Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And all this time...

....I could've gotten a little Rub and Tickle on my lunch break! reports

Drug lab being dismantled; Discovery shakes Fort Point neighbors:
In a nondescript Boston apartment amid small businesses and artists' lofts, just a few blocks away from Hobbs von Wackamole's place of business, authorities this week found what may have been one of the largest methamphetamine manufacturing operations in the state after the discovery of the body of an admired local artist who apparently moved in a world of clandestine sex and drugs.
Responding to a call from the man's friends, police said they found the body of 29-year-old Kevin D. McCormick in his Congress Street apartment in the Fort Point district, the victim of a heart attack suffered during sex acts. Two people were questioned at the scene, but not detained, police said.
On Sunday, EMTs responded to a medical emergency call from the second floor apartment on Congress Street. They found McCormick clad in fetish gear, dead of a heart attack, surrounded by chains, wetsuits, and masks, as well as illicit drugs, police said.
Officers seized marijuana and ecstasy at the scene, said police spokesman Michael McCarthy. Two other people present when police arrived said McCormick had taken ecstasy hours earlier, said a law enforcement source briefed on the investigation. The meth lab was found behind a locked door. The lab was a large room filled with tables, Bunsen burners, beakers, and vials marked flammable, according to a city official who has seen it.

Had I only known, I could've had Crystal Meth and a spanking every day for lunch!


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