Thursday, July 27, 2006

As the world turns...

  • Archaic Laws: How are people in this country so friggin backward? There are some laws that were written over 200 years ago and remain on the books to this day. Now, while certain laws are timeless, the times they have a'changed, and some things just do not apply. The law against spitting on the sidewalks in Boston no longer applies, since few people chew tobacco and few women wear dresses long enough to drag on the ground (yes, that is why the law was put in place). So, here's a little story from North Carolina (shocker) about a 201 year old law banning unmarried couples from living together (how the government has any right to determine that is beyond me), which was actually recently enforced, and caused a female police dispatcher (who's last name is Hobbs, coincidentally) to QUIT HER JOB because she didn't want to marry her live in boyfriend. That law has now, 201 years later, been overturned. Yet, some jackass enforced it.
  • Guitar as Phallus: Some say the guitar is an extension of the penis. Some take that a bit further.
  • Your Elected Official: How The President of the USA Stole The Election, Violates the Constitution, and learned to Love the Bomb.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Joey Polanski said...

Unmarried peaple shoont be allowd to live tgether.

Cut each one ubm in haff.


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