Thursday, July 20, 2006

The pieces are in place, the Players are at work...

  • Chossudovsky interview: "Al-Qaeda Is a U.S.-sponsored Intelligence Asset": Here is a snippet of this informative interview:

    JPG: Your research goes against the thesis of some thinkers like Noam Chomsky that 9/11 is principally a blowback operation. How would you look at these views?

    MC: Those views are totally incorrect. The blowback assumes that the relationship between al-Qaeda and the U.S. government intelligence ceased in the wake of the Cold War. Because that's what they say. They say we created al-Qaeda during the Soviet-Afghan war. We trained the mujahideen, we helped them in fighting the Soviet Union. And in the wake of the Cold War, al-Qaeda has gone against us. And that's what's called the blowback. Blowback is when an intelligence asset goes against its sponsors.

    That viewpoint I say is incorrect because in the course of the 1990s there's ample evidence of links between al-Qaeda and the U.S. administration, during the Clinton administration as well as the Bush administration, leading up in fact to 2001. There's evidence of active collaboration between al-Qaeda paramilitary groups in the Balkans and senior U.S. military advisers.

    I think that that view is mistaken, whether it emanates from the Left or from other quarters. It is totally mistaken and it is very misleading because it really provides legitimacy to the war on terrorism. It essentially says yes, the war on terrorism is a legitimate objective of U.S. foreign policy. And either they are mistaken or they are involved in media disinformation.

  • Someone hates Indonesia: I'm going to keep looking into this, but there has to be some fishy stuff going on over there. I realize that there is a lot of subterranean volcanic activity, but there have also been weird weapons tests, including nuclear weapons, since 1944. Strange seismic arrays searching for oil. One possibility which makes sense is the huge oil installation nearby that has been draining oil from the earth in huge volumes. Think about it, Big huge pocket filled with pressurized liquid, gets drained, now is just a big cave. The land above could certainly collapes to fill in this new Void! Whales beaching themselves. 2 Tsunami's in 2 years, and earthquakes above a 6.0, multiple earthquakes within a week? Smells Fishy to Me!

  • Hillary for President? Kind of scares me, but not a hell of a lot of Hollywood folks. At least no known scientologists are noted!
  • Can't drive. Too many dead people: Can't you get a zombie chauffeur?
  • Big Tropical Storm headed towards Mass: But that is not what interests me about this article. What interests me is the town listed at the beginning of the article. KILL DEVIL HILLS, North Carolina. Think about it.
  • I knew America's enemies would soon join forces: Iran was hanging out during North Korea's missile tests. That does not sound promising for America. For Chaos, on the other hand, it looks GREAT!
  • Bush to Science: You're not REAL! Go join Evolution in fantasy land!": Yes, of course, Bush has used his first veto on Stem Cell research. He tells you it's because he is protecting life. The truth? This government wants to let us all get sick and die. They don't care, they rule the roost, they have the science, they just want to keep it to themselves.

  • An Actual Victory?: Yes, it seems as if the government isn't entirely homophobic, as shown in the House of Reps. Every victory counts for our Gay friends, so lets celebrate this!

  • I told you the big hands were at work: Do you really think that all these Middle East wars are just happening by chance? Really? You don't see a bunch of salivating opportunists looking to bring their own agenda's into these new forming governments and splintering countries. And of course, they do this for the people, not for the oil and positioning, of course not. The men behind the curtain are enjoying this one, you can be sure.


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