Monday, February 27, 2006

..things keep rolling along...

Well, folks, things have been trundling along, as they do. We’ve experienced some setbacks along the way, but we’re still moving forward. The illusion of time, increase of wisdom, takes us further towards the inevitable goal. Of course we have more and more bizarre human activity to note, popping out of the woodwork in strange displays of explosive disarray. People can’t handle it, kids. Can you? Can you handle the coming tides…….

They found the temple, at last! The Ancient Sun Temple was uncovered in Cairo. It is the largest Sun Temple ever found, with huge statues of Ramses II. I’ll meet you there for the ritual.

Speaking of the ritual, does anyone know an efficient way of getting human parts, cheap? Not only did our voodoo priestess get stopped at the border with her Human Head, but now they’ve busted our body parts smugglers. Dammit, we need those parts!

As always, we have more and more people volunteering their useless carcasses for our rituals. More and more idiots killing each other for no good reason, or over toilet paper. As always, we encourage thinning the herd, but please, remember to remove yourself when you are through. I mean, really, does anyone want to look at this?


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