Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today's conspiracy theory..

..is about Quarters. Yes, Quarters, as in the big coins worth .25 cents here in the US of Eww. So, a bunch of years ago, the Governmint decided to issue new quarters, one for every state in the union. Each quarter has a special state oriented design on the back, and some included a number of stars. Stars were placed on only some of the coins to signify the order in which the given state was accepted into the union. The state quarters were not issued in the order they were accepted into the union. Apparently, these quarters were not released in that number order, but supposedly at 'random,' staring sometime in 1999. So, what's the conspiracy, you ask? Below are the first 3 new quarters issued, in order of issue.
count the stars....
09 stars.
11 stars.
01 star.
spooky, eh? like they....knew something....

..as always, you decide.


At 3:44 PM, Blogger The Don said...


your are going crazy. When are you moving to the mountains to live in a shack?


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