Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Clemency, or just pussing out of the numbers..

...Well, we almost had our 1,000th execution since capital punishment resumed in 1977, but the Virginia's governor spared his life.

Robin Lovitt's sentence on Tuesday was commuted to life in prison without parole for stabbing a man to death with a pair of scissors during a 1988 pool hall robbery.
Gov. Mark R. Warner said evidence from Lovitt's trial was improperly destroyed, depriving the defense of the opportunity to subject the material to the latest in DNA testing.
"The commonwealth must ensure that every time this ultimate sanction is carried out, it is done fairly," said Warner, who had never before granted clemency to a death row inmate.
The 1,000th execution is now scheduled for early Friday in North Carolina, who will probably also puss out of the bit 1-0-0-0 and pass it off to another state. We're guessing it'll be a game of Hot Potatoe until it falls in the hands of Texas. Let's face it, those dickheads will kill anyone!


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