Monday, October 24, 2005

Keep this up, we might think you actually have a brain....

AMAZING!!! You can actually make electricity using WIND?? Sha'ha, next you'll be telling me you can use the sun to power things. Puh-leez, energy only can occur with pollution and radiation, oil gas nucular burning shit. C'mon now!!!

Yes, some companies are actually realizing that there is more to life than oil, be it Iraqi, Mexican, or Texican. Even in the land of Texico: "Texas has sold a lease for an 11,000-acre tract in the Gulf of Mexico that backers believe could become the first wind energy farm along the U.S. coast."

Hot damn, we can make money off something that isn't even there!!!!
"The wind turbines planned by Galveston Offshore Wind, a subsidiary of Louisiana-based Wind Energy Systems Technologies, would be seven miles off Galveston Island and could provide 40,000 homes with power and generate millions of dollars for state schools."

(not sure where schools come into the picture).

"Galveston Offshore Wind purchased a 30-year lease for $10,000 a year, for the first five years. The company estimated production to begin between 2010 and 2012. The state will then receive a minimum of $4.9 million in royalties, growing to at least $14.9 million in years 17 to 30. All the money will go to a fund that pays for schools statewide." (OH!)

In a surprise role reversal, here in Massachusetts they've been trying to set up a wind farm on Nantucket sound, but have met with much resistance. "My wife Buffy and I love love love the view of Nantucket sound from our Mansion on the island. There is just no way we could enjoy ourselves drinking our martini's and looking at some Wind Farm. If it were an oil station, that would be fine, but a wind farm? Not a chance," said some Rich asshole. Can you believe Texas is going to have a windfarm before Massachusettes?? My only theory behind this is that the people opposing the Mass Wind Farm are rich and own huge property on Nantucket, thus they are probably from Connecticut, or some other Rich Asshole Haven. I bet 10 cents on the dollah that the regular folk living on the little isle that couldn't could care less about the view being tarnished, especially since, uhh, hello, its 20-30 miles from the mainland, there is NO WAY you can see it from there, all you'd see are tiny little specs. Sheeeit, I took the boat there, and saw the test tower that was put up to take readings to see if the wind farm would make sense. Shit looked like the Eiffel Tower from outer space, but not until i got CLOSE ENOUGH to see it!!! And there was no way to see it from MY MANSION while drinking MY MARTINI'S with MY WIFE BUFFY! So, to you whiney rich people, shut the fuck up and go home. Don't take this hippy environmental victory away from us.

Wow, maybe sometimes THEY do something right? What CAN this mean?


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