Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The times they are a changing...

....and what do we do with ourselves? As we walk down the slow path to 2012, we need to keep our eyes open to what is happening around us. The world is changing, fast. There are signs all around us. The Apocalypse is a joke, the end is not near, if you think the end means no more humankind (a nice thought, really, but sadly, not the case). But things are coming to an end, and an end brings a beginning. Destruction will bring rebirth. But just know this kids, we have a lot of destruction to sit through. And as your friend and guide, Hobbs von Wackamole, I will sift through the worlds changes, and keep you posted. I have studied and will study, and I'll keep you posted. I'm here for you.
One thing I will try to do for you on a daily basis is to outline that which happens around us. Here's today's hot stories:
  • France is falling apart. These sociopolical constructs we know as nations and governments need to go. They lie to us and attempt to keep us in slavery, while making us think we are free. They keep the rich up top and in charge. And we, the lower classes (and the few informed wealthy) need to stop this. Who knew the French were with us. Read more here, and please view the special TUB report here.
  • I love the Dutch, and many of the countries around there. So modern, much more freedom! Now, the Netherlands are giving tax breaks to Witches. I guess witch lessons are expensive, and a smart country like the Netherlands actually lets you write off School charges, Witch school included. Ah, if only....
  • The British are smartening up! More of them believe in Ghosts than God! See the TUB for more details.
  • MOONS ARE EVERYWHERE!! Quote Reuters "Pluto, that cosmic oddball at the far reaches of our solar system, may have three moons instead of one, scientists announced on Monday." Yep, first Saturn, now Pluto. More Moons. What does this mean? I don't know!
  • And, of course, there is the weather. Hurrican after Hurricane. Snow in New England, 2 days before Halloween, the wettest October on record in many Northeastern cities, it just keeps on coming. Go watch The Day after Tomorrow (stupid plot, but great special effects, and a lovely way to watch Nature explode on us. Plus, that Jake G is a hottie!).

And there is much much more. I, Hobbs von Wackamole, will do my best to keep you all posted when things arrive. Don't sleep, kids. Get off your couch, start studying, start preparing. The great shift is coming, and if you've got a brain and some emotions, you will be needed! Remember, keep reading, keep your fingers crossed, keep reading Hill TV, and keep watching the skii's (I mean Skies).


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