Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy Friday, everyone…

...….on this wonderful day, the end of our week of slavery and servitude, I thought it would be nice to do a small review of what has been going on lately. Kids, I have to tell you, the time is NOW. Many of us yearn for change. The system is corrupt, life has become meaningless consumerism coupled with meaningless and undesirable jobs at meaningless corporations that do meaningless things in the name of the all mighty dollar. I’ll be honest with you, my children, the only way we are going to get sweeping changes in this world are with big actions, and, truth be told, some serious destruction. Out there are governments, religions, bureaucracies and corporations, and none of them want change. They’ve got the power, they want to keep it. They withhold the knowledge and the secrets, and they feed us the placebo’s. Nothing makes them happier than to have you work 10 hour days, go home and drink lots of beer and watch television till you pass out, go out and buy whatever stupid crap they convince you to buy, and make sure to go to church on Sunday. Don’t think too hard, and don’t rock the boat. Ignore the pollution, the sapping of the earth, the overpopulation. Well, Kids, this has been running rampant for far too long, and it needs to cease. We’ve been making some progress here and there, which I’d like to talk about.

  • The Catholic Kid Toucher society, otherwise known as the Catholic Church

    – Lets not let this fade away. I was so excited in the last 2 years, hearing about how much money they were losing due to lawsuits, all the church closings, etc. But it is not enough. That organization is responsible for some of the worst crimes against humanity, the worst offenses in mind control I’ve ever seen, doing the most to destroy the separation of church and state, high crimes of hatred and discrimination, not to mention the near fascism in telling people how to live their lives and how to treat others of different religions (who, of course, are all wrong). I’d consider them public enemy number 1! That means you, Popie!

  • France – not that I have anything against the French as individuals (guess that makes me anti-American. Oh well), but their history ain’t so hot, and I haven’t heard anything great about their government. Besides, all the major governments of the world need to be brought down (except the Netherlands, we love them!). Well, the youth of France, misguided or not, seem to be rising up in large numbers against the state. We think that’s great!
  • Pop Music – the industry lies to get your money, churns out Ashley Simpson clones left and right, has teams of fat smarmy grease balls who write their songs and market them. The most money the industry makes is from 10-18 year olds. So, we let the children dictate our culture in this sense. This has to end. Art used to be entertainment, now they are 2 separate entities. This is a rant I will continue later, and probably until the end of time, so for about, yes, you guessed it, 7 more years.
  • The Bush administration seems be getting indicted left and right, which is just great. Lets all wish them some serious bad luck with that. Hey, even Venezuela’s President hates him!
  • I’m not going to reference the Middle East at all, except to say ‘See what happens when you let religion rule your life?’ I’ll leave the rest to George Carlin.

These are just a few examples of things that are wrong! If you aren’t aware that things are very wrong today, well, you are watching the wrong television shows (or, you are watching the right ones and are just too dumb to realize!). Kids, we have 7 years to prepare, and like I said, things are going to get really rough over these 7 years. It’s getting harder and harder every day to live a good life and go anywhere. The system is taking more and more away from you. Every day you become more of a slave, whether you realize it or not. And it is time for you to GET OFF YOUR ASS AND FIGHT BACK. When the time comes, don’t you want to be there to reap the benefits? We need to take back the truth, and take back our lives. I’ll quote the Generalissimo here, as he tends to say it the best: “It is not enough to seek the truth and unmask society’s lies; you must be a willing participant in the dissemination of the Truth and the restructure of modern life…..Let’s make the most of our efforts and bring about the Greater Good.” Kids, we all enjoy a good laugh. Have you noticed how today, we laugh at everything? We enjoy faux news shows which actually deliver real news in the guise of comedy, and vice versa. We need to laugh, or we’ll actually start to see things for what they are. And we need to laugh when we do see these things, otherwise we’d have to deal with the reality of them. “The truth is we are laughing at our own predicament. We laugh because we are the brilliant lost generation that sits in front of an info screen and wonders if this is all there is to life. We laugh because it would be so easy to turn away but we don’t. We laugh because if we think too long, we will cry or lash out at it all. It should have been different. That’s not our fault. We were raised on Santa, video games and MTV. The American and European sense of freedom and opportunity has kept us on the couch. There is no freedom without Movement. There is no opportunity unless one is created.” To all of the kids of the Eclipsed Generation. From The Generalissimo. Standing Order. Get up from your computer. Call someone. Paint something. Write something. Play something. Create. Dream.


I’m Hobbs von Wackamole, and I approved this message.


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