Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bush's substantial Lie..

....Today, our Idiot in Chief is going to make a ‘substantial’ statement on Iraq. Hmmmm.

Yesterday, the Idiot’s administration ‘tossed out’ the mantra that they have been using throughout the course of the war: “Stay the Course.”

In two weeks, the 2006 elections take place. All across the country, people will vote, and the voting machines will hopefully not be rigged.

These days, people overall are very displeased with the republican ‘leadership.’ People are not happy with the war in Iraq, with the troubled economy, with the ever-present threat of terrorism.

Now, I’m the first to point out that overall, people are stupid. I mean, hell, we’ve had the Idiot in office for 2 terms. How stupid can people be? But, does the Idiot really think this will work? Folks, do you see what he is trying to do?

Let me spell this one out for you. The Idiot’s administration is hoping to capitalize on the gullibility of the populace and get people back on their team. They do this every election with whatever ‘hot button’ item they can find. They used Gay Rights to win an election. They used Immigration to win an election. Now, as the war in Iraq is the biggest hot button around, Bush figures he can simply change the view of the republican agenda and win back voters. For years people have been telling them that this war was foolish, and its been ‘stay the course’ over and over again. Suddenly, we’re not going to stay the course anymore?

Please. How stupid do they think people are? Folks, they think your as stupid as the idiot in charge! Not that I can blame them, but we can’t let them be right. Don’t fall for this dis-information campaign. Nothing is going to change but some buzzwords. And its all so the republicans can hold on to our government and exploit as much as they possible can for 2 more years.

You watch. At 10:30 EST today, the Idiot will make his bold statement. Don’t fall for it.


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