Tuesday, December 20, 2005

As the year comes to an end….

Yes, as this arbitrary method of measuring time in the human perspective brings another cyclical measurement to a close, many people find that it is time to take stock of that time period. Many choose to list out their favorite events and occurrences. A personal favorite of mine to read are people’s top 10 albums of the year (my own shall soon be posted to Hobbs von RocknRoll’s blog!). So, I was included on an email chain of some lovely folks (minus one bastard) and their top 10 albums of 2005. I decided to share, more than just albums, but a more comprehensive top 10 list of fantastic things in the realm of Hobbs. So, I bring you:
Hobbs von Wackamole’s Top 10 List of transmittable media for 2005:

1. The Birth of Hill TV! You don’t know what Hill TV is?? Do you live under a rock. Go Forth, my children, and Educate yourselves!
2. The Murk and Malach Podcasts. What, you’ve never heard of Dr. Murk? Silly Monkey, get on that!
3. The Nominee’s for this year’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame: Okay, maybe not Skynyrd, but Black Sabbath, the Sex Pistols, Blondie, AND Miles Davis? Works for me.
4. The End of the Paris Hilton/Nichole Richie evil media empire. DAMN THEM TO HELL
5. The Rebirth of Hobbs von Wackamole, in blog form
6. Hearing Meatwad rap on the Dangerdoom album.
7. This idiot, who patterned his life after Eminem, going to prison.
8. The Pope, and his many escapades
9. The Ultimate in online novel’s, known as The Stone.
10. Hobbs von RocknRoll, for your reading pleasure.


At 3:34 PM, Blogger Dr. R. Murk said...

Hit all those links kids. There's more going on then you think. Don't get caught on the end of the stick with the dog doo on it...

I warned you once. I ain't going to do it again, you sick freaks!

*fumbles for matches*


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