Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This Just in: Leo Zagami

By Greg Szymanski

Leo Zagami, successor to high-level Italian Illuminati figure and
former Reagan unofficial Vatican advisor, Licio Gelli, switches sides
from evil to good and is warning Americans about coming fascism.

Very rarely does a high-level Illuminati 33 degree Freemason come
forward with inside information, damaging to the Vatican-controlled and
Jesuit-led New World Order.

But Leo Zagami, a Sicilian aristocrat and former high-member of the
Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, is doing just that, coming forward for the simple
reason he could no longer work under the forces of evil who are killing
millions around the world.

The following message from Zagami, who just left the clutches of the
evil Illuminati in June, is printed to show just how high-up in the
Illuminati pecking order his black star had risen.

It is also printed to protect Zagami's life as he was already arrested,
beaten and tortured twice since going public with a web site geared at
enlightening America to the threat the Vatican-led Illuminati poses to
the American people.

In fact, Zagami's information comes from the top of the Illuminati
secret files and correspondence since he was even considered in his
home country of Italy to be the P2 Masonic successor to the powerful
Licio Gelli, who was being slowly moved out of Illuminati active duty
because of his age.

Zagami only weeks ago went public with his English language web site
and last week made his first public appearance on American radio,
appearing on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal.

Zagami is scheduled to make a second appearance next week, as his top
level information has helped to connect the dots between the Vatican,
the Jesuits, Freemasonry and their control over the U.S government.

Here is his most recent words and it is easy to see why the higher-ups
in the Illuminati are listening to his every word and watching his
every move very closely:

Remember, my dear friend, I was not your ordinary Freemason but a
Senior P2 Illuminati in charge of many hidden operations and the
supposed successor of illustrious Bro. Licio Gelli. We have to be very
careful and then we can free Rome, Sicily and the rest of the world
from all this evil Mind Control satanic network of perverts and black

The United States was founded by Freemasons who had a dream of
independence, freedom, and truth, so lets see if we can bring them to
realize their actual slavery from the evil Illuminati Jesuit game and
change their path towards God not Satanism.

Father Sebott and others are working against honest Freemasons all over
the world so lets do it before is to late and I'm sure we can save a
few souls. The deal between the Jesuit and the Freemasons of the Grande
Oriente d'Italia (that include P2) was madeofficially in the Parioli
district of Rome at "La Casa del dialogo" in 1975 with Padre Caprile
and the Italian Grand Master. Present to this event most P2 members and
400 High degree Masons. Brother Maurizio Costanzo known pervert and
important manipulator of the Illuminati was there. Costanzo is now in
charge of Berlusconi's P2 TV brainwashing programs for the new
generations of Italian chickens.

My wife recently had a dream last May and after that nothing was the
same for me (dreams are very important for Sufi's) God told her that
Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri was working with the Anti-Christ himself and I
had to stop being a GLADIO P2 Illuminati puppet, because this people
will never change even if I took control of the Order and tried to make
them understand the true work of the God and the real
will discover I'm a big idealist and I really am trying to save the
souls of people over and over again...that's what a genuine man of God
does to a fellow Brother in need even at the highest levels of the
corrupted Empire of Satan every soul counts.

So let's unveil the truth and help humanity being less hypocritical.
Let's just tell them we are who the real Puppet Masters are in detail
and how it works by fighting the Legion of Satan head on.

Everybody in the Italian Masonic circles knows I was the supposed
successor of Gelli and the right hand of Ezio Giunchiglia for a long
time in the Monte Carlo Lodge and the Universal Unity. So this
revelation will be not big news for most High Degree Masons in Italy
and making it public is no problem.

I also worked with Ezio on the new (Scottish) Rite and we followed
after the 33rd
Degree. Brother Ezio use to cal it the Rinnovato Rito Scozzese (5 extra
degrees made to manipulate the Monte Carlo elite even further) and this
was made within the inner circle of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis.

I was responsible for the revision of the 38th
degree called Knight of St. John of the Apocalypse and what is known as
the Supreme Council of Transformation, leading to the knowledge of the
true Invisible Masters of the 39th degree and last degree of the Monte
Carlo illuminati system known as THE INVISIBLE MASTERS.

These invisible Masters were chosen only in the high level religious
and aristocratic circles and contact with them was forbidden bellow the
38 degree. Why? Because there were real Illuminati and genuine Masters
chosen by the dark Illuminati to keep their pyramid credible in the
light of suspicions, as a nice front for the show. But also many fake
and evil ones like the Jesuits or Archbishop Paul Marcinkus that were
the real driving force of the Monte Carlo Lodge and GLADIO...the good
side of the INVISIBLE MASTERS were not even aware of their membership
in such Lodge and all this evil show for a long time until I arrived
and saw what was happening.

At that point I decided to punish Satan and his friends for this
terrible sin of deception with the help of God...let's see if we can
really change things now and bring some light in all this darkness and
ignorance but is definitely a risky affair since the Board of
Directors and the Illuminati. Marcinkus was called by Ezio the keeper
of the Vatican Safe keys...he always use to say "our illustrious
Brother of the safe"...

P2 is the Vatican and the Vatican is the real mind of GLADIO and I'm
probably a dead man as my wife is saying in the last few days but I
don't care and will go on. I tell her this is for the good of humanity
but she says I'm really risking to much this time.

Zagami continued with more details about the higher-levels of
Freemasonry, including more details about the influential Monte Carlo

I said 5 extra degrees and not 6 because the "Invisible Masters" were
never really meeting for any ritual work in any Lodge, so no proper
ritual was ever created or devised for them as they were just given
this position by the Supreme Council of Transformation (another great
invention of the Monte Carlo Illuminati) to cover up in reality the
dirty work of the usual "not so Invisible Masters" from the Jesuit
Order and the Zionist Empire...

P2 and GLADIO were very clever in doing this for manipulating the
lower structure of their P2 slaves, playing this never ending
illuminati game of Gelli and Giunchiglia the two Puppet Masters of the
P2 (Worshipful Master and Treasurer).

The so called Supreme Council of Transformation (Apocalypse means
Transformation by the way...) will say or publish for the rest of the
Brethern the following "we have been giving this honorary degree and we
visited personally such and such great and illustrious Brother to
recognize each other as real Illuminati" In reality the situation was
quite different and the only real Invisible Masters I ever saw around
there at top level meetings were all dangerous mafiosi and crooks of
the Vatican, including: Knights of Malta, Jesuits and Opus Dei...

But this was obviously not the official version for our Illuminati
followers of the P2 in lower levels, participants of this never ending
sick show of fake Illuminati myths created by Licio Gelli and Ezio
Giunchiglia. At one time they even came up with a false war with each
other to deceive people even more.

Ezio to get the attention off the important business of the Monte Carlo
Lodge under investigation spread the rumor outside P2 that at the end
of the 70's he had broke a chair in the head of our Worshipful Master
Licio Gelli...

Really creative people these Puppet Masters and is actually quite fun
to see all the sheep under believing every bit of it , poor world of
idiots without a God, poor Satanist.

The elite of the Monte Carlo Lodge members the Board of Directors if
you prefer, meet in a very discreet and secret room given by a very
prestigious Hotel in the center of Monte Carlo, and the entrance is
located and the end of the entrance hall on you left where you can
notice some stairs going up to this particular room. But don't try
going upstairs because you might get in serious trouble with the
security if you are up for a stunt. This is not a Bohemian Grove
American illuminati theatrical affair for political chickens with a
couple of perverts of the New World Order to eventually blackmail
later. This is always a proper high level meeting of true P2, Don's
doing business with USA intelligence, Cosa Nostra, Vatican
Jesuits...and more...

So I warn you in advance for you own safety don't go in search of the
Holy Grail in Monte Carlo if you want to stay alive, because business
is business for these people and if you interfere with the Mob you
want stay alive as you all know...

All other meetings of the Monte Carlo Lodge structure go under the name
UNIVERSAL UNITY and they are only made in
Monasteries around Italy and France (very handy for a quick confession
with a Jesuit friend of your choice) were the recruiting process starts
...go to the Monastery and join the P2!

The last meeting of the Monte Carlo board of Directors I went to was on
the 1st of June 2006 and the last Universal Unity Gathering I went to
the meeting in the Monastery of San Cerbone (near Lucca).

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, The Rectified Scottish Rite,
The illuminati Rite of Memphis and Misraim and various other rituals
and Rite's of Freemasonry under direct P2/Jesuit control are
practiced elsewhere around Italy and France under various Masonic
Obedience (apparently all in war with each other...the usual show) but
that's all part
of the Masonic Theatre not the real thing that's called UNIVERSAL UNITY

For more informative articles, go to


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, The Vatican's 1,000 yr Reich over now Roman Catholic controlled European Union and Nato Response Force represent the 21st Century International Fascism,Communism and Catholicism in one! "Black Pope" Jesuit General Peter Hans Kolvenbach S.J. was born in Druten,Holland in 1928. Nato General Jaap De Hoop Schaeffer is also a Hollander, thw "White Pope" Benedict XVI and "Black Pope" will control the Worldwide INQUISITION PLANNED at Vatican II Council via Jesuit General Do Pedro Arrupe in 1965, now so-called "War on Terror" next Anabaptist America will fall like Serbs and Jews during did in Inquisition of WW II only 60 to 120 million to perish! CONVERSION or DEATH by GUILLOTINE.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tragic history showing the dangers of occult involvement

Leo Zagami is a name that some might run across on the Internet; many might have asked themselves about the story behind his many strange web posts over the later years.
His mental problems started in early 2003, soon after he had moved to Norway for good and is closely related to a personal tragedy that occurred at this time. He had fallen in love with a young girl called Adele, daughter of an Italian family running a well-known restaurant in Oslo; they were sharing an apartment in central Oslo and were engaged and soon to become parents. However, she started to react to Leo’s erratic behaviour that had begin to show at this time. He had become increasingly attracted to the Occult, and talked about himself as Aleister Crowley’s successor although most of his knowledge seemed to be from conspiracy-style internet webpages rather than books and although his relation to the OTO or other Thelemic organisations were restricted to various diplomas downloaded from the Internet that he kept showing off. It became more and more clear to the girl that he believed himself to be conducting a bizarre sex-magic ritual where she was an unknowing tool and the baby some kind of magical child destined to rule the world. She panicked, and decided to break the engagement and have an abortion. She told Leo this during his own birthday party.
Leo’s first reaction was to hold long soliloquies to anyone willing to listen where he compared himself to the Biblical patriarch Abraham willing to sacrifice his own son to God. Since he had gotten the news on his 33rd birthday he also compared himself to Christ. It did not take long, however, before he decided to stop her from aborting the priceless magical child or the Messiah, as he now referred to it. To take things further, he had come to believe that since her parents were former members of the Communist Party, this had to be a secret Communist plot to prevent the birth of the future Messiah. Not that he would take care of the child himself, to all people willing to listen he explained that he would leave it outside a Catholic monastery where it would be raised properly.
He therefore started a heavy fast, lasting weeks, where he not only stopped eating but also stopped taking the medication he had been using since his early 20s, all the time performing self-created quabalistic rituals to prevent the abortion taking place. He made several attempts at getting into the Masonic Lodge, which he called “the place where the real power in Norway lies” in order to make what he called “his Masonic Brothers” intervene; in his own words, they would give orders making sure that no doctor would dare to perform the abortion.
Neither fasting, rituals or the Masons - who refused to let him into the building - could prevent it from taking place; filled with grief Leo began a new self-created ritual fueled by LSD and Cocaine and designed to absorb the spirit of “his dead child” - which he communicated with through the TV set - into himself so that he could take its place as the coming world-saviour.
After one trip to many his psychosis manifested itself in the open. He made long, rambling telephone calls in the middle of the night, claiming to be the inner head of the order, the reincarnation of Crowley and his own dead child, James Bond and - oddly - the Godfather from the Francis Ford Coppola movies. Soon after he entered a mental hospital for what was to become the first of many stays.
Today Zagami has violently denounced his “occult” past. He spends most of his time writing an incoherent web log about the various group that have conspired to destroy his life, including the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Martians and the Vatican. A sad case illustrating the dangers of a vulnerable mind entering realms no one perhaps should enter…

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leo Zagami is telling the truth. He is warning us on what is going to happen and if you look at the world right now, everything that Leo is saying is true.

The one world governement, the new world order is already in place under the United Nation control and it's a matter of time, I believe we only have 6 years before they microchip the entire world so that no one will be free.

No one will be able to open a bank account, to fly, to sell or buy without the microchip, the mark of the beast.

It has started here:,91374.shtml

This is also a part of the prophecy and we can expect to see a lot of christians and muslims persecuted.

We can try to ignore the signs but we won't be able to ignore them for long.

So thank you Leo for your testimony, it just confirm what we already knew.

At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

leo zagami, you said you were part of the p2 which was in charge of the propaganda. what are you doing now if not propaganda? why shouldn't i believe that you aren't a part of an even more brilliant plot to fool more people?
just curious! el Abiru.

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Zagami,

Look forward to your interview with Dr. Hayes this Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salaamu aleikum all muslims and hello to nonmuslims. May Allah guide us all in Hes straight path, Aamin. Alhamdulillaah guidens is in Hes book (Quran) and in Hes messengers (Mahammads, may peace and blesings be upon him)sunna.

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

zagami is telling the truth
the post a few bits up documenting zagami's history is nothing more than a fucking smear campaign
i would like to know how you managed to write about 9 paragraphs on leo zagami
where did you get obtain your so called information from. because i know no average person would be able to obtain this much information on a person like zagami.
you are nothing more than a lying illuminati scum here to spread even more disinformation

you are a liar and you sicken me

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This person seems to know a bit about the background though.


Now back to the real world. Dove of Numbness is already familiar with this but I will post some of it here too because of some questions which I think are paramount to keep in mind if Zagami is to be trusted at length. It is basic common sense.

Slightly edited and some add's:

According to my knowledge and findings

Freemasonry in Norway is not hidden or difficult to investigate as their records are open to the public and of the current 18.000 or so members today the top levels were disclosed with names and titles in a national newspaper a few years ago, along with interviews. This was because of journalists being aware of the national public interest in freemasonry initiated by conspiracy researchers during recent years.

In Norway freemasonry traditionally only allows Christians to become members and there has been a debate going on whether to allow Jews and Muslims etc. to join. Ironically it is forbidden to discuss religion and politics in the norwegian lodges so the bottom line is that freemasonry in Norway is a cultural and social matter. Culture is something the norwegians do not take lightly however and traditions are valued - even though McDonald's, MTV and all that is common there too.

During the second world war the freemasons in Norway were the foremost fighters against the Nazi threat and very involved in the resistance. Just like in Sweden where one of the prominent bankers (!) Wallenberg was in cohorts with the germans who plotted to assasinate Hitler in the famous bombing which merely injured Hitler's right arm, prominent norwegians within the church and politics were fighting Quisling et al. tooth and nail and as is common knowledge they managed to expose traitors in their midst. Norwegians are by definition very nationally aware of their recent history and wary of being controlled by powers outside their borders. This is part of their identity and psychological make-up. In positions of political influence there are weird people of course - what I am talking about is the general national attitude.

For Leo Zagami to claim that freemasonry in Norway is satanic and promoting a NWO is wild and unfounded. His accusations become even more absurd when he himself associates with the New Right - a neo-nazi group which is opposed to Islam being practised in the country. He is in contact with these people after having converted to Islam himself. What is wrong with this picture?

A few of the individuals Zagami is accusing of wanting to "Nazify" Norway are teachers in Norwegian universities. My former father-in-law is a retired teacher and friend of these people and just to get some confirmation about their characters I spoke with him last night. According to him they are aware that Zagami is writing defamatory rubbish about them but as it is obvious to anyone with knowledge about the backgrounds of these people he is not taken seriously. In effect they feel sorry for him and wishes for him to get some help for his condition. That is how he put it.

My former father-in-law called again later after having read the website and articles by Zagami and mentioned what he saw as a culture shock for Zagami. The norwegian mentality is vastly different from the Italian and/or Sicilian, and I too can verify that when I came to Sweden in 1990 and later Norway (lived there 2000-2004) I went trough a similar crisis when trying to acclimatise and understand people in Scandinavia. England and Scotland is not all that different from Sweden and Norway but there are differences nevertheless. I think this is a factor which should be taken into consideration as well when trying to understand Zagami. Footnote: my former father-in-law is not a freemason or member of any society apart from the ornitological society (birds - with wings, not the women) and the Lutheran church. He is Sami but considers himself equally norwegian.

Which brings me on to another important detail. Zagami says the Vatican controls Sweden and Norway and Iceland which is absolutely outrageous. These are lutheran countries and state and church are separated and there are even discussions in Norway about having a vote on whether to keep or abolish the monarchy.

I am not trying to defend freemasonry at all by this - what I am saying is that Zagami's claims that Scandinavia is already "Nazified" and in the pocket of the Vatican are the first obvious signs that he is forwarding unsubstanciated claims with no grounds in reality. Catholicism/the Vatican/the mob mentality/religious orders are not "players" in any way that counts at all in Scandinavia - it is so absurd I have no words for it.

Politically there are characters whom through the membership in NATO and ideologically are in agreement with some of the world leaders with world domination ideas in line with capitalism and class think - as in every other country. However the mess Zagami is putting forward with religion, politics, and all sorts of fantastic associations like the esoteric in his own imagination is not even sloppy research - it is outright a wild fantasy. I am guessing that he is projecting the situation in his own country onto the scandinavian ones and I also think he is quite eager to attract the attention of authority figures for reasons known only to himself.

Well, these are some of the points which has me certain of him not being a bonafide researcher in any way. I believe he has personal problems and is projecting his problems onto the world at large, identifying with it to the extreme. There are conspiracies/plans for the future to be unveiled of course which is what allows him to do this. I am not saying all researchers have mental problems - however I acknowledge that the field attracts mentally unstable people.

If he has ever been tortured in Norway three times as he claims - why is he eager to stay and happy to have received a prolonged permit? What is wrong with this picture? He should take his case to the Haag or something if he wants to hold Norway accountable for violations against his human rights. Right?

Another footnote:
During the early years of this century a Mullah Krekar has been an often featured character in the press in Norway. My strong hunch is that Zagami is seeing Islam as oppressed and therefore "the truth" through all the circus around Krekar.

The questions so far then:

* Why does Zagami after his conversion to Islam support the New Right - a neo-nazi group wanting to ban Islam being practised in Norway?

* Why is Zagami not moving from Norway after having been "tortured three times by the Norwegian government", filing a complaint about his human rights having been violated - instead he is chuffed his permit has been prolonged so he can continue to live and work in that awful and horrible "nazified" country?

* Where is the proof that the Vatican is controlling Scandinavia - and how exactly?

There is more but frankly I feel that going through his information is less and less interesting the more I read his ramblings which only seem to elevate his person primarily - using the grand conspiracies as a tool to do so.

Had he come out under a pseudonym and stayed underground, sticking only to "inside information" not to be found anywhere else on the net nor in any other book - I would give him the benefit of the doubt. So far - I am personally not impressed.

2:28 AM

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous med said...

believe in the quran the sunna and u will never go wrong or be confused. earn a halal living and live as a muslim should. Allah is with us. as much bad there is in the world there is good .. i wait for u mehdi!

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in response to comment :tragic history showing the dangers of occult involvement

if you care so much about Leo's mental health and state why write a blog comment attempting to rubbish him, slander him, is such a personal attack really necessary? especially against a sick person as u claim he is? your comment just proofs the lengths illuminati go to malign people they find they arent able to control.. your tactics are old and transparent. If Leo has a cause and grieve to shout about he has a write to do it, so why do u feel the need to attack him with this personal stuff and private life? r u trying to black mail him or mind manipulate the readers?

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those comments tried well to destroy Zagami's crredibility.
The first carries the tone of whoare you , why do you know so much about zagami's unworthiness, and why drop the label mental illness? An easy piece to construct, and you're a sham. For instance, why is it a sorry case? Who do zagami speak to of these rituals, and make other confessions?
`thes econd, well why, if it is hidden government, can't it be jesuit run. The ramk and file freemasons would be unaware. See M.P Rev PAisely's video account of the jesuits in protestant N.Ireland

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a norwegian(born and raised), and I am amazed over this load of crap presented on these web-sites. I find some of them amusing, but then I realize that there is an intensity in some of the blogs and articles that show that they are not meant as such. Let's keep the conspiracy/occultism soup a good mix, and not go to extremes. After all - it's just a good laugh, brought to us by a little more crazed people than usual :)

...and...who wouldn't fall madly for an Italian girl :)


At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can trust no one, nothing.

the only way to know anything for sure is to be inside the machine.

and believe that these men are proffesionals. lying through text is easier than anything. and using the entire comments section to sway the opinions of people wouldnt be out of question. these are they who decieve professionally and with purpose.

they are masons because they build that which you live in.

they control the walls and that which you see.

they have locked you in, turned off the lights and made you dizzy with confusion.

every man equally decieved, none believing the other.

in the dark completely.

even if one ... out of his dizzyness ... stumbles across the door out, he poses no threat to the system which controls the many because of the inability of the many to trust him.

the system is genious. it is onesided, and the only thing that will lead us out is the personal ... PERSONAL, persuit of God. Look at religion to see where you stand. use logic. know absolute good, and absolute deception. and find god on your own out of your own will and the reward for yourself will be invaluable. the reward for him that much sweeter.

opening your eyes takes time, first you have to wake up.

At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything Leo explained is true he's not a crazy guy they want u to think he's crazy I saw his interview the porject Camelot it's crazy what Leo says he discuesses the 2012 persona he says Obama will be president and that he also is a 32nd degree mason all the prophecies have been and will be fulfilled I was intrigued by this whole occult thing it wasn't an obsession but I wanted to know more the more I learned about it and these people are so powerful they got all they want in this world all the money they rule it all and they've been rulling for the longest time who ya think murdered Jesus u see were all in a warfare good against evil and the people rulling the earth they happen to be the evil ones search it up it's not just a conspiracy theory like that new movie angels and demons the best way to keep a secret is thorwing it out their and that's how they maintain it all they keep the people blind and how a good percent of the earths population is blind the people who have awaken are called crazy that's how it works but I've done research I've read things of the bible this whole world runs under their rules it's crazy music artist are in this as well jay-z kanye diddy all artist are involved in this in some way maddonna rihanna everybody just wait and see the anti Christ is coming soon were all waiting On Jesus arrival don't be confused.....

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Super said...

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At 5:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but if he is amad man what about all the documents which he has over him when he prezented video series about franco masons and new world order are they false?


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