Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good God....


And Revenge....
  • Another Bird Flu Case Found in Turkey Preliminary tests Tuesday showed another person in Turkey has tested positive for a deadly strain of bird flu, raising the number in the country to 15, a Health Ministry official said. The number of people hospitalized with symptoms also climbed to about 70, officials said....blah blah, story of siblings.....oh yeah, here's the good part: A doctor in Van said the siblings likely had been infected while playing with the heads of dead chickens. Several other children had similar stories. PLAYING WITH THE HEADS OF DEAD CHICKENS!! NEED I SAY MORE??

  • Girl Gets Bird Flu After Kissing Chicken Sumeyya Mamuk considered the chickens in her backyard to be beloved pets. The 8-year-old girl fed them, petted them and took care of them. When they started to get sick and die, she hugged them and tenderly kissed them goodbye. The next morning, her face and eyes were swollen and she had a high fever. Her father took her to a hospital, and five days later she was confirmed to have the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu. When her mother saw Sumeyya holding one of the dying chickens, she yelled at her and hit the girl to get her away.
    Sumeyya began to cry. She wiped her tears with the hand she'd been using to comfort the dying chicken.
    "She wiped her face," said her father, speaking in broken Turkish and wearing a leather jacket and a typical Kurdish headdress in their bright, clean home. "She started to swell. She had a really high fever."


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