Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm not dead (Keep Watching the Skies)...

...folks, I apologize. I do realize it's been just about a month since I last shared my knowledge with you. As you know, Hobbs here is always on a mission. I've infiltrated certain groups i prefer not to name just yet, and have been moving up in the ranks. This has kept my from my dities here, but I have not forgotten them, or you. I love you my children, and I'm here to help.

That being said, I bring you a few tidbits from the universe, as it changes.'

First, I have an occurrence that I'd like you all to confirm. A few nights ago, one of ol Hobbsies associates gave a call on my super spy phone. It was about 11 at night, rather late for a phone call. The agent requested I come right outside, as she needed me to confirm something strange, something about stars moving. So, I joined her and her fellow agent outside. There, they pointed out 2 stars. One at the end of the little dipper, a reddish star that was quite bright. The other, another reddish star, equally as bright, but on its own except for a very dim star about a visible inch away. She explained to me that one a few occasions in the last week or so, she has noticed these stars moving. Thus, we stood and stared. And sure enough, I saw it too. Multiple times. Both stars. Here are some of the details:

  • while staring at the star, you see almost a secondary flash of light, a smaller point of red light.
  • The star seems to move to the left or right, and you can see a light train emanating in front of it like an airplanes headlights.
  • They also move in an S like pattern, making almost a dollar sign at the end.
  • They also move in circles.

Well, needless to say, i found this quite bizarre. I even looked at the very dim star next to the red star just to see if it was because i was staring right at it. Nope. I could still see it move.

Now, of course, perhaps this is the magnetic poles of the earth shifting, and we're actually able to see the wobble of our shifting rotation as it gets worse. Or perhaps the sky is false. Please folks, help us determine the answers here. And confirm the observations.!!!!

For further musings one the sky, I have these to share with you:

  • Watch out above you, because you never know what may fall on you.
  • Would you trust airline employees if they said they saw a UFO? The Government doesnt.
  • And, in case you THINK you've seen a ufo or spy plane, our truthful and honest government has provided us with this classification chart. It is oh so helpful, and I hope you are able to use it, and never doubt the government!

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At 7:00 PM, Blogger Joey Polanski said...

Well ... if you been risin in th ranks of th MUMS organization, alls Ill say is ...

... ummm ...

... See how long you can keep it upski.

At 10:11 PM, Blogger jedimacfan said...

HAHAHAHA I really like your ID chart.


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