Tuesday, March 28, 2006

THIS JUST IN: Contamination!

...one small town in Massachusetts, one bucket, lots of trouble. Interested to see what this turns into!!!

Water Supply In Blackstone May Be Contaminated

CBS Reports: BLACKSTONE The water in Blackstone has been shut off because there is concern it may be contaminated.

Officials say someone broke into the town's water control building on Monday night, scaling a barbed wire fence, destroying an electrical panel, then gaining access to the storage tank next door.

During a routine inspection Tuesday morning, a five gallon bucket containing an unknown substance was found next to the tank.

Town Administrator Ray Houle says it's now on the way to a lab for testing. Results are not expected back until Wednesday.

The FBI is not investigating this as a terrorist threat. They are leaving it to local authorities.

Blackstone police did receive reports Monday night of teenagers fleeing the scene.

Houle told CBS4 that the town coincidentally had planned to install a surveillance and security system at the tank Wednesday.

Several businesses in town are closed and residents are starting to stock up on bottled water. Middle school students were transported to the high school so students could use portable toilets.

Residents have been asked to drain their own systems as a precaution.

The water will remain off through Tuesday night. If there is contamination, the water will be off indefinitely, because authorities will need to flush out the entire system.

The tank holds 1-point-3 million gallons of water and serves nearly 9,000 residents in Blackstone, as well as 83 homes in neighboring North Smithfield, Rhode Island.


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