor Diane Whalen received an anonymous
e-mail threatening Bush, Cloyd said. A second e-mail was also sent to
Whalen, he said.

Cloyd and Whalen refused to release the e-mails or give details of the threats.

Cloyd went to the teen's home Monday night with agents from the FBI
and Secret Service. He said the boy's parents consented to the search,
during which a computer was seized.

"He is extremely well-versed in the history of President Bush," Cloyd
said. "In talking with him, you can tell this is a hot-button topic with him."

Police said the first e-mail was also sent to the White House,
Vice President Dick Cheney and the Pentagon.

Bush is scheduled to be across the Ohio River on Monday to throw out
the first pitch on opening day for the Cincinnati Reds.

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Don't you threaten ME!
Ooooh, my hired goons will give you SUCH A SLAP!"

Myspace Rap War

Yo, you aint got nuttin' on my ryhmes.
Malach and myself are engaged in a MySpace Rap War!
We are going to be posting dueling rap songs over myspace, and insulting each other. Join in if you like.
Today's battle features, EPMD for Malach (More info on EPMD) and MF DOOM for Hobbs (check the main site or his Myspace. You might Know him as Viktor Vaughn, King Gheedorah, Madvillain and Danger Doom). So vote! Who wins this round? Vote in our forum and find out.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

THIS JUST IN: Contamination! small town in Massachusetts, one bucket, lots of trouble. Interested to see what this turns into!!!

Water Supply In Blackstone May Be Contaminated

CBS Reports: BLACKSTONE The water in Blackstone has been shut off because there is concern it may be contaminated.

Officials say someone broke into the town's water control building on Monday night, scaling a barbed wire fence, destroying an electrical panel, then gaining access to the storage tank next door.

During a routine inspection Tuesday morning, a five gallon bucket containing an unknown substance was found next to the tank.

Town Administrator Ray Houle says it's now on the way to a lab for testing. Results are not expected back until Wednesday.

The FBI is not investigating this as a terrorist threat. They are leaving it to local authorities.

Blackstone police did receive reports Monday night of teenagers fleeing the scene.

Houle told CBS4 that the town coincidentally had planned to install a surveillance and security system at the tank Wednesday.

Several businesses in town are closed and residents are starting to stock up on bottled water. Middle school students were transported to the high school so students could use portable toilets.

Residents have been asked to drain their own systems as a precaution.

The water will remain off through Tuesday night. If there is contamination, the water will be off indefinitely, because authorities will need to flush out the entire system.

The tank holds 1-point-3 million gallons of water and serves nearly 9,000 residents in Blackstone, as well as 83 homes in neighboring North Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Get your MSG on, then throw up...

MSG is manufactured through a process of protein hydrolysis.
When protein hydrolysis yields a product that is 99% free glutamate
(glutamate separated from the protein in which it was originally found), the product is called "monosodium glutamate" ("MSG") by the FDA and must be labeled as such.

When a protein hydrolysate consists of less than 99% free glutamate, the product is called one of a variety of names including "sodium caseinate," "calcium caseinate," "autolyzed yeast," "textured protein," "yeast food," "hydrolyzed vegetable protein," and "hydrolyzed protein." All these products contain MSG. Typically, the amount of free glutamate in these products ranges between 8 and 40 per cent.

The FDA points out that all of these hydrolyzed protein products
occur naturally; but unlike the naturally occurring "MSG" which
is 99% or more free glutamate and is required by FDA regulation to identify its MSG content with the words "monosodium glutamate," under present regulations, the other hydrolyzed proteins do not have to mention that they contain MSG. On any given day, a new product may enter the market, and a new source of MSG may be at hand. Names that can be used to signify a hydrolyzed protein appear not to be subject to any restrictions.

But that's not the half of it. Under FDA regulation, hydrolyzed protein may be included in various products with no mention of the hydrolyzed protein. The information we have at this time tells us that broth, bouillon, stock, flavoring, natural flavoring, natural flavors, and a whole host of products called natural chicken flavoring, natural turkey flavoring, etc. contain MSG insinuated into the product through the use of some form of hydrolyzed protein. So MSG sensitive people who know about the hiding of MSG are afraid to eat any product that has "flavoring" or "natural flavoring" in it, for example, even though it might be MSG-free. As a result, the grocery shelf, the refrigerator, and the freezer case, contain very little that a sensitive person can be sure is free of MSG. Further, the amount of MSG found in food today is growing. It is found in most soups, salad dressings, and processed meats; in some crackers, bread, canned tuna fish, most frozen entrees, ice cream, and frozen yogurt. Lately we've seen it included in the new "low fat" foods. That makes sense because if you remove the flavor provided by the fat, you have to put back the flavor, and that, some say, calls for MSG.

This hiding of MSG has a second consequence, much more insidious than forcing MSG-sensitive people to limit their diets. Hiding MSG makes recognition of MSG so complex and confusing that people who are sensitive to MSG have a great deal of difficulty realizing it. Think about it. If you eat something with MSG in it, and you have a bad reaction, you might think at first that you are sensitive to MSG. But then you eat something that does not say MSG anywhere on the label and you have that same reaction. "Obviously," you conclude, "it is something else to which I am sensitive, not MSG." Not until you recognize all of the hidden sources of MSG will you be able to make a proper evaluation of what is causing your reaction.

Just as MSG in food is presently identified some times and not others, the FDA has proposed a regulation that the glutamate in "certain" hydrolyzed proteins should be disclosed. The proposed regulation as published in the January 6, 1993 Federal Register does not make clear what "certain" means. To the consumer, however, "certain" means that MSG will continue to be hidden in food.

Following the August 31, 1995 release of a report on the safety of MSG done for the FDA by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), FDA Commissioner David A. Kessler, M.D., J.D., reiterated the need to label "significant" amounts of MSG. "Significant" means that MSG will continue to be hidden in food.

Today's informative Big Brother video: Hand Scanners

Thanks to Lo and Live FOR the Revolution and p.i.

P.i.'s comments: "this is no joke. i had to use this hand scanner at work everyday in order to get paid. we must resist this at all costs, or be enslaved. please repost this and help spread this."

Hobbs - yeah, we have these at the source of my funding as well. Thankfully, ol' Hobbsy is exempt!

Today's 9/11 video: more stars speak out

Thanks Alan
Date: Mar 28, 2006 12:38 PM
And Truth Seeker and p.i.

You can decide? Truth, conspiracy, distraction. I provide the content, you make your own choices.

Our Idiot in Chief (and friends)

....and the cusion for my ass is this big...
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...even the ghost on the right is booing him...

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....i made poopies in my pants....

...yo....whut up, homes...
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...yeah dawg....

...Big news announcement, Bush's chief of staff quits....
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...."this way, when we make out, its not harrassment"...

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..what do you mean, I'm not a pirate....


Todays news and explanation, i know I've been throwing a lot of content your way. Possibly too much, but it came to me that way, and some of it I put here to store and save it. Ol' Hobbsy here is always reinventing himself (after all, immortality needs to be spiced up, why do you think I've taken so many identities?) and this here blog, so I'll try to whittle it down a bit, give you the important news you need to survive this troubling time, and a few smiles along the way......

....Speaking of smiles, good to the that the Bushychrist's administration is falling apart. "White House chief of staff Andy Card has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Josh Bolten, an administration official said Tuesday. The move comes amid a sharp decline in Bush's approval ratings and calls from Republicans for the president to bring in new aides with fresh ideas and new energy." Ha Ha, new energy? In a campaign of zombies and old white fools? Dontcha just love the spin here. Face it, they're grasping at straws and running scared. We're winning, kids. Keep it up...

...speaking of their stupidity, isn't it great when they fail their own tests? "A congressional watchdog agency had some undercover investigators breach security by slipping nuclear material into the United States. In a test last year, the small amounts of cesium-137, which is used in industrial gauges, triggered radiation alarms in Texas and Washington state. The material was enough to make two small "dirty bombs," officials said, yet U.S. customs agents permitted the investigators to enter the United States because they were tricked with counterfeit documents." Feel secure yet?.....

....and lets keep the magic happening kids. Those who know can feel the energy swirling all around when celestial events occure. And now, an "Eclipse Tomorrow Will Blot Out the Sun. Wednesday's eclipse will blot out the sun in highly populated areas, including west Africa, where governments scrambled to educate people about the dangers of looking at the eclipse without proper eye protection. One Indian paper advised pregnant women not to go outside during the eclipse to avoid having a blind baby or one with a cleft lip. Food cooked before the eclipse should be thrown out afterward because it will be impure and those who are holding a knife or ax during the eclipse will cut themselves, the Hindustan Times added." Gotta love that mojo!

Monday, March 27, 2006

So, I'm a terrorist now???

... i never knew...

Who is a terrorist? Any person who endagers human life in the process of breaking any US law. And remember, you can be detained WITHOUT CHARGES on the SUSPICION of breaking one of these laws.

Accordingto the Official Virginia "Terrorism & Security AwarenessOrientation for State Employees" publication even the TidewaterLibertarian Party (TLP) and the Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance can beclassified as terrorists. Other definitions of 'terrorists':

Read more ...


...Dance magic Dance....

...Jump magic Jump....

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Who's pulling the strings now, bitch??
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some stuff? just in case, get your education on.

Yes. That's Wake the Hell Up TV!

Brought to you by me, The Paradigm Shifter, Dawud, SONOFABITCH!™ and of course...





part1: POLICE STATE2000














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  • America is Being Destroyed from Within

    From: ⇔ The Paradigm Shifter ⇔
    Date: Mar 27, 2006 12:34 AM

    via Ezekiel
    Date: Mar 26, 2006 11:24 PM

    America is Being Destroyed from Within

    by Le Patriote

    In 1910 seven powerful bankers, representing a full one fourth of the world’s wealth, held a very secretive meeting on Jekyll Island in North Carolina. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how they might form a cartel of private banks and convince the US government to grant that cartel full control of the United States monetary system.

    In his book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin outlined the following eight elements in the plan of action formulated by these men in order to convince congress that the establishment of a banking cartel was somehow a measure to protect the public.

    1. Never refer to the proposed cooperative as a cartel or a central bank.
    2. Create the illusion that the cartel is a government agency.
    3. Establish regional branches to create the illusion of decentralization.
    4. Start out with conservative, sound banking principles, with the understanding that these principles could later be abandoned.
    5. Use the anger generated by recent panics and bank failures to create demand for monetary reform.
    6. Present the Jekyll Island plan as a solution to that demand.
    7. Employ university professors to endorse and support the plan.
    8. Speak out against the plan in order to create the illusion that Wall Street bankers actually opposed it.

    It is upon this foundation of deceit that the Federal Reserve of the United States was founded in 1913. The name was chosen carefully; Federal implying that it was a government agency, and Reserve implying financial soundness. However, in spite of the carefully chosen name, The Federal Reserve is not a government agency, and there are no reserves of anything.

    United States currency initially consisted of silver and gold coinage and section 8 of the US Constitution granted Congress the authority:

    “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

    This language was chosen carefully, and it conveys the intent that money was assumed to be coins of precious metals, not printed paper receipts (although it should be noted that printed bills might be acceptable, as long as they were one hundred percent backed by precious metals). Furthermore, the language seems clear that the authority to coin money and establish standards to ensure the quality of the coins (or backing of the paper bills) rests with congress alone. There is no authorization for congress to delegate that responsibility to another agency, and certainly not to a cartel of private bankers. Yet that is exactly what has happened.

    Since congress illegally authorized the transfer of control of the United States monetary system to a private cartel of bankers called the Federal Reserve, the quality and stability of our money has depreciated at an alarming rate.

    • Minting of gold coins ceased in 1933.
    • Private ownership of gold was outlawed and citizens were compelled to surrender gold coins, bullion, and certificates in 1933.
    • Minting of silver coins ceased in 1965.
    • Gold and silver backing of paper currency was gradually reduced until there was no backing whatsoever.
    • Today, our economy is based entirely on fiat money, which is “money” that has no real value.

    The question then arises, why did congress allow this to happen? How did the bankers convince congress that it would be in their interest to surrender the responsibility of regulating the monetary system? I will attempt to answer these questions in the remainder of this article.

    Under a legitimate banking system, where all money is backed by a gold and silver standard, the ability of government to raise money to fund programs and projects, including wars, is limited to the money raised through the collection of taxes from citizens. It is never popular for a politician to raise taxes, especially when that money is used to fund unpopular endeavors. This is an inherent check on the power of congress and restricts them in terms of obtaining funding by ensuring that spending is carefully budgeted and only those programs that are widely supported and viewed as essential are funded.

    The Federal Reserve appealed to congress and government because they offered the politicians a way to obtain virtually unlimited funding without raising taxes on their constituents. In return, the Federal Reserve eventually obtained the power to create money out of thin air by simply printing it or adding some digits to a computerized account. The Federal Reserve then loans this money to the government and collects interest on these loans.

    According to the law of supply and demand, the more that exists of a commodity, the less it is worth. Consequently, the more money that is created out of thin air, the less value it retains. The longer you hold your federal reserve notes, the less they’re worth, allowing government and the Federal Reserve to confiscate your wealth through the hidden tax of inflation.

    The constitution of the United States places limitations on the power of government. Politicians don’t like limitations and that is why the United States government has grossly deviated from the principles enumerated in the constitution.

    Congress has illegally surrendered its responsibility to ensure the soundness of our money and we now find ourselves with a system based solely on fiat money. Throughout history, every economy based on fiat money has failed. There are no exceptions.

    Congress has also illegally surrendered its constitutional responsibility to issue a declaration of war before any military campaign is launched. This clause was written to ensure that there is widely accepted agreement that a grave threat exists and that war is the last resort. It also ensures that no president can unilaterally send our troops to foreign countries to fight wars of economic conquest and that congress is held accountable for the results of their decisions.

    Today, we find ourselves living in a country where there is unlimited funding for wars of aggression with no declaration of war necessary. Congress doesn’t have the integrity to justify their decisions to their constituency and the money to finance these wars is confiscated through the hidden tax of inflation. The president exercises dictatorial power by sending our troops anywhere he wants anytime he wants with little or no justification. Meanwhile, bankers profit from war by loaning the money to fund them, often financing both sides of the conflict, and corporations improve their bottom line by providing the resources necessary to wage war.

    These three entities (governments, bankers, and corporations) have conspired to form an unholy alliance that profits from perpetual war at the expense of citizens who sacrifice their loved ones on the altar of nationalism. This conspiracy is not just a theory, it is a fact.

    Congressman Ron Paul describes the connection between fiat money and war in his article The End of Dollar Hegemony

    If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex scam called the Federal Reserve, I highly recommend:

    The Creature from Jekyll Island
    by G. Edward Griffin

    rights of bloggers

    From: Daniel in the Lions Den
    Date: Mar 27, 2006 12:38 AM

    Thanks Suzette.

    ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
    From: Suzette
    Date: Mar 26, 2006 9:05 PM

    EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers
    Version current as of June 8, 2005
    Updated November 18, 2005

    Whether you're a newly minted blogger or a relative old-timer, you've been seeing more and more stories pop up every day about bloggers getting in trouble for what they post.

    Like all journalists and publishers, bloggers sometimes publish information that other people don't want published. You might, for example, publish something that someone considers defamatory, republish an AP news story that's under copyright, or write a lengthy piece detailing the alleged crimes of a candidate for public office.

    The difference between you and the reporter at your local newspaper is that in many cases, you may not have the benefit of training or resources to help you determine whether what you're doing is legal. And on top of that, sometimes knowing the law doesn't help - in many cases it was written for traditional journalists, and the courts haven't yet decided how it applies to bloggers.

    But here's the important part: None of this should stop you from blogging. Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Internet bullies shouldn't use the law to stifle legitimate free expression. That's why EFF created this guide, compiling a number of FAQs designed to help you understand your rights and, if necessary, defend your freedom.

    To be clear, this guide isn't a substitute for, nor does it constitute, legal advice. Only an attorney who knows the details of your particular situation can provide the kind of advice you need if you're being threatened with a lawsuit. The goal here is to give you a basic roadmap to the legal issues you may confront as a blogger, to let you know you have rights, and to encourage you to blog freely with the knowledge that your legitimate speech is protected.

    Please note that this guide applies to people living in the US. We don't have the expertise or resources to speak to other countries' legal traditions, but we'd like to work with those who do. If you know of a similar guide for your own jurisdiction or feel inspired to research and write one, please let us know. We can link to it here.

    Table of Contents
    or, see an index of all the questions »

    Blogger Legal Liability Issues

    The Overview of Legal Liability Issues FAQ briefly addresses some common legal issues that affect you as a publisher, especially situations where you may face legal claims or threats based on the information you published on your blog.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Intellectual Property addresses issues that arise when you publish material created by others on your blog.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Online Defamation Law provides an overview of defamation (libel) law, including a discussion of the constitutional and statutory privileges that may protect you.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Section 230 Protections discusses a powerful federal law that gives you, as a web host, protection against legal claims arising from hosting information written by third parties.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Privacy addresses the legal issues surrounding the privacy rights of people you blog about.

    Bloggers As Journalists
    The Bloggers' FAQ on the Reporter's Privilege is useful to bloggers who report news gathered from confidential sources.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Media Access can help bloggers who need to get access to public records and government meetings, as well as secure press passes to help with newsgathering.

    Other Legal Issues for Bloggers
    The Student Bloggers' Legal FAQ addresses legal issues arising from student blogging. It focuses on blogging by high school (and middle school) students, but also contains information for college students.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Election Law addresses the legal issues you may face blogging about political campaigns.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Labor Law addresses legal issues with workplace blogging, including union organizing, protections for political blogging away from the workplace, and whistle blowing.

    The Bloggers' FAQ on Adult Material addresses the legal issues arising from publishing risque adult-oriented content, including obscenity law, community standards on the Internet, and the new 2257 regulations.

    The url is:

    ,,on television and brainwashing.. unknown author

    Turn Off Your TV!!!

    Hey buddy, I'm talking to you. Yes, you, the guy sitting in front of the television. Turn down the sound a bit, so that you can hear what I am saying.

    Now, try to concentrate on what I am going to say. I want to talk to you about your favorite pastime. No, it's not baseball or football, although it does have something to do with your interest in spectator sports. I'm talking about what you were just doing: watching television.

    Do you have any idea about how much time you spend in front of the television set? According to the latest studies, the average American now spends between five and six hours a day watching television. Let's put that in perspective: that is more time than you spend doing anything else but sleeping or working, if you are lucky enough to still have a job. That's more time than you spend eating, more time than you spend with your wife alone, more time than with the kids.

    It's even worse with your children. According to these same studies, young children below school age watch more than eight hours each day. School age children watch a little under eight hours a day. In 1980, the average 20-year-old had watched the equivalent of 14 months of television in his or her brief lifetime. {That's 14 months, 24 hours a day.} More recent figures show that the numbers have climbed: the 20-year-old has spent closer to two full years of his or her life in front of the television set.

    At the same time, the researchers have noted a disturbing phenomena. It seems that we Americans are getting progressively more {stupid}. They note a decline in reading and comprehension levels in all age groups tested. Americans read less and understand what they read less than they did 10 years ago, less than they have at any time since research began to study such things. As for writing skills, Americans are, in general, unable to write more than a few simple sentences. We are among the least literate people on this planet, and we're getting worse.

    It's the changethe constant trendline downwardthat interests these researchers. More than one study has correlated this increasing stupidity of our population to the amount of television they watch. Interestingly, the studies found that it doesn't matter what people watch, whether it's ``The Simpsons'' or ``McNeil/Lehrer,'' or ``Murphy Brown'' or ``Nightline':' the more television you watch, the {less literate, the more stupid} you are.

    The growth in television watching had surprised some of the researchers. Back a decade ago, they were predicting that television watching would level off and might actually decline. It had reached an absolute saturation point. They were right for so-called network television; figures show a steady dropoff of viewership. But that drop is more than made up for by the growth of cable television, with its smorgasbord of channels, one for almost every perversion. Especially in urban and suburban areas, Americans are hard-wired to more than 100 different channels that provide them with all news, like CNN, all movies, all comedy, all sports, all weather, all financial news and a liberal dose of straight pornography.

    The researchers had also failed to predict the market penetration of first beta and then VHS video recorders; they made it possible to watch one thing and record another for later viewing. They also offered access to movies not available on networks or even cable channels as well as home videos, recorded on your own little camcorder. The proliferation of home video equipment has involved families in video-related activities which are not even considered in the cumulative totals for time Americans spend watching television.

    You might not actually realize how much you are watching television. But think for a moment. When you come home, you turn the television on, if it isn't on already. You read the paper with it on, half glancing at what is on the screen, catching a bit of the news, or the plot of a show. You eat with it on, maybe in the background, listening for a score or something that happens to a character in a show you follow. When something you are interested in, a show or basketball game, is on, the set becomes the center of attention. So your attention to what is on may vary in intensity, but there is almost no point when you are home, and inside, and have the set completely off. Isn't that right.

    The studies did not break down the periods of time people watched television, according to the intensity of their viewing. But the point is still made: you compulsively turn the television on and spend a good portion of your waking hours glued to the tube. And the studies also showed that many people can't sleep without the television turned on.


    Now, I'm sure you have heard that watching too much television is bad for your health. They put stories like that on the evening news. Bad for your eyes to stare at the screen, they say. Especially bad if you sit too close. Well, I want to make another point. We've already shown that you are addicted to the tube, watching it between six and eight hour a day. But it is an addiction that {brainwashes} you.

    There are two kinds of brainwashing. The one that's called {hard} brainwashing is the type you're most familiar with. You've got a pretty good image of it from some of those old Korean war movies. They take some guy, an American patriot, drag him into a room, torture him, pump him full of drugs, and after a struggle, get him to renounce his country and his beliefs. He usually undergoes a personality change, signified by an ever-present smile and blank stare.

    This brainwashing is called {hard} because its methods are overt. The controlled environment is obvious to the victim; so is the terror. The victim is overwhelmed by a seemingly omnipotent external force, and a feeling of intense isolation is induced. The victim's moral strength is sapped, and slowly he embraces his torturers. It is man's moral strength that informs and orders his power of reason; without it, the mind becomes little more than a recording machine waiting for imprints.

    No one is saying that you have been a victim of {hard} brainwashing. But you have been brainwashed, just as effectively as those people in the movies. The blank stare? Did you ever look at what you look like while watching television? If the angle is right, you might catch your own reflection in the screen. Jaw slightly open, lips relaxed into a smile. The blank stare of a television zombie.

    This is {soft} brainwashing, even more effective because its victims go about their lives unaware of what is being done to them.

    Television, with its reach into nearly every American home, creates the basis for the mass brainwashing of citizens, like you. It works on a principle of {tension and release}. Create tension, in a controlled environment, increasing the level of stress. Then provide a series of choices that provide release from the tension. As long as the victim believes that the choices presented are the {only} choices available, even if they are at first glance unacceptable, he will nevertheless, ultimately seek release by choosing one of these unacceptable choices.

    Under these circumstances, in a brainwashing, controlled environment, such choice-making is not a ``rational'' experience. It does not involve the use of man's creative mental powers; instead man is conditioned, like an animal, to respond to the tension, by seeking release.

    The key to the success of this brainwashing process is the regulation of both the tension and the perceived choices. As long as both are controlled, then the range of outcomes is also controlled. The victim is induced to walk down one of several pathways acceptable for his controllers.

    The brainwashers call the tension-filled environment {social turbulence}. The last decades have been full of such {social turbulence}economic collapse, regional wars, population disasters, ecological and biological catastrophes. {Social turbulence} creates crises in perceptions, causing people to lose their bearings. Adrift and confused, people seek release from the tension, following paths that appear to lead to a simpler, less tension-filled life. There is no time in such a process for rational consideration of complicated problems.

    Television is the key vehicle for presenting both the tension and the choices. It brings you the images of the tension, and serves up simple answers. Television, in its world of semi-reality, of illusion, of escape from reality, {is itself the single most important release from our tension-wracked existence.} Eight hours a day, every day, through its programming, you are being programmed.

    If you doubt me, think about one important choice that you have made recently that was not in some way influenced by something that you have seen on television. I bet you can't think of one. That's how controlled you are

    Who's Doing It

    ("I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television. Americans are wired into their television sets. Over the last 30 years, they have come to look at their television sets and the images on the screen as reality. You put something on television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the television set contradicts the images, people start changing the world to make it more like the images and sounds of their television. Because its influence is so great, so pervasive, it has become part of our lives. You lose your sense of what is being done to you, but your mind is being shaped and moulded.''}``Your mind is being shaped and moulded.'' If that doesn't sound like brainwashing, I don't know what is. Becker speaks with the elan of a network of brainwashers who have been programming your lives, especially since the advent of television as a ``mass medium'' in the late 1940s and early 1950s. This network numbers several tens of thousands worldwide. Occasionally one appears on the nightly news to tell you what {you} are thinking, by reporting the latest ``opinion polls.'' But for the most part, they work behind the scenes, speaking to themselves and writing papers for their own internal distribution.

    And though they work for many diverse groups, these brainwashers are united by a common world view and common method. It is the world view of a small elite, whose financial and political power rests in institutions that pass this power on from generation to generation. They view the common folk like yourself as little better than beasts of burden to be controlled and manipulated by a semi-feudal international oligarchy, whose wealth, power and bloodlines entitle them to rule.

    One of the oligarchy's institutions for manipulation of populations is located in a suburb of London called Tavistock. The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, which also has a branch in Sussex, England, is the ``mother'' for much of this extended network, of which Becker is a member. They are the specialists in {both} hard and soft brainwashing.

    The Tavistock Institute is the psychological warfare arm of the British Royal household. The oligarchs behind Tavistock, and similar outfits in the United States and elsewhere, are determined that you should be a television addict, sucking up a daily dose of brainwashing from the ``tube;'' that is how they control you.

    Like his fellow brainwashers, Becker prides himself in knowing the minds of his victims. He calls them ``saps.'' Man, he told an interviewer, should be called ``homo the sap.''.

    ``Soft'' brainwashing by television works through power of suggestion. Television watching creates a state of drugged-like oblivion to outside reality. The mind, its perceptions dulled by habituated viewing, is ready to accept any new illusion of reality as presented on the tube. The mind, in its drugged-like stupor of television watching, is prepared to accept that the images that television {suggests} as reality {are} reality. It will then struggle to form fit a contradictory reality into television image, just as Becker claims.

    Another Tavistock brainwasher, Fred Emery, who studied television for 25 years, confirms this. The television signal itself, he found, puts the viewer in this state of drugged-like oblivion. Emery writes: ``Television as a media consists of a constant visual signal of 50 half-frames per second. Our hypotheses regarding this essential nature of the medium itself are:

    ``1) The constant visual stimulus fixates the viewer and causes the habituation of response. The prefrontal and association areas of the cortex are effectively dominated by the signal, the screen.

    2) The left cortical hemispherethe center of visual and analytical calculating processesis effectively reduced in its functioning to tracking changing images on the screen.

    ``3) Therefore, provided, the viewer keeps looking, he is unlikely to reflect on what he is doing and what he is viewing. That is, he will be aware, but unaware of his awareness....

    "In other words, television can be seen partly as the technological analogue of the hypnotist.''

    The key to making the brainwashing work is the {repetition of suggestion} over time. With people watching the tube for 6 to 8 hours a day, there is plenty of time for such repeated suggestion

    Some Examples

    Let's look at an example to make things a bit clearer. Think back about 20 years ago. Think about what you thought about certain issues of the day. Think about those same issues today; notice how you seemed to change {your} mind about them, to become more tolerant of things you opposed vehemently before. It's your television watching that changed your mind, or to use Becker's terms, ``shaped your perceptions.''

    Twenty years ago, most people thought that the lunacy that is now called environmentalism, the idea that animals and plants should be protected on an equal basis with human life, was screwy. It went against the basic concept of Christian civilization that man is a higher species than and distinct from the animals, and that it is man, by virtue of his being made in the image of the living God, whose life is sacred. That was 20 years ago. But now, many people, maybe even you, seem to think otherwise; there are even laws that say so.

    This contrary, anti-human view of man being no more than equal to animals and plants was inserted into our consciousness by the suggestion of television. Environmental lunacy was scripted into network television shows, into televised movies, and into the news. It started slowly, but picked up steam. Environmental spokesmen were increasingly seen in the favorable glow of television. Those who opposed this view were shown in an unfavorable way. It was done over time, with repetition. If you weren't completely won over, you were made tolerant of the views of environmental lunatics whose statements were morally and scientifically unsound.

    Let's take a more recent example: the war against Iraq. That was a war made for television. In fact, it was a war {organized} through television. Think back a year: How were Americans prepared for the eventual slaughter of Iraqi women and children? Images on the screen: Saddam Hussein, on one side, Hitler on the other. The images repeated in newscasts, backed up by scenes of alleged atrocities in Kuwait. Then the war itself: the video-game like images of ``smart'' weapons killing Iraqi targets.

    Finally, the American military commander-in-chief Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf, conducting a final press briefing that was consciously orchestrated to resemble the winning Superbowl coach describing his victory.

    Those were the images that overwhelmed our population. Only now, months later, do we find out that the images had nothing to do with reality. The Iraqi ``atrocities'' in Kuwait and elsewhere were exaggerated. Our ``smart'' weapons like the famous Patriot anti-missile system didn't really work. Oh, and the casualty figures: it seems that we murdered far more women and children than we did soldiers. Hardly a ``glorious victory.'' But while it might have made a difference if people knew this while the war was being planned or in progress, polls show that Americans no longer find the war or any stories about it ``interesting.''

    Looking at the question more broadly, where did your children get most of their values, if not from what they saw on television? Parents might counteract the influence of the infernal box, but they could not overcome it. How could they, if they themselves have been brainwashed by the same box and if their children spend more time with it than them? Studies show that most of television programming is geared to a less than 5th grade comprehension level; parents, like you, are themselves being remade in the infantile images of the television screen. All of society becomes more infantile, more easily controllable.

    As Emery explains: {``We are proposing that television as a simple constant and repetitive and ambiguous visual stimulus, gradually closes down the central nervous system of man.''}

    Becker holds a similar view of the effect of television on American's ability to think: {``Americans don't really thinkthey have opinions and feelings. Television creates the opinion and then validates it.'')

    Nowhere is this clearer than with politics. Television tells Americans what to think about politicians, restricting choices to those acceptable to the oligarchs whose financial power controls networks and major cable channels. It tells people what has been said and what is ``important.'' Everything else is filtered out. You are told who can win and who can't. And few people have the urge to look behind the images in the screen, to seek content and truth in ideas and look for a high quality of leadership.

    Such an important matter as choosing a president becomes the same as choosing a box of laundry detergent: a set of possibilities, whose limits are determined, by the images on the screen. You are given the appearance of freedom of choice, but that you have neither freedom nor real choice. That is how the brainwashing works.

    Are they brainwashed by the tube,'' said Becker to the interviewer. ``It is really more than that. I think that people have lost the ability to relate the images of their own lives without television intervening to tell them what it means. That is what we really mean when we say that we have a wired society.''

    That was ten years ago. It has gotten far worse since then. In coming issues, we will show you the brainwashers' vision of a hell on earth and how television is being used to get us there; we will discuss television programming, revealing how it has helped produce what is called a ``paradigm'' shift in values, creating an immoral society; we will explain how the news is presented and how its presentation has been used to destroy the English language; we will discuss the mass entertainment media, showing who controls it and how; we will also deal with America's addiction to spectator sports and show how that too has helped make you passive and stupid; and finally, we will show where we are headed, if we can't break our addiction to the tube.

    Democratic presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche has said that America needs a year of ``cold turkey'' from television if we are to survive as a nation. So, after what I just told you, what do say, buddy? Do you want to stay stupid and let your country go to hell in a basket? Why don't you just walk over to the set and turn it off. That's right, completely off. Go on, you can do it. Now isn't that better? Don't you feel a little better already? You've just taken the first step in deprogramming yourself. It wasn't that hard, was it? Until we speak again, try to keep it off. Now that will be a bit harder.

    Consciousness and the Awakening

    From: ⇔ The Paradigm Shifter ⇔
    Date: Mar 27, 2006 1:00 AM

    Thanks to ~The~Forgotten~Child~

    Consciousness and the Awakening : Tap into the collective

    By : Mike Eggleston 8 November 2005

    Consciousness and the current awakening now occurring on this planet, in the entire universe, is not exactly a new happening. See consciousness, true consciousness, the oneness of knowing you are connected to every single fractal of energy in the entire universe. The divinity of the humankind, the evolution of the mind, the very essence of all that is from the original source, this is all coming into play. Others throughout history, throughout the illusion of time have attained this consciousness. They were discriminated against, killed, jailed. The realization that all of this that we have been conditioned to accept is not needed. That this illusion of reality was created and programmed into us through out society in order to have control. Control over something for which there is none.

    People everywhere are Waking Up. Tuning into the frequency, the one mind, the collective. The dreams, The clairvoyance , the ringing of the ears, the fleeting notion that it is all exactly has you had once thought it was. That we are all connected. That the same energy, the same source, flows through all in nature and in the universe. Many philosophers and spiritual teachers over the many years have tried to tell us, have tried to let us in on the secrets, that the answers we seek so desperately throughout live, searching for the meaning to it all, is already inside all of us.

    It is imprinted into our DNA, Transcended memory if you will. Have you ever noticed how one person in one part of the world discovers or creates something and automatically, people unconnected, all over the world start coming up with the exact same ideas, not even knowing of each other? How if you look back at all the great leaps in technology over human existence went from basic needs to where it is today primarily from the 1950s to present day.

    Some are completely aware that this is happening. Some are half asleep, while the rest remain clueless. Sleep walking through the physical. You see the physical is the lowest vibrating field of consciousness. This is proven in basic physics. Light and energy condensed into a slow vibrating force. There are many other levels. From the dream states to the astral planes to the source. There are many ways to access these other levels of consciousness. Meditation is key. Concentration is key. Letting go of all the illusions placed in our minds, and listening to that voice inside, our higher selves. Reaching it will take time, but it is a journey that in the end will be the true light, the answer to all.

    You see , the current social system in place conditioned and in a way hid this from us all. They paraded around, chasing the tail of dogma, giving people false hope and faith. This is not something that has been forgotten. This is happening all over the world. People are waking up and tuning into something that can not be explained in simple words. It is something which we know and feel inside. It just is. It is not that organized religion is wrong per say, for in the beginning we knew this, the ancient civilizations, the shamans, the indigenous people of this planet. Over time religion after religion was replaced as new empires would rise and old ones fell. Religions were molded, merged and took a new symbol of what God is and formed it in their image. It is not that we were created in Gods image. For The image of god is transcended through all living beings, the same energy flowing from the source of all creation. It is in all of us. This is what we fail to see and unlock. But, this is what is happening, with the awakening.

    There is much information, much reading, but the answers can not be found in a book, the keys to unlock the doors may be but the answers lay within you. They are in front of you and all around you. The dj vu, meeting someone and automatically connecting, as though youve know each other for years

    Do not deny what we are, who we are. But embrace it. This is the next step in evolving, in growing, in finding our true selves. For soon we shall have our planet back as our playground, as we ascend to greater heights. As we look past the greed, the hate and the collective takes hold. For in the coming years leading up to 2012 you will see this happen. The ones currently in control of this false system will fight like hell to hang on to the little control they feel they have. But the collective, the oneness will change all the frequencies and we will all be surfing on the same waves of energy.

    The physical is not the only time we are alive. Energy can not be destroyed. It flows in a perfect circle. It flows through all. Physical and what we can not see in the 3D illusion we view our world from. It is a wonderful time to be alive. It is the most exciting time in our history. There is nothing to fear. Fear is a word, an emotion programmed into you by conditioning and the illusion of death. Wake up, embrace reality and not the matrix of falsities and control. Wake up and experience life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Weve all been here before. We all know deep down, inside of us all, that we were meant for so much more than material and virtual objects, that distract us from the big picture. From what we have been searching for all along.

    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    more alien fun

    help with the fuzz

    From: OWN-the-NWO
    Date: Mar 27, 2006 12:09 AM

    From: Daniel in the Lions Den
    Date: Mar 26, 2006 8:49 PM

    How to Avoid being Arrested by Cops
    flex your rights
    45 min 29 sec


    Image hosting by Photobucket

    you can't believe what they think of..

    ..hmm, how to take another election for the dark side? I know, since we controlled the weather and destroyed New Orleans, and now all those open minded folks are displaced and all over the country, we hold that election as scheduled, and none of then will be around to vote. Woohoo!!!


    Hurricane Katrina forced New Orleanians to flee Louisiana. The nation's failed response to Katrina has pushed New Orleans democracy out of the state as well.

    Thanks to a virtual information blackout on the unbelievable hurdles that displaced voters from the Crescent City face in order to participate in their April 22 municipal elections, you are among the few Americans aware that there is even a problem.

    Indeed, many thousands of you have already jumped in to help, signing onto PFAW's statement urging Louisiana officials to postpone the April 22 municipal elections until the state sets up satellite voting centers in the cities outside of Louisiana where many evacuees now reside. If this effort does not succeed - and we cannot assume that it will - then we must be prepared to play the hand we are dealt.

    I won't mislead you; if municipal elections go ahead on April 22, countless dislocated New Orleans voters will not get to vote on the future of their devastated city -- period. Nonetheless, those of us in a position to help must roll up our sleeves and do our best for the greatest possible number of evacuee voters.

    more on the election theft: BBC reports

    From: Blue Bunny
    Date: Mar 26, 2006 5:03 PM

    Thank you for your hard work ---
    Date: Mar 26, 2006 1:53 PM

    "In Jacksonville, to determine if Republicans were using "caging lists" (1,886 names and addresses of voters in traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida.) or other means of intimidating voters, newsnight filmed a private detective filming every "early voter" - the majority of whom are black - from behind a vehicle with blacked-out windows. The private detective claimed not to know who was paying for his all-day services. On the scene, Democratic Congresswoman Corinne Brown said the surveillance operation was part of a campaign of intimidation tactics used by the Republican Party to intimidate and scare off African American voters, almost all of whom are registered Democrats."

    1 of 2:

    2 of 2:

    seal hunt

    i'm not going to show you the video of the seal slaughter going on in Canada right now. I saw it, and almost threw up. You can find it if you want. But its yet another affromt to fight against.


    21044 Sherman Way ..211
    Canoga Park, CA 91302
    phone: 818.932-9997
    fax: 818.932-9998

    For Immediate Release
    March 25, 2005 Contact Dr. Jerry Vlasak-310 251-0259

    Anti-Sealing Activist & NAALPO Press Officer Traveling to Canada to Surrender

    Warrant Issued Last Month After Conviction for Approaching a Seal Killer on the Ice Floes Last March

    Somewhere on the US-Canadian Border- As the annual Canadian seal slaughter kicks off today, Dr. Jerry Vlasak, one of three press officers with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office is on his way to Prince Edward Island, Canada to surrender to authorities. After their arrest and conviction last year opposing the seal slaughter in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, arrest warrants were issued last month for eleven anti-sealing activists arrested last March 31st 2005; they were charged and convicted of violating the inappropriately named "Canadian Seal Protection Act", after approaching a seal killer and attempting to dialogue with him and convince him to stop bludgeoning the newborn baby seals to death with his “hak-a-pik..”

    During their attempt on the ice flows to film the futility and cruelty of killing baby seals, ostensibly for their negative impact on the codfish population--but in reality for a profit and greed-Dr. Vlasak was punched in the nose and ten other Sea Shepherd Conservation Society crew were assaulted violently by the captain and crew of the Brady Mariner in Newfoundland. Despite extensive video documentation, none of the seal killers were arrested or charged. After a bench trial last December, the eleven activists were ordered to pay $1000C; they have refused to pay the fine and were sentenced to 22 days in custody.

    A worldwide boycott of Canadian seafood supported by a number of conservationists groups has cost the Canadian economy tens of millions of dollars, far in excess of the value of the skins removed from the baby seals and the male seal penises being sold to Asia for aphrodisiacs. The Canadian government continues to subsidize the slaughter with icebreakers that enable the sealers to approach the seals, despite the majority of Canadians that oppose the hunt, and are embarrassed by the worldwide negative publicity brought about by footage of the seal kill and celebrities like Paul and Heather McCartney speaking out against the kill.

    When asked by a reporter if it would be okay to use violence against the seal killers if nothing else would stop them, Dr. Vlasak said, "I believe that violence in defense of innocent animals would be morally justified -and I am simply making the beliefs of thousands of animal rights activists public. Those very words got me ousted as a board member from Sea Shepherd, but I stand by them and without regret. If it were your baby or loved one being clubbed to death with a hac-a-pik, would violence in self-defense not be morally justified in order to stop it?"

    For more information and footage of the seal kill, please call or e-mail the North American Animal Liberation Press Office at or the press office at 818.932-9997.

    National Press Officers:
    Lindy Greene-Southwest US
    Camille Hankins-New York
    Jerry Vlasak MD-Los Angeles

    *****end repost*********

    Please read the Win Animal Rights disclaimer at

    at least we know for sure he didn't win

    A programmer, Clinton Curtis, states under oath, that he has written software for a congressman that would flip votes 51/49 !

    Today's funfilled news articles

    Thanks "Bob" Loves You

    -->(you can erase this) but i thought i'd just let everyone know that charlie sheen fuckin rocks... :)

    After Over 40,000 Votes, 84% Support Sheen

    Prison | March 26 2006

    At time of press Showbiz Tonight's CNN poll shows 84% support Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11. This figure is rising and we expect it to go higher before the poll closes.

    Click here to vote yes and support Charlie Sheen.

    Iraqis killed by US troops ‘on rampage’

    London Times / Hala Jaber and Tony Allen-Mills | March 26 2006

    THE villagers of Abu Sifa near the Iraqi town of Balad had become used to the sound of explosions at night as American forces searched the area for suspected insurgents. But one night two weeks ago Issa Harat Khalaf heard a different sound that chilled him to the bone.

    Khalaf, a 33-year-old security officer guarding oil pipelines, saw a US helicopter land near his home. American soldiers stormed out of the Chinook and advanced on a house owned by Khalaf’s brother Fayez, firing as they went.

    Khalaf ran from his own house and hid in a nearby grove of trees. He saw the soldiers enter his brother’s home and then heard the sound of women and children screaming.

    “Then there was a lot of machinegun fire,” he said last week. After that there was the most frightening sound of all — silence, followed by explosions as the soldiers left the house.

    Once the troops were gone, Khalaf and his fellow villagers began a frantic search through the ruins of his brother’s home. Abu Sifa was about to join a lengthening list of Iraqi communities claiming to have suffered from American atrocities.

    According to Iraqi police, 11 bodies were pulled from the wreckage of the house, among them four women and five children aged between six months and five years. An official police report obtained by a US reporter for Knight Ridder newspapers said: “The American forces gathered the family members in one room and executed 11 people.”

    The Abu Sifa deaths on March 15 were first reported last weekend on the day that Time magazine published the results of a 10-week investigation into an incident last November when US marines killed 15 civilians in their homes in the western Iraqi town of Haditha.

    The two incidents are being investigated by US authorities, but persistent eyewitness accounts of rampaging attacks by American troops are fuelling human rights activists’ concerns that Pentagon commanders are failing to curb military excesses in Iraq.

    The Pentagon claims to have investigated at least 600 cases of alleged abuse by American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to have disciplined or punished 230 soldiers for improper behaviour. But a study by three New York-based human rights groups, due to be published next month, will claim that most soldiers found guilty of abuse received only “administrative” discipline such as loss of rank or pay, confinement to base or periods of extra duty.

    Of the 76 courts martial that the Pentagon is believed to have initiated, only a handful are known to have resulted in jail sentences of more than a year — notably including the architects of detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib prison.

    Most other cases ended with sentences of two, three or four months. “That’s not punishment, and that’s the problem,” said John Sifton of Human Rights Watch, which is compiling the study with two other groups.

    “Our concern is that abuses in the field are not being robustly investigated and prosecuted, and that they are not setting an example with people who cross the line,” said Sifton. “There is a clear preference by the military for discipline with administrative and non-judicial punishments instead of courts martial. That sends the message that you can commit abuse and get away with it.”

    Yet the evidence from Haditha and Abu Sifa last week suggested that the Pentagon is finding it increasingly difficult to dismiss allegations of violent excesses as propaganda by terrorist sympathisers.

    It was on November 19 last year that a US marine armoured vehicle struck a roadside bomb that killed a 20-year-old lance-corporal. According to a marine communiqué issued the next day, the blast also killed 15 Iraqi civilians and was followed by an attack on the US convoy in which eight insurgents were killed.

    An investigation by Time established that the civilians had not been killed by the roadside bomb, but were shot in their homes after the marines rampaged through Haditha. Among the dead were seven women and three children.

    One eyewitness told Time: “I watched them shoot my grandfather, first in the chest and then in the head. Then they killed my granny.”

    A Pentagon inquiry has reportedly confirmed that the civilians were killed by marines. But it said the deaths were the result of “collateral damage” and not, as some villagers alleged, murder by marines taking revenge for the death of their comrade. The case has been handed over to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service to determine if the rules of war were broken.

    In Abu Sifa last week, Khalaf’s account was corroborated by a neighbour, Hassan Kurdi Mahassen, who was also woken by the sound of helicopters and saw soldiers entering Fayez’s home after spraying it with such heavy fire that walls crumbled.

    Mahassen said that once the soldiers had left — after apparently dropping several grenades that caused part of the house to collapse — villagers searched under the rubble “and found them all buried in one room”.

    “Women and even the children were blindfolded and their hands bound. Some of their faces were totally disfigured. A lot of blood was on the floors and the walls.”

    Khalaf said he had found the body of his mother Turkiya with her face unrecognisable. “She had been shot with a dumdum bullet,” he claimed.

    While many allegations of US atrocities have later turned out to be exaggerated or false, the Abu Sifa incident was supported by hospital autopsy reports that said all the victims had died from bullet wounds. A local Iraqi police commander — supposedly co-operating with US forces — confirmed that the bodies had been found with their wrists tied.

    The US military put the number of civilians killed at four: two women, a child and a man. A spokesman said troops had gone to the house in response to a tip that a member of Al-Qaeda was there. The terrorist was found and arrested. The spokesman insisted that coalition forces “take every precaution to keep civilians out of harm’s way” and that it was “highly unlikely” that the Abu Sifa allegations were true.

    Some villagers were quoted as confirming that an Al-Qaeda member was visiting the house. “But was my six-month-old nephew a member of Al-Qaeda?” asked Khalaf. “Was my 75-year-old mother also from that organisation?” While the Pentagon is investigating the incident, the soldiers involved remain on active duty.

    Sifton acknowledged that human rights activists needed to distinguish between cases of detainee abuse — invariably carried out in cold blood — and incidents that occur on a dangerous and volatile battlefield.

    “We are not unsympathetic to the stresses of battlefield situations,” he said. “There’s a saying in the military that it’s better to be judged by 12 (a jury) than be carried by six (coffin-bearers). We would hesitate to second-guess a soldier’s reactions under fire. But there’s a limit to how much leniency you can give troops because of the fog of war. You can’t give the US military a free pass.”

    He added: “If they are pissed off because a buddy got killed and they want revenge, that’s a violation of the rules of war.”

    Senior officers have argued that insurgents are targeting the civilian population in order to blame coalition forces, and that troops are trained to take all reasonable precautions to prevent civilian casualties while defending themselves against attack.

    The problem for the Pentagon is that every new incident involving civilian deaths triggers a new wave of anti-American fervour.

    Last week Jalal Abdul Rahman told this newspaper about the death in January of his 12- year-old son Abdul. It was a Sunday evening and father and son were driving home after buying a new game for the boy’s PlayStation.

    They were a few hundred yards from their home in the Karkh neighbourhood of Baghdad when — according to Rahman — US forces opened fire on the car, killing Abdul.

    Soldiers approached the car and told Rahman he had failed to stop when ordered to do so. Rahman said he had never heard an order to stop. The soldiers searched the car and, as they departed, they threw a black body bag on the ground.

    “They said, ‘This is for your son,’ and they left me there with my dead son,” he added.

    Rahman claimed he had had nothing to do with the insurgency until that moment. “But this is America, the so-called guardian of humanity, and killing people for them is like drinking water. I shall go after them until I avenge the blood of my son.”

    Additional reporting: Ali Abdul Rahman, Abu Sifa, and Hamoudi Saffar and Ali Rifat, Baghdad

    Hoon orders peers to accept ID cards

    BBC | March 26 2006

    Commons leader Geoff Hoon has warned peers to stop blocking the government's plans for all passport applicants to be given identity cards.
    The House of Lords has repeatedly voted against the proposal, which is backed by MPs.

    Mr Hoon told Sky News the "constant battle" must end and that peers should accept the will of the Commons.

    Opposition peers say cards should be voluntary, as pledged in the Labour general election manifesto.

    National register

    The Identity Cards Bill returns to the Lords this week, after MPs voted in its favour for a fourth time last Tuesday.

    The bill would compel anyone getting a passport from 2008 to also have an ID card and have their details added to the national identity register.

    The government says this means cards are still voluntary, but opposition parties claim it makes them compulsory "by stealth".

    In theory, the bill could keep "ping-ponging" between the houses until an agreement is reached, or ministers override the Lords using the Parliament Act.

    Westminster insiders predict the government might force an all-night sitting on Wednesday to test the will of peers.

    Mr Hoon said: "I accept under present arrangements they are entitled to use the procedures in the way that they have.

    "But it's always been recognised, indeed said to be a convention of the constitution, that once a government puts into its manifesto a particular proposal, then the House of Lords would not stand in the way of that proposal becoming law.

    "That's one of the problems we have with ID cards. We set that out clearly in the manifesto last May - it was voted for by the British public.

    "It seems to me right now that the House of Lords should accept the will of the elected chamber - the House of Commons - and recognise that those people in the House of Commons, elected by a majority, set out in their manifesto that this should become law and now the House of Lords should give way."

    Mr Hoon said talks would need to be held between all political parties to discuss House of Lords reform, but added he did not want to see "a benign second chamber".

    'A senior police officer was called at the Lord's Test match and told you have shot the wrong guy'

    London Telegraph / Ben Leapman | March 26 2006

    Flashback: De Menezes Shooting: All the facts point to a cover up

    A senior Scotland Yard officer was allegedly telephoned at the Ashes Test match at Lord's to be told that police had just shot dead an innocent man in the aftermath of the failed 21/7 terrorist bombings, according to documents seen by the Sunday Telegraph.

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Yates was said to have been told on Friday, July 22 - within hours of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in London - that the Brazilian man had no connection with terrorism.

    If the account is true, it increases the pressure on Sir Ian Blair, the embattled Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who insists that he did not know until the following day - Saturday, July 23 - that the wrong man had been shot.

    At the centre of the row is the controversial officer Brian Paddick, also a deputy assistant commissioner at the Met. Internal force documents describe how Mr Paddick said to a broadcast journalist last month: "An officer of the same rank as me was rung off-duty at the cricket match and told, 'You have shot the wrong guy'."

    Now facing an investigation into alleged unauthorised disclosure of confidential information, Mr Paddick insists he was merely passing on a rumour, not stating fact.

    But the row over events following the de Menezes shooting, focusing on who knew what and when, threatens to tear Scotland Yard apart and undermine Sir Ian's leadership irreparably. He stands to lose his job if an inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission finds that he knew the same day that the wrong man had been killed.

    Yesterday, Scotland Yard confirmed that a senior officer had attended day two of the England v Australia match on Friday, July 22 and named him as Mr Yates, of the Met's specialist crime directorate. He was on leave, despite the terrorist emergency.

    Mr Yates, 48, is regarded as a rising star of Scotland Yard. His previous role on the Met's SCD6 team - dubbed the Celebrity Squad, for its investigations into the rich and famous - pitched him into high profile cases, including briefing the Royal Family on the prosecution of Paul Burrell, the former butler of Diana, Princess of Wales.

    A Met spokesman said that Mr Yates, who has visited the de Menezes family in Brazil, had testified to the IPCC that he was unaware on the Friday that the man shot at Stockwell had been innocent. However, the documents show that Mr Paddick still suspects that senior Met officers knew on Friday that the mistake had been made.

    Mr Paddick, 47, Britain's most senior openly gay police officer, sprang to prominence when, as bor-ough commander for Lambeth, he pioneered a "softly-softly" approach to cannabis that became a blueprint for national policy. It marked him out as a rising star, but it also made him enemies.

    Now in charge of the Met's territorial policing division, he stood alongside Sir Ian after the July 7 bombings to appeal for calm. Two weeks later came the failed bombing attempt of July 21.

    Police marksmen hunting the failed bombers followed Mr de Menezes, 27, and shot him dead at about 10am on July 22. That afternoon at 4pm, Sir Ian told the media that the shooting was "directly linked" to the anti-terrorist operation.

    However, the following day at 5pm, Scotland Yard admitted that its officers had made a terrible mistake. After a complaint from the de Menezes family, the IPCC - already investigating the shooting - opened a separate inquiry into the commissioner's conduct.

    According to the documents, Mr Paddick was telephoned by a journalist on St Valentine's Day this year while on duty. Snippets of the conversation were overheard by a junior colleague who, fearing that rules had been broken, reported the matter to the Met's internal affairs division.

    During the conversation on his mobile phone, Mr Paddick let slip two key pieces of information that could land him, as well as his boss, in trouble. He revealed for the first time that he had recently made a statement to the IPCC's inquiry into the commissioner's conduct. And, without naming Mr Yates, he gave an account of the alleged call to the cricket match.

    It was not until March 16 that the public learnt that Mr Paddick had given evidence to the IPCC. The news emerged when the BBC home affairs correspondent, Margaret Gilmore, told viewers that an unnamed senior Met officer had told investigators that a member of staff in the commissioner's private office believed that the wrong man had been killed within six hours of the shooting.

    Later, it was suggested that Mr Paddick had given the IPCC the names of two senior officers who were said to have known on the day. Both are understood to have been called before the IPCC: one denied the charge while the other gave equivocal evidence.

    The response from Scotland Yard was swift and brutal: "We are satisfied that whatever the reasons for this suggestion being made, it is simply not true." The rebuttal was so damning that Mr Paddick went to his lawyers to discuss the possibility of suing his employer for libel.

    In a statement defending the charge of making an unauthorised disclosure, Mr Paddick does not claim he was misquoted but maintains his only mistake was in being too open with the journalist.

    He defends his decision to pass on the cricket match information by describing it as a "rumour", of which some in the media were already aware, in order to deflect the journalist away from the content of his statement to the IPCC. "I should perhaps have merely stated that I was unaware that any other senior officers knew on the Friday - but this was untrue."

    Scotland Yard said of the cricket allegation: "John Yates made a statement to the IPCC making it clear that he did not know an innocent person had been shot at Stockwell Tube station on that day."

    Student Member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth Shot Dead

    RINF | March 26 2006

    Minneapolis A man shot in the head in the Uptown area of Minneapolis on Saturday night died late Sunday night at Hennepin County Medical Center.

    Michael Zebuhr, 25, was a Ph.D. student at Clemson University in South Carolina. He was enrolled in the bioengineering program. He dreamed of working at NASA someday.

    He was from Buckhannon, W.Va. and was a 2005 graduate of Davis and Elkins College, a private Presbyterian School in Elkins, W.Va. Officials there said he received B.S. degrees there in chemistry and math. They said he was a student leader as well as a member of the school’s ski team.

    Friends and family said Zebuhr also loved mountain biking, math and science.

    Zebuhr was shot in the head in the 3100 block of Girard Avenue South around 10 p.m. Saturday.

    Police said Zebuhr was walking to a parked car with family members, when robbers approached them and demanded his mother’s purse. She gave it to the gunmen without any resistance. One of the men then shot Zebuhr.

    Lt. Lee Edwards of the Minneapolis Police Department said, “Within a half hour of the incident, we had already had six homicide investigators or six officers with homicide experience already working this thing.”

    Police tried to reassure the community on Tuesday the crime would not go unpunished.

    Minneapolis Police Chief, William McManus said, “I want to assure everyone that this crime is an aberration, this is not the norm for around here.”

    Police are hoping for a break in the case. Several security cameras were pointed in the direction where the shooting happened and police are now reviewing those tapes.

    “This is just an unspeakable event, an unspeakable tragedy that unfortunately occurred right in front of the young man’s mother and sister,” McManus said.

    Other community leaders shared their disgust and vowed to find Zebuhr’s murderer.

    Minneapolis City Council Member Ralph Remington said, “This is an unspeakable brutality. These people will be caught and we will be on top of it.”

    Zebuhr’s organs were donated to patients in need.

    Anyone with more information is asked to call Minneapolis Police at 612-692-8477.

    Neocons Commence World War Three

    Kurt Nimmo | March 26 2006

    In Bushzarro world, the invasion and occupation of Iraq was first about Saddam’s illusory weapons of mass destruction, and then in lieu of actually finding any weapons the excuse shifted to altruism, a mawkish desire to bestow democracy on benighted Iraqis (who pretty much pioneered civilization 12,000 years ago as Mesopotamians and didn’t need any help from the neocons). In fact, the invasion had nothing to do with either of these things, as some of us said in late 2002, about the time the Straussian neocons began making serious noise about invading Iraq and killing thousands of people.

    Instead, the invasion of Iraq was all about destroying Iraqi society and nationalism. It was a coup de grâce delivered after twelve years of brutal, immoral, sadistic, and medieval sanctions designed to break the Iraqis down. It has everything to do with defeating secular Arab nationalism and in this respect the occupation (and destruction) of Iraq is an Israeli project. Both Syria and Lebanon loom large on the Straussian neocon hit list precisely because they represent Arab nationalism. Syrian thinkers such as Constantin Zureiq, Zaki al-Arsuzi and Michel Aflaq formulated pan-Arab ideology and Aflaq and al-Arsuzi were key figures in the establishment of the Arab Ba’ath (Resurrection) Party. Since the 1980s, the Israelis and their neocon allies in the United States have work diligently to replace pan-Arab nationalism with Islamic fanaticism.

    According to retired Delta Force Command Sergeant Major Eric Haney, the United States has “fomented civil war in Iraq” and has “probably fomented internecine war in the Muslim world between the Shias and the Sunnis…. I think Bush may well have started the third world war, all for their own personal policies,” Haney will tell the Los Angeles Daily News tomorrow, Raw Story reports.

    Back in November, 2003, Leslie Gelb, “an influential man who, until recently, presided over the very important Council of Foreign Affairs, a think tank that brings together the CIA, the secretary of state and big shots from U.S. multinational corporations,” writes Michel Collon, proposed breaking Iraq into three ethnically distinct balkanized mini-states as an effective way to “weaken resistance,” a continuation and amplification on the old British “divide and rule” technique used to great effect in Ireland, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere (see Gelb’s The Three-State Solution, New York Times, 25 November 2003). It is an idea pushed long and hard by the Israelis, as proposed in Oded Yinon’s A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties. “Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon,” Yinon wrote. It is precisely “inter-Arab confrontation” initiated through false flag provocative operations occurring currently in Iraq.

    Former Delta Force Command Sergeant Major Eric Haney did not say the Israelis and the Straussian neocons are behind the “civil war” in Iraq—instead he declared the “personal policies” of the Bush administration have started World War Three, a process well underway. Of course, if we read the neocon literature and take what they say at face value, the “war against terrorism,” promised to last decades if not more than a hundred years, is in fact a “clash of civilizations,” or perpetual warfare based on cultural and religious identity. “The most realistic response to terrorism is for America to embrace its imperial role,” the neocon Max Boot famously declared. Of course, the “imperial role” suggested by Boot translates into extending authority over foreign entities, especially Arab foreign entities. As Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer have recently documented, foreign policy in the United States is essentially an extension of the Israeli determination to undermine and balkanize Arab neighbors at any cost, especially if that cost is borne out by benighted American tax-payers propagandized to believe they face a long-term Islamic “fascist” threat.

    Report Osama Bin Laden's Sons in Iran

    Newsmax | March 26 2006

    Comment: How conveniant, just as we're about to drop a carpet of bombs on the country.

    U.S. intelligence officials believe that part of Osama bin Laden's family has now moved to Iran, which is playing host to an ever growing contingent of al-Qaida members.

    The Iran-based branch of bin Laden's clan includes three of the terror mastermind's sons, according to the Los Angeles Times. Several of bin Laden's wives and other relatives are suspected of being there as well, U.S. officials told the paper.

    The bin Laden information was gathered through the use of electronic eavesdropping and satellite surveillance that can monitor the daily movements of designated individuals.

    Beyond the bin Ladens, however, Iran is playing host to an increasing number of al-Qaida operatives - a development that has U.S. intelligence fearing a burgeoning alliance with the terror group.

    "Iran is becoming more and more radicalized and more willing to turn a blind eye to the al-Qaida presence there," a U.S. counter-terrorism official told the Times.

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