Wednesday, March 08, 2006

As time rolls by...

..The world today, as usual, is awash with idiots and assholes. The news loves to let us all know about the fools we see on the street every day. Meanwhile those of us true believers are toiling away to better ourselves and the world, so that those few of us that survive can actually have a good time. Yet more and more of those foolish humans keep breeding more and more, filling the world with obnoxious fools who get in the way. And those fools have infiltrated everything from the government on down.

As you, my gentle readers know, I like to share with you the activities of these fools from time to time, intermingled with the signs of the coming change. Such as the fool known as our un-elected president renewing the Patriot Act, and their trying to convince us that its more restrained and they won’t be listening to Hobbs’ personal phone conversations. Geez, Bushie, leave me, my whores, and my drugs alone! Just because you know one day I’ll take your power doesn’t mean you can take me out. That’s like Saddam killing those people when he suspected they were trying to kill him. Foolish! (At least we’ve got some enlightened folks in Vermont who are finally working to impeach the putz!)

Speaking of whores, we’ve of course got that institution we must bring down, the Catholic church, whittling away at its molestations like a kid with a comic book collection, and now there letting us know there’s lots more peepee touchers in Ireland (as if the sheep weren’t enough). But it IS fun to watch them destroy themselves. Makes my job easier!

Then we have the lovely middle east and its fundamentalist extreme religions. Its like watching a dog fight. Iran threatens us with harm. Ooohh. Please, we all know the bombs are gonna start falling soon, and Iran, yr not top on my list of scary monsters.

Now, just to mention a few signs of the Apocalypse, as I always love too, and keeping it flowing from the middle east, you’ve got magic in numbers folks, and 23 dead folks been found round Baghdad. Is it the Sacrificial Cheerleaders? I’ll never tell, and neither will our other Apocalyptic friend, the Fuzzy Lobster.

Enjoy your dinner kids, and keep up your studies. You’ll be needed.


At 12:39 AM, Blogger Joey Polanski said...

A fuzzy lopster? What next? A mermaid wit a mustash?

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Aunt Ginny said...

KYYYYYOOOOTIE! Fuzzy wuzzy wuzza wobster! Ee was! Eeeeee waaaasssss!


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