Thursday, October 13, 2005

Today's Spam Report

As you know, I will list here the lovely Spam messages that someone so thoughtfully sent my way. Please enjoy, or die.

-Just try it... (Hold me back)
-Get a new set of Nike Golf clubs on us- 3 iron t..
-Sacnite Prentiss Mdeds (I come in peace)
-Earn your Online Degree at Kaplan University (should I?)
-The Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical (virtual drugs. GREAT!)
-Get Free Money to shop!
-re [11] (sure, I remember 11!)
-Stock--Alert for the Savvy Investor bombast paint (This just in, Savvy Investors going around Paint Bombing building. Story at Eleven)
-Re: cadaverous, How is everything going? (Dear dead guy…)
-Achieve the refreshed, rejuvenated look you want (Will it clear up this rash?)
-Hey man (WHAT?!)
-Stock-Market Standouts abbey canadian (those wacky Abbey Canadian StockBrokers are at it again!)

The following is a list of names. These names could be real. These are the names of spammers, who sent emails with the above subjects. These people MUST be real. I mean, these emails didn’t just come from the ether, right? So, if you know one of these people, if you know anyone with a matching name (therefore assuring that it is the spammer, as no one in the world has the same name, dammit), then go see them, and Punch them right in the eye. Do it for me, mmkay> Here is the list:

Wilbur Burrell
Gabriela Barry
Restylane (porn star?)
Wilbur George (soo many Wilbur’s)
Teri Dove
Corinne Hammond
ShopperSurveyG (a funny name for a gangsta)
Doctor (oh, I’m not a doctor)
Kaplan University (I’m NOT going)
Eshe Magers
Golf Game (form member of 3rd Base, I believe)
Cherise (NOT the sausage)

..7 years to go...


At 6:22 PM, Blogger the genius i was said...

For a period of a few months, I was receiving spam at work that come from names created by a random name generator (I think).

A sampling:
Irater I. Handsomeness
Penance L. Fumigates
Layoff I. Vacation
Cuss R. Regularized
Dada E. Swelters
Thruways V. Remember
Faded R. Rewind
Colder F. Winstion
Horsewhip F. Hung
Spacial T. Imbue
Viking T. Colds
Killers U. Offload
Toothache H. Incontinence
Subsonic V. Lei
Kebobs O. Sui
Plastering S. Benefaction
Tax J. Obsessed
Prorates T. Jocundity
Allot P. Nuthatches
Insures I. Ibuprofen
Suburbanite C. Barehanded


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