Thursday, November 02, 2006

John Kerry is a tool of the Global Conspiracy.....

…isn’t it obvious, folks? The Republicans are pooping their silk panties at the fact that the Democrats, for once, are more popular and may just take control! So, they are rolling out all the tricks they can in order to fight this. The newest trick is their ‘democrat’ double-agent puppet, John Kerry. They used him once before, to ensure that our idiot-in-chief remained in charge. Well, they’ve rolled him out again to make the democrats look bad.

This time, he said something that ol’ Hobbs here didn’t think was so bad. However, the American population, thanks to they hyper-sensitive politically correct out there, have become a bunch of diaper wearing wusses. It’s the state of the nation today that the poor and uneducated make up a majority of the army, as the Global Conspiracy has kept other opportunity out of their hands. So Kerry made some quip that college students better work hard so they don’t end up in Bush’s army. What’s wrong with that? It seems true to me.

It’s pretty transparent, however, what is really happening here. Kerry, a lauded democrat who strongly resembles an Ent, says something to insult the PC masses. This makes the democrats look bad, and gives the republicans more power.

Now, ol’ Hobbs here ain’t no democrat, but I certainly ain’t no republican either. We’re trapped in the bipartisan system, for now, so I choose the lesser of two evils. Not to mention, I am strongly against the Global Conspiracy that runs this country and the world. And though I am fully aware that the bipartisan system is a key part of this conspiracy, I know that they don’t have full control. It is our job to fight against the conspirators, and make every effort to expose them. Sure, voting is probably futile as the Diebold machines are controlled by the conspiracy and leave no paper trail, I still feel it is worth all of our times to make our voices heard in every way. At least, until we put into power the Third Option!


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