Thursday, October 13, 2005

He's at it again.....

By now, you all know of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And if you don't, well, you're an ignorant idiot who lives in delusions with his head under a rock (well, we're all that, but that's beside the point). We'll bash your head with a rock if you don't start paying attention, dammit! You Idiot! You don't know!!! The Flying Spaghetti Monster is an evil dark avatar, claiming to be God, the creater of us all (How dare you Sir! As if spaghetti could be the source of intelligent design, which we all know to be true now that we were told by politicians, as they only speaketh the truth unto us!). The FSM has been brainwashing infidels, and now, it seems, he is trying to change history, influencing the world to believe in him. What, you don't believe me?

Vid this latest news story, as found here:

here is a, how you say, snippet:

"4,000-Year-Old Noodle Dish Found in China
BEIJING (of course) - And you thought your leftovers were old. A 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles has been discovered at an archaeological site in western China _ possible proof for the argument that China invented pasta before Italy...."These are definitely the earliest noodles ever found," said Lu Houyuan, a researcher with the Institute of Geology in Beijing who studied the ingredients of the pristinely preserved pasta.
The discovery of the delicate yellow noodles in Minhe County in the province of Qinghai is reported in this week's edition of Nature magazine....The fist-size clump of noodles was found inside an overturned bowl under 10 feet of sediment from a flood that researchers suspect wiped out the Qijia Culture of the late Neolithic era...."Chinese people say Marco Polo brought noodles from China back to Italy and Italians say they had noodles before that," Lu said. "All this has been based on documentary material, on personal accounts and menus. But we've been unable to find any actual material _ until now."

Do you not SEE? Are you blind to the manipulation? Are you simply a dumbass????

Watch out, the FSM will get you next!


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