Monday, April 17, 2006

Today's lies and deceptions..

...ah, how the world keeps spinning. The axis is getting wobblier, and we are coming closer to destabilization! Ready for the rollercoaster ride, kids?

  • speaking of destabilization, I got an idea. Lets pick an area of the world that is highly volatile, and made up of a whole bunch of countries that don't really like each other. We'll systematically befriend and work with each one, arm them, turn them against each other, and then go to war with them, just to turn them into a frenetic beehive. Then, sit back and watch. What? Someone's already done that? Bush already has agents in Iran, even? Damn....
  • Gosh, who should we impeach first? Bush? Rumsfeld? Can we indict anyone else?
  • I know, we'll just clean house! Fire a bunch of people, and hire new ones. That way, it'll take longer to find all the skeletons in these closets.
  • How bout this? You kids are planning a walk out to express your political views?? Well, not only will the thought police not ALLOW that to happen, but now, you can't leave the room! What? Gotta go pee? Use the bucket.

And of course, just so we're all in agreement:


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