Friday, July 21, 2006

Crazy Bush is at it again...

....This time, our Idiot in chief is groping foreign leaders. Apparently, at the G8 summit, he walked by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and decided to give her an impromptu neck rub. Hard to tell what prompted this, but if you look at his face, there is zero emotion, neither glee nor malice. More like a cold robotic sex offender, or a government official trying to SNEAK POLITICAL SECRETS right in front of the TV Camera! Hmmm, I sense another piece of the conspiracy here! And notice how Merkel quickly, very quickly, shrugges him off. Was that from the utter revulsion of having the Idiot touch her? Or, is it so the secret note he slipped her would not be noticed (I bet he put it down the back of her shirt, so her lifting her arms allowed it to fall further, and not be noticed until she retrieved it later). Yes, folks, everything you see is part of the conspiracy. You just have to look the right way to see it! Now, go right ahead and watch the video. I'll let Mr. Jon Stewart share the bizarre scene with you. Enjoy!


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Joey Polanski said...

Outclassd again, Mr Presdent.

Ol Vlad Putin wouda kissd her tum-tum.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Rory Shock said...

rory knowz what prompted this behavior ... check it out


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