Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today's Signs of the Apocalypse....

Culled from the headlines….its today’s Signs of the Apocalypse report:

Tunnels under Baltimore Harbor reopen after threat - Dear lord, the Morlocks have their tunnels back!!! They shall rise again!

Nut-cracking gorilla surprises scientists – Scientists doubled over in pain, shriek loudly!

Fresh gunfire in Russia siege town – All stale and moldy guns thrown in landfill.

China to conduct spacewalk in 2007 – Michael Jackson threatens lawsuit!

Dam threatens to flood town – see http://spacefarmersuseless.blogspot.com/ for more

And finally, and most importantly, Housecat evolves
…. A new species of feline has come to light, showing similarities to both tyrannosaurus rex and, get this, HUMANS!!! This new strain of evolution or mutation is shown here in these photos taken by news correspondent Corky Shazaam.
Note please this first photo, showing shorter front legs, more similar to the arms of the extinct dinosaur…

Now, please note in this photo how the feline actually walks on two legs, with a gate and stride much like a human!!!


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