Tuesday, January 10, 2006

She will rise again...

Yet another pointless news story to tickle your rotting flesh:

CINCINNATI - The mummified body of a woman who didn't want to be buried was found in a chair in front of her television set 2 1/2 years after her death, authorities said.
Johannas Pope had told her live-in caregiver that she didn't want to be buried and planned on returning after she died, Hamilton County Coroner O'Dell Owens said Monday. She had her plane tickets booked and everything.
Pope died in August 2003 at age 61. Her body was found last week in the upstairs of her home on a quiet street. Some family members continued to live downstairs, authorities said. No one answered the doorbell at Pope's home Monday afternoon.
It could take weeks to determine Pope's cause of death because little organ tissue was available for testing, Owens said.
An air conditioner had been left running upstairs, and that allowed the body to slowly mummify, he said (keep that little tidbit in mind, all you aspiring MacGyvers out there). The machine apparently stopped working about a month ago, and the body began to smell. "Standing outside, one could smell death," Owens said. Mmmmm, nothing like the smell of death in the morning!


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