Monday, October 24, 2005

Bank robberies are so 1985

.....See these 2 idiots right here? Yup, these assholes are just plain stupid! And if you couldn't figure that out by just looking at their dumbass meathead faces, you might be wondering about the wads of Moolah they're holding. Well, these 2 jackasses decided to rob a bank in Vail, Colorado, with 2 BB Guns. Their genious escape route, a ski lift. Where did they stash the loot, you ask? A snowboard case? Dumbest move they did? Take pictures of themselves with their aforementioned Wads of Cash. What is wrong with the world today? Shitheads like this exist. And now, they exist in jail. Watch out for the poophole, fella's! Australia doesn't miss you!


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