Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's not the end of the world....

....Its really not folks. Just like Dr. Murk said (What? You don't read MURK?? You fucking idiot, Murk and I go hand in hand like 2 Trannies trying to figure out which one's which....I Mean, you can't have a horse's head without a horses ass. Click on his name, read the Murk, dammit!), this world will keep on spinning. Its humanity that is walking the fine line, on the edge of a cliff. And we may take all living things with us, but this hunk o' rock will probably still be here. However....

...Hell may just be around the corner folks, and we have eye witness reports that instead of sitting there waiting patiently for you bad livin' honkies to die off one by one, its coming to you. And I should probably just let it come. HOWEVER, I'm not one to generalize, and I know that there are still a few decent people that may just deserve better. NOT to mention, you have the Hobbs von Wackamole estimation that when 2012 comes and the cycle shifts, that doesn't necessarily mean that Humanity goes bye bye. But, hopefully, most of you will be gone. Anyways, I digress yet again. Hell has been spotted, and it is coming closer. People think all those wildfires are by Arson or by Accident. Pshaw, i say. It's Hell. It's coming.

But, don't you worry, friends. I have deployed my secret army: The Little Asian FireRaker Brigade. At this very moment, friends, they are beating back hell with a fury that you wouldn't believe. I'll keep you posted on this breaking story as new developements arrive.


At 9:41 AM, Anonymous scott hurst said...

You could smelt iron in that fire.


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