Wednesday, October 12, 2005

there is a sickness

Yes, folks. Beware. There is a sickness going around, spreading faster all the time. This disease had an outbreak about 23 years ago. The infected kept mainly too themselves, rarely venturing into other social circles, thus the disease faded, thankfully.

We are now seeing another Outbreak, and folks, it is scary. It started to spread mainly among the young gay population, but being as smart as they are, they kept it under control. Hell, some even use it to their advantage.

But the new recipients of this horrible disease are in fact actually quite similar to those of 23 years ago. Sadly, due to much more subcultural integration, this sickness could spread, and fast.

We must put in all our efforts to stop this dreaded sickness from spreading further. We must save the idiots from themselves. The newly infected are the easiest to cure. This disease, though manifesting physically, is based in the mental functions, and thus can be stopped with persuasion. Below you will see an example of an infected person that I myself encountered recently. Aside from the physical symptoms you see here, there are other signs to look for. They way an infected walks, a cocksure swagger that is obviously not natural. Speech patterns that show sub human intelligence. They travel in packs, generally speak their own language, and are rowdy and reactive. Known to talk to themselves, the infected victims get especially confused by the site of their reflection and will often attempt to converse with themselves (please note the transcription included in the photo. This subject was witnessed discussing this with his reflection).

We hope we helped this subject. We did our best. We discussed the obvious visible symptoms quite loudly with each other, knowing that the best cure for this illness is rejection. There is a direct correlation with the victims feeling of rejection. Upon sensing this emotion, the brain releases a special endorphin. For a victim of this infection, that endorphin is in fact a possible cure. When we left this subject, the visible symptoms had begun to fade. We can only hope that we helped cure him, and assisted in stemming the tide of this outbreak.

But the world is still in danger. We need your help. Watch out for victims of this horrible illness, and do everything in your power to help them. Help them help themselves. Together, we can win!

You too can help prevent Popped Collars
..7 more years...


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