Friday, July 14, 2006

Stay Gold, Ponyboy...

...but not you, Mr. T.

Can I just say, Mr. T has always been, and always will be, THE Man. His whole character is pure genius. And now, showing the true heart behind the T, Mr. T has shed his signature gold chain laden neck! Just pure T neck from now on! Why? The T took a break from shooting up commies and fighting Demons to comment:

After spending time with all the poor folks that your Christian God Smited with Hurrican Katrina, people who once had something and now have nothing, he T felt wrong about wearing so much wealth (i do NOT use the b word) around his neck. Because the T ain't looking for some phot-op. The T is there to get things done.

Here's to you, Lawrence. I mean, Mr. T.


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