Monday, October 24, 2005

He Touched my special area......

This guy here.....he's dead. He's been dead for one hundred and fifteen years. But apparently that hasn't stopped him from going around curing cripples! And now they might make this crazy cripple curor a Saint!! Can you believe THAT???? Do they get to dig him up to have a reception for him? I do not know. But make sense of this paragraph:

The Archdiocese of Boston has convened a secret tribunal to investigate whether a religious miracle occurred in Boston when a disabled man regained his ability to walk after seeking the intercession of a deceased British cardinal who some Catholics would like to see named a saint............Few details are known about the Boston man, a church deacon, who reported being cured, and church officials guard the secrecy of such investigations. It is not clear, for example, when the man regained his ability to walk, although it appears to have occurred in the last few years..........At the Vatican, two panels -- one of physicians, another of theologians -- will review the findings..........What the fuck is going on?


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