Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Moon on Monday....

... Apparently, Saturn has yet another moon. As reported this week, a new moon was discovered orbiting around Saturn. Of course, the press has not been clear if this moon is in fact NEW, or just newly discovered (see my open question to the press below). We're thinking the FSM has been up to no good yet again, not only changing our past, but the universe around us. Don't be surprised if it starts raining doughnuts tomorrow.

After comparing this new(?) moon to Encephilitus, another moon orbiting around Saturn, it was determined that this NEW moon is in fact much OLDER than Encephilitus. Does that mean the Encephilitus was created hours after, we'll never know. However, due to the age factor, and the fact that the crater formations resemble a nose with GIANT, "{WindTunnel like nostrels" (Thanks, YakMonkey!), this NEW moon was named Dione, after Dionne Warwick and her giant schnoz! The spelling was changed so as not to enrage Ms. Warwick and bring on her psychic wrath. We've got enough to deal with!

In related news, it has been discovered that the moon Encephalitus contains "active ice volcanoes and a significant atmosphere." Hmm...atmosphere, eh? You mean, like, we can breath there? Hmmmm....guys, lets blow this joint. Fuck Pat Robertson, the Religious Right, Mitt Romney, and Good Ol Boy GW!! Lets go colonize Ensephalitus!!! And the name itself with keep the sucka's away. Whattya say?


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