Tuesday, October 11, 2005

a 2fer

Today was a 2fer.

when i'm trying to avoid my position of Big Brother at a bizarro company that has a call center of which I am Big Brother, and when I'm trying not to play stupid card games that do me no good, and trying not to bid on records on ebay or reading pitchforkmedia.com, well
I try to get some research done.
Todays topics were 2012, the Mayan calendar, and the Eschaton.
and then on a break some colleagues we're talking about haunted places,
which led me to search for Bridgewater Triangle, so I could show them I wasn't making stuff up.
Then it hit me, as it does every 2 months or so, to search for the mysterious Dr. Murk.
its been about 4 or 5 years since i last sighted him, and i've been trying ever since.
Today was success. Not only with that, but it reminded me to also search for the elusive Space Farmer. Success again!!!! hotdamn, forschnizzle.
and i get this too? http://www.hill-tv.com/
Do you have any idea.........

it begins again!

7 years to go


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