Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today's recommended reading...

Ol' Hobbs here just trying to keep you informed and prepared.
  • See the Scientologist get his: HaHa Tom Cruise!
  • Natural Disasters: Should we prepare for the second coming? for the next hurricane? individually? should the government be more prepared (duh)?
  • MMM, Spanish Pie: Learn how the Aztecs got theirs
  • Alien Visitors? aww, we've made friends. We even have scheduled playdates: A. Based on "Project Gleam" the U.S. can communicate with our "Visitors." The communication system is a complex, highly classified series of relay stations and satellites. The communication system is entitled, "Echelon." It is run by the Defense Communication Agency, and NOT the National Security Agency. B. "The Visitors" have come to this planet or have provided direct communication links to us on the following dates:1) April 1964 - Socorro, NM. 2) April 1969 - White Sands, NM 3) April 1971 - White Sands, NM 4) April 1977 - White Sands, NM 5) November 1983 - Unknown location, but believed to have been Kirtland AFB6 November 1990 - White Sands, NM 7) November 1997 - Nevada Test Site 8) November 1998 - Nevada Test Site 9) November 1998 - Nevada Test Site 10) November 1999 - Nevada Test Site 11) November 2001 - Nevada Test Site C. THE NEXT ALIEN VISITATION DATE IS:November 2009 at the Nevada Test Site.


At 4:29 PM, Blogger The Don said...

alright Hobbs you have gone to far. Americans are the only life form in t he universal. why are you bring up such Bullshit??????


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