Friday, October 21, 2005

The Mullet and the Moustache

...Holy Crap, look at these assholes!!
Take a good look! You got a Mullet, and you got a 'stach. Oh yeah, these dudes are hot!!!!

Do you know what these idiots do for fun? HUH? Well, they freaking travel around taking pictures of their nerdy asses with Hooters girls. JUST HOOTERS GIRLS. Because girls wouldn't be caught dead with these guys unless getting some kind of monetary compensation!!

They have a website that is just photo's of them traveling to Hooters around the country. I spent about 45 seconds on there to realize this. And get this, they call themselves the Sultans of Schwing!!! That's right, Schwing!!! and have Beavis as their logo!! GOOD LORD.

And how did I find them, you ask? I googled the word Chicken! just the word Chicken. And the first pic I came up with was a Hooters girl doing the chicken dance. Well, yeah, of course I looked!!!!!


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