Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Animals will have their freedom, and their revenge

Ever notice in movies, whenever something bad is coming, the animals are always the first to sense it and run? Face it, animals are a lot smarter that you may think.

Are they trying to take the world back from us? What are they up to? We’ve got Mad Cow Disease, Avian Bird Flu, Salmonella. We’ve got packs of dogs running around accosting people. And now their birthing new mutations. They are coming for us. They are outsmarting us. And they should.

Even the smaller species will have their due. Even the meek little mouse has power over you. Need an example? FORT SUMNER, N.M. - A mouse got its revenge against a homeowner who tried to dispose of it in a pile of burning leaves. The blazing creature ran back to the man's house and set it on fire. Luciano Mares, 81, of Fort Sumner said he caught the mouse inside his house and wanted to get rid of it. "I had some leaves burning outside, so I threw it in the fire, and the mouse was on fire and ran back at the house," Mares said from a motel room Saturday.Village Fire Chief Juan Chavez said the burning mouse ran to just beneath a window, and the flames spread up from there and throughout the house.

Here’s a great one about a smart little cow that escaped his slaughter! GREAT FALLS, Mont. - A spirited cow that jumped a slaughterhouse gate and evaded capture for six hours has drawn clemency pleas and may not be doomed after all. Appeals to spare the life of the 1,200-pound heifer came from across the nation after she fled Mickey's Packing Plant on Thursday. She had several near-death experiences before walking into a makeshift pen and then a stock trailer. She was nearly struck by road and rail traffic, she almost drowned while crossing the Missouri River and she refused to be subdued by three tranquilizer darts.

Watch the animals, folks. They know more than you think, and they may be a great ally. Or a great foe. It’s really up to you.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger The Don said...

This happens in real life. Did you read about the Tsunami in the Indonesia? The animal new something was wrong and ran to higher ground

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Dr. R. Murk said...


I like to think of animals as walking cheeseburgers. Cows come with their own milk shake machine too.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Hobbs von Wackamole said...

those cheeseburgers are gonna eat you alive one day, Murky!


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