Friday, July 07, 2006

Dance the World War III

North Korea, north Korea, north Korea YAY
Shoot those missiles all the way
Iran Iran you want that nuke
A big sloppy missile like a giant cuke
They’re coming out of the woodwork from every direction, and my conspiratorial mind is a buzz.
Everybody’s talking about North Korea now. Its everywhere. Emergency meetings of the UN.
Sanctions against North Korea and threats in return.
Iran is sitting down for, get this, a dinner meeting with the EU.
Everybody wants a Nuke again, but this ain’t no cold war. Its not one big scary enemy anymore.
It’s lots of little countries with big aspirations. Iraq and Afghanistan are all abuzz and acrazy now.
Israel and Palestine have kicked off the flashpoint of the plan. Let’s sit in our big comfy chairs and watch as every middle eastern country gets swept into the fray, see if ol Bushy boy decides to use it as an excuse to extend his presidency. Murk, my boy, the rubble seems ever closer. Ready to dance?
Other things I’m not believing:
  • Ken Lay is not dead: Alright, first off, he died on vacation. Who gets to go on vacation right after being convicted? We all know Mr. Lay is connected all the way up. You don’t think there’s some nice island owned by the rich out there, and he’s just going to live out the remainder of his life there? He bought his way in long ago.
  • That there is a 2 party system.
  • Spacefarmer is scary


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