Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today’s smokescreens and propaganda..

Good morning, kids. Well, yet again, the news is ripe with the lies and deceptions of our stolen government. Here is some of the fun we have to deal with today:

  • Bush orders Probe into inflated gas prices: In an effort to stem the populace from turning on him in yet another issue, our Idiot in chief has put forth a supposed inquiry to investigate whether or not his friends in the oil industry are illegally raising the price of gas. Sure. This inquiry is sure to turn up nothing illegal, and these prices have nothing to do with Bush’s goal of bankrupting the nation.
  • Speaking of oil, our friend Hugo Chavez said he would greatly expand the cheap oil he is providing for the needy of Massachusetts and other northeastern states (look out Bush, your enemies our befriending each other). Joe 4 Oil is a program to provide heating oil to people who cannot afford it (something you’d imagine the government would do, if the people actually controlled it). Chavez, of course, sits upon one of the largest supplies of oil in the world, along with Mexico. Good oil, and cheap. Of course, Bush’s inquiry will think nothing of this, even though befriending Chavez could be beneficial to the US. By the way, to the republicans who claim that Chavez is an Anti-American populist should consider that his providing oil to our underprivileged shows that he isn’t Anti-American, he’s Anti BUSH.
  • And Speaking of Republicans, propaganda, and media manipulation: CNN reports that Fox anchor Tony Snow is likely to accept a job as the White House Press Secretary. But no, The Fox News Company is completely neutral, and doesn’t lean to the right at all.
  • Speaking of the manipulation of speech, there is a Federal Anti-Hate bill in the works. What a clever way to disguise an attempt to quell free speech. See more at the video in my Video Archive
  • Speaking of free speech, I’m not sure what to make of the 45 year old redneck who posted a sign on his lawn stating: Will pay $1,000 for a virgin bride between the ages of 12 and 24.
  • Finally, its back. The Bush Approval Rating Map has been updated!!! I found the source, and here it the most updated version. Seems that, as CNN reports today, our Pretzeldunce Chimpy McFlightsuit’s popularity is dropping even further!!! Cheers, kiddies, we’re winning!


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