Sunday, March 26, 2006

you can't believe what they think of..

..hmm, how to take another election for the dark side? I know, since we controlled the weather and destroyed New Orleans, and now all those open minded folks are displaced and all over the country, we hold that election as scheduled, and none of then will be around to vote. Woohoo!!!


Hurricane Katrina forced New Orleanians to flee Louisiana. The nation's failed response to Katrina has pushed New Orleans democracy out of the state as well.

Thanks to a virtual information blackout on the unbelievable hurdles that displaced voters from the Crescent City face in order to participate in their April 22 municipal elections, you are among the few Americans aware that there is even a problem.

Indeed, many thousands of you have already jumped in to help, signing onto PFAW's statement urging Louisiana officials to postpone the April 22 municipal elections until the state sets up satellite voting centers in the cities outside of Louisiana where many evacuees now reside. If this effort does not succeed - and we cannot assume that it will - then we must be prepared to play the hand we are dealt.

I won't mislead you; if municipal elections go ahead on April 22, countless dislocated New Orleans voters will not get to vote on the future of their devastated city -- period. Nonetheless, those of us in a position to help must roll up our sleeves and do our best for the greatest possible number of evacuee voters.


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