Monday, May 01, 2006

Current News Recap: Anti-Bush coverups, Fema, Fox, and Starfish.

....Well, kiddies, quite a bit has been happening lately, as I'm sure you all know. I've been trying to keep track of it all, and here are some highlights for your perusal.

  • Well, those crazy republicans never stop their evil tricks, now do they. And then we find out that they've got a nice little perk, a great way to schmooze those prospective allies. A great way to turn around someone straying from the flock. What's that method, you ask? Why, its prostitutes in the Watergate, of course!
  • Speaking of prostitues, there's Fox. Yes, you hear the one about Fox being the only channel the Bush administration will watch? Even when the White House press core ask to watch CNN, they have to go through 'the proper channels!" No, of course Fox is an unbiased news network, and yet they are currently pulling a Snow Job!
  • Oh, come on. You are all just a bunch of conspiracy nuts! The US would never cover up evidence about September 11th. Never!
  • Just like they would never abolish FEMA! FEMA's great. Doing a heckuvva job! We won't abolish Fema until pigs can fly or birds can learn grammar. Oh, wait....
  • And then of course, we have immigration. But these immigration debates won't lead to hate crimes. Oh no, so long as no Mexican tries to kiss my daughter.
  • Speaking of which, don't you just love the efficiency of law enforcement. They're great. Sure, they won't catch anyone for anything really serious for a while, but when they set their minds to it, and get off their lazy ass, they'll go on a hunting spree that will net arrests of felons whose crimes we're committed 10 years ago. Yeah, now that's good law enforcement!
  • And, speaking of Law enforcement, you even wonder how efficient it is when one branch of the government investigates another? How about when one branch of the government investigates a group that gives money to another. Where's the independent third party here?
  • Want an independent third party? Why not check in with our old friend Hugo Chavez, now being billed as the Anti-Bush. Personally, I love how the media casts him as Anti-American, because he hates George Bush. Funny, but I figure anyone who sells oil dirt cheap to a nonprofit organization that ensures poor families have enough oil to heat their homes in the bitter New England winters doesn't sound so Anti-American to me!
  • While we're on the subject of being Anti-Bush, i just read a great story about some sort of celebrity dinner, almost a roast of our Idiot in Chief. Apparently Bush was having a grand ol time until Steven Colbert hit the stage. Suddenly the smile was gone, and the flames of hell were burning in his eyes. You must go visit this website. Just the overview is worth it.
  • And now, for the serious part of our news. They ol idiot in chief is up to his old dirty tricks again. See here how he's been challenging hundreds of laws, just because he can. And I quote: "President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution." This is an article worth reading. See more "Among the laws Bush said he can ignore are military rules and regulations, affirmative-action provisions, requirements that Congress be told about immigration services problems, ''whistle-blower" protections for nuclear regulatory officials, and safeguards against political interference in federally funded research." And look at that evil grin!!!!

  • And now, if you would like to have some fun with Origami and money, go here to check out how you can find proof of the 9/11 conspiracy on almost every piece of US paper Currency!
  • And in our strange animal death means armageddon news, the starfish are dying.


At 7:58 PM, Blogger Dr. R. Murk said...

Do not validate the two party system. Show us the corruption on both sides of the alley!

At 6:46 AM, Blogger Hobbs von Wackamole said...

I do not validate the system. However, since we're under a Republican administration, that is what we are finding in the news today. Once i see it, its up there!

At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Marsha said...

I have run across the origami money thing at least six times in three days.


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